Revisiting: Most Painful Blood-Draw Ever!

Written by Elaine Lewis

Another Medical Mishap! Did you guess the right remedy? Scroll down for the answer.

Hi Mom!         

Shana, is that you?

Who else would I be?  It’s time for another Quiz!

So naturally that means …

I get to report on the Elton John concert I attended in July.

Of course!  What else would it mean?

But I didn’t get a chance to last month because Sam Gooden from The Impressions died.

That was a horrible blow!

And I suppose now would be a good time to mention that Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, the longest serving Queen of England, also passed away at 96.

And Elton John is very close with the Royal family.

Who knew?  Which reminds me, have you ever seen Carol Burnett as Queen Elizabeth?

I don’t think so….

Well Mom, that was a very moving tribute.  Anyway, he…


Elton John!!! was Knighted by the Queen in 1998.  Princess Diana was one of his friends and he performed a re-written version of “Candle in the Wind” as a tribute to her at her funeral.

He also acknowledged the Queen’s passing at one of his Farewell concerts.  I’m also super thrilled that Her Majesty also knighted Paul McCartney and guess who else?


Ringo Starr and Barry Gibb!

Of course!  Naturellement!

Apparently Prince (now King Charles III) did the honors for the former Bee Gee.  What’s funny is that Barry himself (see video below) said that he hoped Charles would become King.  

Apparently there are also a lot of awards in the British Honor System.  The Beatles got an MBE (Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) in 1965.

Is that sooooo????

It’s an award for contributions to arts and sciences, or charitable work.  Paul McCartney also got a Companion of Honor Award in 2018.  Elton John also got this award.  Another award from the Queen is CBE (Commander of the British Empire).  Barry and Robin were awarded it for services to music.  Maurice’s son collected the award for his dad because the ceremony was in 2004.

You seem to know a lot of things.  Can we start the Quiz now?

Mom!  I haven’t started my report on the Elton John concert yet!

Then what have we been doing all this time?????

OK, The Elton John concert on July 15th.  It was amazing!  The close-ups on the screen showing his hands on the piano were cool.

Where are they?

I sent them to you in email!!!!

Oh…is that what those pictures were?  What did I do with them?  Oh geez!  This stinks!  This is total B.S.!  Oh wait, here they are.

He also played a rare song from “Don’t Shoot Me, I’m Only the Piano Player”… which for some reason we have, so I thought that was cool.  I guess you or maybe daddy bought it?

I bought it.  I used to belong to the Record of the Month Club.

We have it here along with “Madman Across the Water”.

Anyway. I had a field seat because, well, I couldn’t decide which was the best seat at the last minute…

and it was VERY last minute because I wasn’t sure if going would be possible due to vaccine mandates but apparently Citizen’s Bank Park wasn’t asking at this stage?  Anyway, there was a special wristband for people who had field seats.

I suppose that’s another picture I’m supposed to have?

He opened with “Bennie and the Jets” like last time.  He told a story about Aretha Franklin that I loved which went something like this:

Can you believe that she performed when she was ill?  I couldn’t believe it.  His last song of the night was “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” and that was when Elton said it was his last show in Philly.  I felt sad all over again.

The images on the screen were kind of bittersweet too, pictures of Elton throughout his career, then he gets onto a lift that takes him off-stage.  Last thing you see on the screen is Elton walking down the Yellow Brick Road to his retirement.

Apparently he played Philadelphia 52 times!  He also thanked people and well, I wasn’t born yet, but, I like being thanked.

We’ll all be thankful when this scintillating “report” is over.

I’ll miss him but he deserves to spend more time with his family.  Apparently there is an upcoming Disney+ documentary…

Oh God….

called “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road: The Final Elton John Performances and the Years that Made His Legend.”  It sounds exciting, does it not?

It sounds lengthy.

According to what I’ve read, there will be unseen footage and new interviews.  I can’t wait.  I’ll miss him when he retires.

Is that it?

Yes, that is it.

Praise the lord!!!!!

Who’s in The Quiz this month?

Do you remember “Rosetta Stone”?

Didn’t her daughter slam the trunk lid down on her head?

Yeah, that was unfortunate….  Here she is again with another painful story:


September 2nd

Elaine, is there anything you can suggest for pain from a needle stick besides Ledum?  I’ve just had the most painful blood-draw I’ve ever had!  I can hardly stand to touch it and it hurts to bend my arm.  I took Ledum 200C and it’s not helping.

7:00 pm

“Rosetta”, take ___________200C.

September 4th

Rosetta, did you ever take ___________200C?  If so, what happened?

Yes, and it went away.  It hurt like crazy!  I don’t know what [the nurse] did, the vein was all sticking up and weird afterwards.

How long did it take for _________ to act?

It felt better within 30 minutes and completely gone by the next morning.  By the time I went to bed at 11, it only hurt when I touched it.  Before that, it was stinging constantly and I couldn’t stand to bend my arm.

September 5th

Elaine, here’s a picture of my arm.  See?  No bruising!

Do you have a “before” picture showing a bruise?

