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Revisiting: Kelly’s Family Too Boring

Elaine gives the answer to a very challenging case, and once again the Aggravation Zapper saves the day!

This month’s quiz comes to us from our dear friend Gabi from Canada. It’s not that no one in Kelly’s family got sick this month, it’s just that I found their illnesses to be lack-luster and boring.

Gabi’s client, on the other hand, is Sudanese with a rather unusual problem. His complaint is that every time he eats, he feels awful!  “All food burns”, he says, and eating aggravates–he bloats every time he eats!  Also, every day in the late afternoon, he gets a fever and becomes irritable.  Gabi asked, “Have you ever had Malaria?” He replied, “Yes.”

Gabi was certainly smart to ask that question! They say a case well-taken solves itself, and never has that been more evident than in this case. In fact, the case so solved itself that I almost was afraid to present it. “Everyone’s going to know the answer!” I thought.  Incredibly, however, only one person got it right, and that was Dr. Neeraj Gupta of India. Here’s what he said:

The answer to Gabi’s case: the bloating, fever etc. is CINCHONA. History of Malaria, bloatedness after eating, fever in the evening clearly points to CINCHONA

Regards—- Dr. Neeraj Gupta

Cinchona is also known as “China”–not to be confused with the country.  I thought for sure that as soon as everyone saw “malaria”, they would think of China immediately.  Remember?  This was the first homeopathic remedy!  And how did Hahnemann discover it?  He was translating Cullen’s Materia Medica and because Cullen claimed China (quinine) could cure malaria because of its bitter properties, Hahnemann became incredulous!  Nonsense, he thought, there are herbs much more astringent than China and they can’t touch malaria!  It was then that Hahnemann decided to do an unexpected thing: He took Peruvian Bark (China) to see what it would cause!  As it turned out, he broke out into chills and fever!  His conclusion?  China cures malaria because it’s LIKE malaria!  And that was the beginning of homeopathy.

So, this is one of the most famous stories in homeopathy. Also, the rubrics:

Diseases: malaria, periodicity, marked–China is the only one.

Fever: intermittant, malarial–Arn-3, China-3

And then as Dr. Gupta points out, you have the bloating China is famous for and, moreover, there’s the irritability China is so famous for!  In fact, this is why we have to rule out Arsenicum which half of you voted for. With Arsenicum, we would expect to see the very well-known Arsenicum mentals: the prostration, restlessness, anxiety, desire for company, neediness and fear of death.

In fact, this patient was so irritable, Gabi found out later from the wife, who wouldn’t admit it at the time, that he used to beat her; but here’s the great news, after the remedy, he changed completely!

Now, here’s what happened as Gabi related it to me: She gave him a dose of China 200C. He immediately improved, within seconds!  He felt calm and sleepy–this is a typical positive response that we see for the right remedy.

Then tragedy struck!  As it so often happens, people repeat the remedy over and over again because, if they feel good with one dose, imagine how great they’ll feel after three or four!  Well, he landed in the hospital!  However, the hospital could do nothing for him, so he wound up back home and called Gabi.  Here she tells what happened:

“I forgot to mention that William, such is the name of the Sudanese, ended in hospital with severe stomach ache because he did not follow my instructions and was repeating the China whenever he wanted, just for the sake of it!  He phoned me with a voice from the dead. We did it over the phone–the “aggravation zapper”: 12 dilutions without succussions of the 200C in water, one sip of the 12th cup and he was better. The scare worked because when he phoned me this time he listened. His health has improved exponentially and so has his behaviour toward his wife!  He used to beat her up! That part I did not tell you.”

Amazing!  So, you see how miraculous, and yet how dangerous in untrained hands, homeopathy can be?  Good for Gabi, and I’m sure not a day goes by that someone isn’t thanking Diane Fuller for her “Aggravation Zapper”!  Directions for Zapping are in my “Homeopathy: Frequently Asked Questions” article which you can find on my website: .

So, congratulations to our big winner, Dr. Neeraj Gupta!  Dr. B, what has Dr. Neeraj won?


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