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Revisiting: Kermie’s Stomach, Tied In Knots!


Revisiting: Kermie’s Stomach, Tied In Knots!. Elaine gives the answer to last month’s quiz.

You didn’t miss last month’s prize-winning quiz, did you? You did??? What is wrong with you people! OK, here it is again….


To read last month’s full case quiz. Visit – Kermies Stomach, Tied in Knots!


Alright!  Well, let me just say that once again, the Hpathy audience is the greatest audience in the world! (And the smartest!) We have a lot of winners this month! And the winning remedy, of course, is…..LYCOPODIUM!

Now, what stood out for me? Certainly having to hide the Halloween candy from him…Lycopodium has a big issue with sweets! Chilliness, the apprehension about the “new” situations at work (Lycopodiums hate to see anything new–that’s an actual rubric in the repertory!), but, let’s see what our readers had to say:

1. Hi Elaine!
The right remedy for Kermie’s knotted stomach should be LYCOPODIUM.
I am from India.
Have recently finished my bachlors degree in Homoeopathy and have begun my private practice just last week. Hpathy has been doing a great job. Cheers!
– Akanksha Agnihotri.

2. Hi Elaine,

I particularly enjoyed the comment, “after spending hours repertorizing his scanty list of symptoms … , he tells me that he’s already taken ibuprofen!” Good one!

Many similarities with Lycopodium and Nux vomica

I could not find any association of a “knot” in Lycopodium – bothersome because that is what you titled the quiz, but it is a particular and Lycopodium still works strongly for the stomach particulars of indigestion, tension and burning pain. Nux is only weakly associated with a knot sensation, either in the stomach or internally generally.

More important to me were the mentals, especially the ones that improved. These were Lycopodium keynotes and not characteristic of Nux – inferiority/low self-esteem/low confidence; stagefright but an ability to speak anyway; fear of new enterprises or undertaking anything new; lack of self-control such as with sweets. Ailments from mental work was another possibility, but I’m not sure I understand that rubric.

Thanks! I have a better “picture” of Lycopodium now.


3. Hi Elaine,

I’d venture to say Lycopodium is the remedy, due to the dyspepsia,
prickly personality, insomnia and desire for sweets.

I always enjoy your articles. As an aspiring homeopath myself, it’s great to read things written by a homeopath with a sense of humor once in a while! It makes getting through Hahnemann a little easier. 🙂



4. Lycopodium


5. Hi Elaine,

I just thought it might be proper to provide some info and justify my answer:) Lycopodium

– can’t bear seeing new things

– aversion to undertake new things, although he puts all effort to succeed

– headstrong and haughty when sick

– fear of being unable to reach his destination

– indigestion with flatulence and distention of abdomen

– failure of digestive powers and liver affections

– tension and compressive pain in stomach, burning in stomach

– pit of stomach sensitive to touch or tight clothing (WORSE for tight clothing!)

– restless sleep, brooding over daily affairs, preoccupied with thoughts

– fear of public speaking, but does great once he starts

– likes food and drinks hot (BETTER for warm drinks!)

– craving for sweets

– chilliness with nervous irritation

Lycopodium it is!


Zara Lashkova

6. The cure for kermit is lycopodium. Sensitivity to tight clothing, desire for warm drinks, indigested food, stomach knots, anxiety and fright for lack of success, irritable, distracted, sleep problems, and helps the appetite.
I hope this was what helped poor Kermit
sincerly, Zabsmom

7. Is Kermit a Lycopodium? There are many aspects that he has that are contained in this remedy. Disordered digestion, better warm drinks, loose clothes, anxiety about many issues, some sleep disorders. Just a hunch. Diane Brown


So! Let’s hear it for: Diane Brown, Zabsmom, Zara Lashkova, Gabi, Dr. Maroju, Laurel, Akanksha Agnihotri and Katie!

Dr. B, whatever have they won????


This month’s winners will get a special 30% discount on one order of books from Hpathy Mall.

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I also request our previous prize winners, Alyona and Sujatha to please write to Dr. B at [email protected] and give him your addresses so he can mail your prizes to you.

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