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Revisiting: Pizza Gets Bad Reviews

pizza hut
Written by Elaine Lewis

Elaine presents the answer to last month’s quiz!

As you may recall from our last episode, Shana’s half-brother Earl had over-indulged in pizza from Pizza Hut, which I can assure you IS, truly, the greasiest, cheesiest, heaviest pizza I have ever had in my entire life! Here’s the case again if you’re here for the first time:


Recently, Shana’s half-brothers and sister and cousin were over to the house, and that can only mean one thing:

One Large Pizza to go!

I called Pizza Hut. Do all of you out there know what a pizza is?

It’s a round thing made with white flour, tomato sauce and sprinkled generously with grated cheese. You pop it in a very hot oven for 10 minutes. You carve it up like a pie and eat a slice of it–or two or three. Apparently Shana’s brother had one slice too many!  I found him slumped over in the chair the following morning.   He informed me that he hadn’t felt well all night. He said he felt very heavy and could hardly stand up–and I suspect he might have been nauseous too.  I put a 30C pellet of ________________________ in water and told him to take a sip.  He told me later that day, “That remedy you gave me straightened me right up!”  In fact, he told everybody! 


So, gang, which remedy came to the rescue? Do you know that out of thirty-four respondents, most of you voted for Nux Vomica? Who says homeopaths can’t agree?! Unfortunately, you’re all wrong! Now think about it: pizzas are very heavy with melted cheese, therefore, it’s a fatty meal. Check your Materia Medica (I’ll look in Murphy’s.) It says that Nux v., “Loves fats and tolerates them well.”  Hmm…that would seem to go against Nux Vomica; what else? Nux Vomica indigestion kicks in hours after eating–usually in the morning. (“…nausea in the morning after eating….worse eating, some time after….Several hours after eating.”) Earl, however, felt bad all night. Also, the sensation in Nux v. is that of a weight in the stomach or a knot or a stone. Earl, however, felt heavy all over. The following rubrics are from Murphy’s Repertory:

Food, heavy food aggravates

Stomach, nausea, general fats, agg. eating, after (fats aggravate after eating)

Stomach, nausea, general food, rich, from (rich food aggravates)


The remedy that comes out on top is Pulsatilla! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, apparently many of you didn’t know, but Pulsatilla is our premiere remedy for ailments from fatty food! In fact, when I saw that Earl was sick from Pizza, I went right for the Pulsatilla without even thinking about it! There’s a partial quote from Murphy’s Materia Medica on Nux Vomica above, but here’s the full quote: “Desire for stimulants. Craves spicy food, beer, fat food, chalk, drugs, tobacco, stimulants. Loves fats and tolerates them well, (Pulsatilla opposite.)”

Now, I don’t want to give the impression that everybody voted for Nux vomica, some of you did get the right answer! So, congratulations to:

Dr. Arshad, Dr. Syed Areeb Ali, Anant P.Singh, Vibha Bhatia and Valerian who, alone, presented a reason: “Pulsatilla; The generous cheese <, suspected nausea!“. Thank you, Valerian! (Translation: aggravation from too much cheese!)


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