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Revisiting: Pneumonia, Appendicitis…What An Ordeal!

Written by Elaine Lewis

Kelly’s daughter is suffering from painful post-surgery. Did you guess the right remedy?

It’s time to revisit last month’s quiz wherein Kelly’s daughter is in terrible straits from a botched surgery.  Scroll down for the answer.


 OK, class, please be seated.  We have a substitute presenter with us today, so please welcome Kelly Young…

…whose family has been a veritable font of teaching information for our class for decades now, and I’m sure you’ll accord her the same respect and admiration… 

…you’ve shown me down through the years.  OK, who just threw a pie?!

We will just sit here and wait, all day if we have to, until someone admits to throwing this pie.   I’m going to turn my back and count to 10, and by the time I turn around, the name of the pie-thrower will be on my desk:  1…2…3…

Elaine, forget it!  This is a banana cream pie!  Can you believe it?  Do you have a napkin?  I am soooooo honored to be here today presenting my case!  Do you have a fork?  This is the case of my daughter, “C”; or, as we might call her, “Cathy”.

I would prefer to call her “Christine”.

Or, “Candice”. 

What about “Candy”?

Or “Cheswick”?


OK, so, my dear little “Cheswick” is 12 years old.  She complained to me about a pain just below her navel.  She had just had her appendix removed a month ago laproscopically, with one of the three incisions being in her navel.  What an ordeal that was!  The month before, the appendix had perforated and she also had pneumonia!  

Dear God!

So, the day of the complaint, she was also scheduled to play soccer. 

You’ve gotta be kidding!

I didn’t want her to play.  She will play through pain and not say a word!  I relented and said she could play but would have to stop if the pain got any worse.  The pain was sore to touch only, the area was a little red but more brownish and possibly a bruise, I’m not sure.  She was very tired after the game and definitely played like she was tired and was sweating a cold sweat.  So, that evening, I asked Elaine, our most wonderful, helpful, knowledgeable, kind and always-available homeopath what to do….

Pssst!  Kelly, did I mention that you’re not being paid?

…the most UNhelpful, UNavailable and only marginally knowledgeable homeopath… 

Don’t forget, Kelly, you did get a pie!

OK, you do have a point.  So as I was saying, Elaine advised giving Cheswick _____________30C, three times a day for three days–stop if there’s a striking improvement or aggravation; she’s so smart, that Elaine — occasionally.  Anyway, the next day, “Cheswick” had another soccer game, believe it or not, and this time, no pain, no tiredness, and no one would have guessed she had her appendix removed a month earlier!


Thank you sooooo much, Kelly for that thrilling case!  We didn’t get too many votes this time.  I actually thought this case was going to be easy but apparently not!  Here’s what our audience voted for:

Arnica, Bellis p., Tuberculinum, Phosphorus, Spigelia, Thios., and Staphysagria.

And the winner is…Nooshin who voted for ARNICA!  Here’s what she wrote:

Staphysagria comes to mind first, because it’s the first remedy for ailments from surgery. However, Arnica is more indicative because it not only covers this state in some way (AILMENTS FROM INJURY/TRAUMA, physical or psychic + SORENESS), but also these rubrics: bruised pain on touch, being tired after an exertion, cold sweat.

We see that after the remedy Cheswick has ” no pain, no tiredness”.

And 2 things more: 1. Arnica is a remedy for appendicitis (and maybe after appendicitis??)

2. Can Cheswick’s “playing through pain and not saying a word” be interpreted as this rubric of Arnica that ‘he thinks he’s well’?

Best wishes and good luck!

Nooshin Azadi


Very well-put, Nooshin!  Here were the rubrics I used, and you can see that they were very much in line with what you were saying:

From Murphy’s Repertory, 2nd ed.–

Emergency: Surgery, complications from
Generals: Sore, pain
Generals: Touch, agg.
Mind: Well, says he is when sick
Perspiration: Cold, sweat
Emergency: Bruises
Generals: Exertion, agg.

Arnica came up number-one and was the only remedy to cover all the symptoms.

Nooshin, send your address to Dr. B at [email protected] and request a nice gift: a face-lift, or a pair of sandals…..maybe an elephant!

Easy How to Draw an Elephant for Kids Tutorial Video  This is the exact elephant.  “Marge” (not her real name).

So, that’s it everybody, thanks for your votes and good luck on this month’s quiz!


Elaine Lewis, DHom, CHom

Elaine takes online cases.  Contact her at [email protected].

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