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Revisiting: Poor Girl!

Mallory is anorexic and at 5’8″ is down to 101 lbs. Her mother’s afraid her heart is going to stop! Did you guess the right remedy?

Mom, it’s time for the quiz again!

  Shana Lewis

Have you noticed that it’s always time for the Quiz?

No…but, we have two rather tragic deaths to announce…

Oh no, not the Death Report already?

…and one discussion will have something in it related to pop culture because that’s what I do.

Oh, so that’s what you do! 

Still, at least it will have something to do with the topic at hand.

And if only I knew what that was….

The Death Report!

Oh.  Yes, so tragic.

You don’t even know who died!  Now, just try and sit quietly for a minute, OK?  I don’t think we mentioned it last month so here it is.  Bobby Lewis, singer of the 1961 smash, Tossin’ and Turnin’, died in April, he was 95.

No way!

So I guess it was his time.  I wasn’t aware of him having any illness, but apparently according to a 2011 interview he had become almost blind but still performed occasionally.

Well, here he is folks, Bobby Lewis, the man who gave us the most recognizable opening line in all of musicdom:

I couldn’t sleep at all last night!


Announcement the second; Paul McCartney’s hero, Little Richard, died on May 9th.

OMG!  Little Richard!  The real King of Rock and Roll!  According to Rolling Stone Magazine: “The Founding Father of Rock ‘n’ Roll”! 

And after his first record, “Tutti Frutti” in 1956, there was no looking back–and everybody was imitating him, including your friend, Paul McCartney!


Apparently he had bone cancer which I hadn’t been aware of at all.  He was 87.  So, what can one say about Richard Penniman (his real name) other than that he started rock ‘n’ roll back in 1956?

His big hit, of course, was “Tutti Frutti”, which funnily enough, appeared in the opening scene of my favorite movie, “The Brave Little Toaster”.

Oh no!!!!  Not “the Brave Little Toaster” again!!!!  Aaaah!!!!!!

The song plays as the appliances are all doing their household chores.

Dear God!  Rick!!!!!

Do you have to call Daddy for everything?  It’s just interesting to consider if other kids got exposed to Little Richard that way in later years or if it was just me.

I’m guessing it was just you!

I’ll always remember that part of the movie as a fond childhood memory.

So what’s your favorite Little Richard song?  We should probably go out with that.

Oh geez, there were so many! 

“Ready, set, go man go, I got a gal that I love so; I’m ready… Ready ready Teddy I’m ready, ready ready Teddy I’m ready, ready ready Teddy I’m ready ready ready to Rock and Roll!

Wait, Mom; I forgot!  Jerry Stiller died!  You know, he played George Costanza’s father on “Seinfeld”?

“Serenity Now!”

So, as I was saying before we stopped to watch “Seinfeld”…. What was my favorite Little Richard song…hmmm……

Goin’ to the corner, pick up my sweetie pie

She’s my rock ‘n’ roll baby, she’s the apple of my eye

I’m ready….

Mom, you sang it already!

God love him!

Who’s in the quiz this month?


Is that her real name?


And what was wrong with Mallory?

She appears to have had Anorexia Nervosa.

Well that’s just great!

It’s even worse for her mother, Mabel, who’s afraid Mallory is gonna die–you know, like Karen Carpenter?

Is Mabel her real name?


Here’s the quiz, everybody, try and guess the remedy!


Hi Elaine,

I was given your name by my mom, who I think has been in contact with you and has been studying homeopathy herself.

So happy to find another homeopath as the woman we consulted with for several years decided to retire and we loved her.  Reading over your website makes me happy because I love how well you explain things and how much you believe in homeopathy as I do!

Anyway I would like to consult with you about my teenage daughter right now.

She has dropped weight very quickly recently.  At first we thought she had developed an eating disorder or that it was due to stress and how hard she has been driving herself.  For the past two months though, she has been eating more and really trying to gain her weight back but instead she has dropped more weight!  She is currently at 106 pounds and is 5’8”.  Difficulty keeping weight on does run in my family but she looks very pale and almost yellow right now too.  Like a baby with jaundice.

