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Revisiting: Its Luke Again!!!!

Elaine gives the answer to last month’s quiz.

Who missed last month’s painful but exciting quiz?  Here it is again with the answer to follow:


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Rhus tox/Calendula



And the winner for Best Remedy and Supporting Remedy in a starring role is… (the envelope please….)

Hypericum and Calendula!!!!!

Interestingly, in Murphy’s Repertory, under “Wounds, gaping” there are only two remedies: Hypericum and Calendula.

Almost everyone got that Calendula is the choice for cuts, lacerated tissue, stab wounds and abrasions; but, the first remedy really threw people off; though the choice of Ledum and Calendula by Nishita wasn’t a bad one because Nishita got that it was a bite wound we were dealing with and Ledum is one of the main contenders for that.  See, this is what most of you missed.  You have to think about what happened.  He slipped on the steps, his front teeth were hit because they were knocked loose, and simultaneously, there are four deep gashes in his lower lip.  So what can you conclude?  He bit himself! You could say, “ailments from bites” or “penetrating wounds”.  Instead of trying to discern the “ailments from”, people looked, instead, at the behavior and prescribed on that.  (He’s crying hysterically, it must be Ignatia.  He’s inconsolable, it must be Chamomilla.  He’s oversensitive to pain, it must be Phosphorus.  He’s scared, maybe it’s Arsenicum.)

As I have been told so many times, “Etiology over-rules symptomatology.”  That means your “ailments from” are more important than the symptoms that come as a result of it; plus, if the symptoms that come as a result of it are NORMAL, then they’re not symptoms at all!  If you cry after an injury, that’s not a symptom!  If you’re scared after an injury and you’re a child, then being scared isn’t a symptom either!

If I look up “Wounds, stab wounds”, I get Ledum and Hypericum.  If I look up “Bites”, the two main remedies are Ledum and Hypericum.  How do we choose between the two?  Hypericum’s injuries are more painful.  Remember Hypericum’s famous saying: “Ailments from injury to areas rich in nerves”.  What does that mean?  It means the injury is going to be very painful!  (“Excessive painfulness is a guiding symptom to its use.”– Murphy’s MM)

Why is it that Aconite didn’t work when the child was so scared?  It worked but it didn’t hold.  Why?  Because the fright was a result, it wasn’t a cause, it wasn’t the etiology.  It wasn’t the “ailments from”.  You might not think of Hypericum as a fright remedy, it doesn’t seem to cover fright very well, but what it does cover is the etiology–ailments from bites–and it’s in BOLD under “stab wounds”.  So, you see how if you can cover the etiology (the cause), everything that flows from it goes away.

Here is Luke the day after the accident, thanks to homeopathy.  He looks great!

Revisiting: Its Luke Again!!!! 1

Who are our winners?  Congratulations go to:

Swagata Chowdhury

Dr. Farida Dahodwala


Dr. Diderik Finne.

Dr. B, what have our excellent homeopaths won?


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