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Revisiting: More Woes From Windy, Wet Weather

Written by Elaine Lewis

Elaine gives the answer to last month’s explosive quiz!

Does anybody remember last month’s quiz?  Here it is again, along with the answer:


Today, class, we are honored to have with us, the incomparable and fabulous, Kelly Young…

whom I’m sure you will welcome with the same respect, honor and adoration you’ve shown me down through the…



…years.  Did someone just set off an explosion!???  Sorry, Kelly, this hardly ever happens!

Hardly ever happens?  Last month, somebody threw a pie!

I don’t think they’re the same thing.

I only came here because someone named Vito called and said he was your “manager”!

Vito can be a tad pushy… just a tad….

In the interest of time, can we start my case now?  This is the case of my son, “A”.  A week ago he came down with a cold.

We had spent yet another weekend outside on the soccer field in the cold, wet and windy weather that is typical of our area in the spring.

He had a dry, barking cough that went on all day and night, usually stopping by the time I went to bed.  It had a hollow, echo quality to it and occasionally sounded a lot like a saw cutting through wood.

His throat tickled and he had swollen neck glands.  He complained that his throat hurt after he ate candy, which he then later refused to eat!  He was hungry often, wanting hot cocoa and other warm food.  He felt better after he ate.

I tried one remedy which did not work, then tried another which had an immediate positive effect. Homeopathy does it again!


Well class, I have to say, I am very proud of you!  I started this column originally to show the skeptics and nay-sayers that if you give a case to 20 different homeopaths, you won’t come up with 20 different answers!  Well, this month you have proven me right.  Nearly every person who wrote in got the right answer!  And do you know why?  Because we had a clear case!

Out of 14 responses, 11 were for Spongia—the right answer!  That’s an incredible percentage of agreement!  Nooshin’s assessment of the case was so thorough that I have absolutely no work to do this month!  Moreover, Nooshin closes by asking a quiz question of her own, so, take it away, Nooshin!

Dearest Elaine:

Hi!  I’m so glad I was last month’s winner.  You are a good teacher and I should thank you.  Wish I could attend some courses taught by you.  But alas!  Gosh!  Another avalanche is coming and I should answer this month’s quiz before burying underneath it!  And I’m so sure of the answer! Sometimes these queer rubrics are a good hint (as you’ve mentioned many times before).

The minute I read that the cough “had a hollow, echo quality to it and sounded a lot like a saw cutting through wood,” I cried:  SPONGIA!

When I got to know SPONGIA for the first time, this sawing quality was stamped on my mind.

Then I began to check other rubrics in the repertory and materia medica to validate my guess.
This is the result:

a dry, barking cough that went on all day and night —->
cough, barking, day and night: spongia (the only remedy)

usually stopping by the time I went to bed [this should be around midnight] —->

His throat tickled and he had swollen neck glands —->
generalities, Swelling and induration of glands

his throat hurt after he ate candy —->
cough, sweetmeats, agg: spongia (among some other remedies)

wanting hot cocoa and other warm food —->
cough, warm food, amel.: spongia (the only remedy)

He felt better after he ate —->
cough, eating, amel.: SPONGIA (the only remedy in boldface)

And we had also:

cold, wet and windy weather —->
cough, weather, wet: spongia (among some other remedies)

We know also that “A” played soccer.  This also validates our guess
because Spongia is among the remedies in the rubric : Cough, exertion agg.

Okay!  Did you enjoy my scrutiny?
I think I suffer from the same disease that Jonathan Swift did!
Do you remember his scrutinizing details in Gulliver’s Travels?!
Can you guess the remedy?
Guessing the remedy for fictional characters or their creators is so much fun.  This is my Hobby! (Since I’ve studied English literature and I’m not a practising Homeopath!!)

Oops!  The avalanche!  Bye now!
Nooshin Azadi

So, congratulations to: Nooshin Azadi, Marsha Karzmer, Shabina, Ravi Narayan, Mike Merritt, Arun, Dr. Mir Mostafa Kamal, Sarah Cordish, Dr. Shilpa Jackson, Claude and our good friend, Anonymous!

We would also like to congratulate Ravi Narayan from Mumbai, who answered the March quiz as Anonymous!



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