No, that’s just it, it never bruised!  That’s what’s so unusual, I always bruise within a few hours of a blood draw and it usually lasts a week.  And Ledum doesn’t help.  This time there is no bruise.



OK, that’s it everybody!  Do you know the remedy?  Write to me at [email protected] and let me know.  The answer will be in next month’s ezine.  See you then!  Bye-bye!






Geez, looks like we got a bunch of smart homeopaths in our Quiz this month!  Who’s here first?

Hi Elaine.

Hi Krista!

My vote this month is for Hypericum.  Since Ledum wasn’t cutting it for her, I chose Hypericum because it also is a puncture wound remedy and has a keynote of:

– Wounds are more tender than appearance would indicate


– Excessive painfulness

I couldn’t have said it better.  Beautiful!  In fact, I have nothing to say!

Thanks for another quiz and the learning opportunity that comes with it.

And thank YOU for participating!  Oh look!  It’s Mary K (or, Mary Queen of Scots, as she liked to be called…)


Hi Elaine,

Hi Queen Mary ….

At first this seems like it might be Apis because of the stinging pain.  But the more you see what Rosetta actually says, it seems that what has happened is not like an insect bite, but an injury to a blood vessel.  Here are her words:

Pain from a needle stick

Hurt like crazy

Can hardly stand to touch it

It hurts to bend my arm

The vein was all sticking up and weird

It was stinging constantly

I couldn’t stand to bend my arm

After the remedy, it never bruised

I always bruise within a few hours of a blood draw and it usually lasts a week

This time there is no bruise.

Apis is worse for touch, and swelling can be present.  But Rosetta mentions that her vein was “sticking up” – so it looks like a blood vessel that’s injured here.

And thinking of this as an injury, with aversion to touch, hurts to bend the arm (worse from motion?), I also noticed that Rosetta mentioned bruising 3 times – i.e., she always bruises after a blood draw, bruising lasts a week, and this time there was no bruising.  So because Arnica is at the top of the list for preventing bruising, Arnica would be my choice.  Hope this is right and if not, there’s always the next case to solve!

Mary K, it’s not right, but, that’s OK because you will have learned an important lesson today. 

You make a good case for Arnica: it’s an injury, there would have been bruising if not for the remedy, and she was worse touch.  All looking very good for Arnica.  The only problem is … the all-important Etiology, which is at the top of our Hierarchy Of Symptoms! 

What is the Arnica etiology?  Ailments From bunt trauma, right?  What is the etiology in this case? 

Ailments from Puncture Wounds!!!!!!! 

So that’s what we need to find, a puncture wound remedy that is very painful.  So, in Murphy’s Repertory, 3rd ed., we would go to the “Clinical” chapter, scroll alphabetically down to Puncture Wounds, and then take the sub-rubric, “Injection, from painful”.  There are only 4 remedies listed, and only 1 in Bold, and that remedy is Hypericum! 

Oh my goodness – there it is. (See photo.)  I didn’t know to look under “Clinical” and now I do.  Thanks!

Thanks for including that picture because I see there’s another sub-rubric further down that’s maybe even more applicable:

“Clinical: puncture wounds, pain, severe” and there is only ONE remedy listed, and it’s in Bold:  HYPERICUM!  Wow.  That about sums it up, doesn’t it?

Don’t look now, but, Pam’s here!!!!


Hi Elaine!

Hi Pam!

My answer is HYPERICUM!

Right again!

I am guessing the nurse hit a nerve while trying to get to the patients’ vein?  That would explain the intense pain.  I have read that Hypericum is used for puncture wounds with intense pain.

You read correctly!!!!  Nice, Pam, very nice! 

I think Neil’s here from England.


Hi Elaine

This month’s quiz remedy is a toss up between Staphysagria or  Hypericum as both have pain when touched.  I think of Staphysagria as more of a slicing pain or knife cuts rather than from an injection which sounds like nerve damage to me.  I presume there is no infection associated  to account for the pain?  So with that in mind, I am going with Hypericum.

Neil, UK

You are correct, sir!  Who’s next?


Dear Elaine,

The Answer is Hypericum.

Injection, painful wound, from injection: HYPERICUM in bold.

Hypericum is good for nerve injuries.

You are correct!!!!




Oh look, it’s the gang from Slovakia!

Hello Elaine and Shana,

Hello Miroslav and Jitka!

We send our answers to the September quiz.

Miroslav answers briefly: It should be Hypericum.

That is brief!

Jitka answers: Hypericum

The first remedy that came to my mind was Hypericum.  Just to be sure, I checked my choice in the First Aid Chapter, the rubric: Injection, painful wound, from injection – there is only one medicine in bold: Hypericum.

You are both right!!!!!


Hi Elaine and Shana!

Hi Maria!

For this month’s quiz my vote goes to Hypericum.

If I am wrong I will try again.

You are not wrong, so don’t try again!


I think it’s time for us to give a Shout-Out to our winners:









Come on down!  You’re the winners of the September Quiz!

Be sure to try the October Quiz now!  See you back here again next time.  Bye-bye!

Elaine Lewis, DHom, CHom
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