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Revisiting: Huge Insect Lands on Kelly!

Kelly proves once again that knowing homeopathy is like going through life wearing an invisible protective shield!

Who remembers last month’s case?  Here it is again:


Thank goodness things keep happening to Kelly and her family or I’d have to keep eating at Red Lobster!  By the way, a lot of Red Lobster fans have been writing in with angry letters; actually one Red Lobster fan (actually, it was Barb):

Snoopy, I must tell you that as an avid lover of Red Lobster’s cheesy garlic bisquits, I find your insulting comments about such a fine establishment to be rude and despicable.  For shame.  Barb.

Well excuuuuuuuuuse meeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!  Actually, if I had eaten the cheesy garlic biscuits, I probably would have been a lot better off.  Now that we’ve wrapped up our hate-mail segment, we can return to the lovely and fabulous, Kelly Young!!!!!!!!!


Thank you, Elaine.  As always, I am somewhat honored to be here.  So, it was a hot, muggy day the week before last…

I was out in my backyard, doing some trimming; more like bush-whacking actually, as my backyard is all wetlands!


Anyway, I was whacking away and noticed a stinging sensation on the back of my leg. I looked down and saw a horsefly the size of an aircraft carrier!

horsefly 2

Aaaaah!!!!!   I hate aircraft carriers!  Oh my God!!!!  It’s wearing sunglasses too!

Brushing it off, I returned to work.  Within seconds, I experienced a prickly sensation that began to burn and sting!

He probably thinks he’s really cool, too!

The area was quickly turning red and began to swell.

  depiction of a horse fly bite

I went inside and took a hot shower.  Afterwards, I noticed that the redness and swelling had worsened and it was becoming very itchy.  Soon the area was the circumference of a grapefruit on the back of my leg; hot, red and swollen.  The area was a circle, sticking out maybe an inch.

I took a 30C potency of __________________, which I repeated two or more times within the hour and could see the redness and swelling decrease as well as the itching.

The next morning, the area was slightly red, barely swollen with little or no itching.  There was no sign of it the following day!

Thank you Kelly, for your bravery!  Good job!  Good prescribing! 

If you know the answer, please write to me at [email protected]


We’re back!  It sounds serious, doesn’t it?  How would you like to have this happen to you?  Well, I guess if you’re a homeopath, these things just don’t matter because almost all (19) of our 22 voters in the August Quiz got it right!  Here’s what some of you had to say:


I’d say the remedy used was Apis, since it has swelling, redness, burning, stinging and is worse for heat.

Christine Wyndham-Thomas

Dearest Elaine,

APIS is the remedy not just because we have sting of an insect; there are many other remedies for this.
Apis because we have:

< HEAT : took a hot shower……. the redness and swelling had worsened
The area was a circle, sticking out maybe an inch.
Sudden, rapid developing complaints

This time causation as well as sensation and modalities helped me to find the remedy.  Thank you so much for all the good stuff.  With best wishes and lots of love,
Nooshin Azadi

Hi Mrs. Lewis,

You have used Apis.  It is used for insect bites which produce burning and stinging sensation.  I am not a homeopath but just an admirer of homeopathy and frequent visitor to


burning, stinging, circumferential spread, oedema, aggravation from hot washing, redness are the characteristic signs of apis .

Dr. m. nigar parveen B.H.M.S III YR.

Apis mel. — hot, red, swelling, stinging, burning, prickling, itching — after insect bite — < heat.

In healing,

For insect bites, four remedies come to my mind instantly: Apis, Ledum, Carb-ac and Urt-u.
Ledum is famous for stings, but the affected part is cold!
Itching is there with all the four, but “hot, red, swollen” combination is the characteristics of Apis.
Kelly took Apis.

Homeopath Dr Mir Mostafa Kamal

I have indeed had a similar experience – though not quite as big as an aircraft carrier I’m sure!!!  Well, it has to be Apis I’d say.  Burning, stinging < heat.  Swollen and itchy.  Apis is even in bold capitals in Murphy’s repertory under skin, prickling sensation – so surely you agree?

Regards again

Number one remedy for bug bites which turn red, swell, worse for hot water is Apis.

Dana Thrasher

Hi Snoopy.

Red, Hot and inflamed.  worse heat.  IT IS APIS MEL 🙂


APIS, hot and inflamed, worse for heat.
My name is niloofar rezai, from london, just completed first year of homeopathy at the CPH, London.


Well, i hope all of you have learned something here today; stay out of Kelly’s yard!

The winners are Christine, Niloofar, Valarian, Dana, Fiona, Dr. Mir Mostafa Kamal, Karen, Dr. M. Nigar Parveen, Nooshin, Satish, also Sameena, Sridevi Singaram, Barbara Lowry, Dr. Madan, Sarah Millogo, Fee and the Anonymous Twins.



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