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Revisiting: Panic Attack!

Revisiting: Panic Attack! 1

What homeopathic remedy cured this scary case?

To read last month’s full case quiz. Visit – Panic Attack!





OK everybody, we’re back!  Geez, by the looks of things, an awful lot of people who normally answer, didn’t!  Was this quiz too hard?

Hi Elaine!

Hi Neil from England!

The remedy I’m going for is Aconite.  This is probably too simple as it is an immediate go-to thought.  There is no etiology just a sudden onset, a rapid pulse, a great feeling of agitation ‘an electrical buzz’ she calls it.  The floating or unreality could be a way of dissociating.

Cannabis is in bold for feelings of unreality and delusions of unreality also under panic so was tempted but its not under rapid pulse and I’m assuming, as this was the first thing she mentioned, it is her most prominent symptom.

You’re right, Neil.  Panic Attack with sudden onset…that spells “Aconite” to me!  And the rapid heart beat is a good confirmation.
Is anybody else here today?

Hi Elaine and Shana!

Hi Maria!!!

For this month’s quiz my vote goes to Cannabis indica.
In murphy’s repertory it is in second grade under panic attacks but I read in Radar’s keynotes:
– DELUSIONS. Everything seems unreal.

If I am wrong I will try again 😀

Well, Maria, first of all, in the Repertory, let’s go to “Mind: panic attacks”.  Cann-i (Cannabis indica) is there as a 2 but, there are a number of 4’s and a number of 3’s too!  Now, remember our Hierarchy Of Symptoms?  What’s right up there near the top?  “Sudden Onset”!  Remember Miss Piggie said it came on suddenly?  So, “sudden onset” over-rules everything that’s underneath it!  And what number is “Sudden Onset” from the top?  It’s number-3.
It goes like this:
1. Etiology
2. Diagnosis
3. Sudden Onset

So, the etiology is unknown; the diagnosis is panic attack, and onset is sudden.  So, we need a panic remedy that has sudden onset.  Which remedy is that?

Aconitum?  I missed totally the sudden onset 🙁

Yes, Aconite!  You know, it should probably be our first thought for panic attack anyway, especially with rapid heartbeat!

Now, who else is here today?

Oh, look! It’s the gang from Slovakia!

Hello Elaine and Shana,

Hi Miroslav and Jitka!

We reasoned your quiz about the panic attack of Miss Piggie as follows:

Miroslav answers: Arsenicum album–

As there is no etiology mentioned, I have to “lean on” only the referred symptoms.  If this case hadn’t mentioned nervousness / irritability, I answer Aconitum.  However, because of these facts, I choose Arsenicum album.

Miroslav, there was no mention of nervousness or irritability here.  She said she felt “on-edge”, like too much adrenaline pumping.  What you missed here was the “sudden onset” she spoke about, which might have helped you.

Jitka answers: Aconitum.

Jitka is right!

When you said that many of us are breathing a sigh of relief over a short quiz, surely you were thinking of me!  I mean, I didn´t have to translate much..:)

Oh yeah, you must have had a ton of translating to do last month! (Sorry!)

I suppose that a remedy for Miss Piggie is in the rubric Mind: Panic, anxiety attacks.  In the rubric Heart: Palpitations, there is a big amount of remedies, so, no help in solving this case there.

So, wait a minute Jitka.  You started out on the right foot by saying that the remedy would have to be in “Mind: Panic attacks”.  From there you go to “sudden onset” which would surely put you on the track of Aconite.  Then you would only need to go to “Heart: palpitations” to confirm Aconite, if you needed to.

Those strange feelings like the floaty, unreal feelings, wanting to escape her body; feelings of unreality, an electric buzzing charge and so on I couldn’t know how to convert them to rubrics and that’s why I didn’t even find them in the Repertory.  I considered about Cannabis indica, but I couldn’t confirm this remedy with rubrics too.  At least I summarized what was clear to me: Panic attack, palpitations and sudden onset…

That’s all you needed, Jitka.

Also I found an information that there is weakness and loss of power of the extremities in Aconitum.

Best wishes


Hey, everybody, Vamsi’s in the house!!!!!

Elaine, I really don’t know if I have time to answer this quiz , but I would do so even though I am late.

Panic Attack, the following remedies strike here.

1. Pulse going faster and no cause for anxiety
( Calls for Aconite here, as anxiety is sudden and violent. )
2. Feel like a live wire ( is this Phosphorous ?? )
3. Floaty sensation ( Aconite )
4. Feeling of Dissociation ( under MIND) ( calls for Phosporous)
5. Could not locate rubric for this symptom: ” want to somehow jump out of your own skin/head.”

Elaine, I finally got Murphy’s Repertory and could list of few of the major symtoms based on this.  But now I am finding it difficult to decide on Aconite or Phosphorous ( is any of these the right remedy at all ?? )


Please let me know.  Though this quiz looks small its quite intriguing.

Vamsi, read “Repertory Round-Up part-4” again, especially the part about The Hierarchy Of Symptoms, and then tell me the answer:

Repertory Round-Up, part-4

Elaine, you are a GEM.

I is?  Wow!  My mother was right!!!!!

What a great article!  I read it a long time back but reading it over makes lots of things clearer.  I guess I should start reading all your Tidbits articles over again.

Now there’s an idea!

Yes!!!  Etiology rules on the top for all cases!  But here we do not have the “Top Drawer” as you put it (Etiology).


Next “drawer” in the Hierarchy Of Symptoms, Drawer # 2, ( Diagnosis )

We actually have a diagnosis, Vamsi–Panic Attack.

Now we are in Drawer # 3 ( Sudden Onset ).
Sudden Onset rules the case.

You’re very close, Vamsi.  We need to combine these two “drawers”– Sudden Onset with Diagnosis– because there are too many remedies listed under diagnosis (Panic Attack), and we have to have a way of narrowing the choices down.  We phrase our summary of the case like this:

“I need a Panic Attack remedy that has sudden onset.”

With no further doubt, I would go for ACONITE.

You are right!!!!!

Elaine, please let me know your thoughts.

My thought is that people really need to go back and read “Repertory Round-Up, part-4” again (see link above).  Almost everyone thought they had to be responsible for every symptom in the case; but, The Hierarchy Of Symptoms says No.  If you can cover the top of the hierarchy?  You’re done!


So look.  You start at the top.  Is there an etiology?  No; so you go down to #2.  Is there a diagnosis?  Yes–“Panic Attack”! Is that rubric too big?  Too many remedies in it to choose from?  Yes!  So we move down to #3, “sudden onset”.  Is there a Sudden Onset here?  Yes!  And you know, when a case has Sudden Onset, you’re down to basically 2 remedies–Aconite and Belladonna!  Now with the addition of “sudden onset”, and finding Aconite in both rubrics in the highest degree, we’ve covered the top of the Hierarchy; so, do we have to look any further into this case?  No!  Do we have to concern ourselves with “floaty feeling” and “electricity” all the other things she said?  No!

OK, so, let’s congratulate our winners!
Vamsi, Jitka and Neil.
And thanks to all of you who voted!  See you again next time!

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