Also she has had a back injury from ballet that will not heal.  Today she is getting an MRI to make sure it is not a fracture or bulging disc.  She has had to put a professional ballet career on hold and has now decided to take another path as her back is in so much pain.  Just so much emotional distress for her in all of this and I’m getting more worried that perhaps she is seriously ill.

I do not like to get doctors involved so have not had any testing on her yet and would rather face whatever is going on with her homeopathically.

I hope you have time for her!!

Thank you.

Oh, i just saw the questionnaire!  We will get it filled out tomorrow for sure.

I’m starting on it now.  I’m starting to think I might be wrong and she is struggling with anorexia.  She not only injured her back last year but was also severely emotionally abused by her ballet teacher.  He left to start his own ballet conservatory in Florida and a close friend of hers went with him on scholarship.  To make a very long story short, I tried to talk to the family and warn them about this man and told them things that had happened to our daughter.  They wouldn’t listen and treated us very badly which somehow made the damage to Mallory even worse.

So this past Wednesday she and I heard from her friend and the friend’s Mom, apologizing for not listening and her friend asking her for love and support as she has returned home after a very bad experience with him.  We don’t know what happened to her, and Mallory replied that she would be there for her but since then she is literally crumbling emotionally and has lost more weight.

I’m really worried now as I’ve been reading about the damage anorexia can do to the heart and how the body can’t always handle starting the weight gain process.  I’m not eager to have a medical doctor involved but I’m getting scared that she’s way further along on this road than I realized.

She is always so strong and driven and works so hard that I just kept thinking she would be ok.

Here’s the questionnaire:

Adolescent Questionnaire

Patient’s name–“Mallory”

Email address: ****

Date: July 9, 2018

Sex: Female

Weight: Now at 103 pounds

Height: 5’8″

DOB:  1/6/1999

Body type: Tall and thin

Race/nationality: White – scandinavian, British Isles, French, etc.

Questions answered by Mallory:

1. Chief Complaint

I’ve losesd a ton of weight through stress and anxiety and now I can’t put any weight back on even though I am desperately trying to.

I am also currently in a lot of constant pain from a back injury I received a year ago and am still working on healing from it.

2. When did the problem start? Do you know what caused it?

When we moved here I was 15, dealing with an injury and struggling with depression through the adjustment of moving from California.  After a year and a half at ballet school, my ballet teacher began to emotionally abuse the students which went on for two years. Then I received my back injury which is either a spinal stress fracture or bulging disc and I could no longer continue with ballet.

Ballet has been my future, my passion and my drive ever since I was nine years old and suddenly it was gone.  I could not go off to college like all the other kids my age were doing because it was too late to apply.  I couldn’t easily move or be active because I was in so much pain.  I had no idea what new direction my life should take because I had only ever focused or thought about ballet.  I was lost, afraid and because of my extreme stress and grief I began to lose my appetite.  I had no idea what was happening until suddenly I had lost all my weight and most of my muscles and I cannot seem to put any of it back on.

3. What aggravates your complaint?

Thinking about what happened with my old ballet teacher.  Dwelling on the uncertainty of the future and going through major change and adjustment again that I did not choose to make.  Feeling blame for what has happened and that no one will believe I am trying to get back to health.

Things that make me feel unwell – cream gives me migraines.  Hot baths in epsom salt used to make me feel better but now it hurts my back too much to lie in the tub.  Answering questions make me feel worse because I feel like I’m being judged.  I don’t want sympathy.

4. What makes the complaint better?

I feel better in the sun, when I’m warm, having alone time but also spending quality time with family or a good friend, reading, being outside, working out/staying active, wanting to help other dancers improve proper technique and injury prevention through pilates.  [Pilates is a kind of exercise, something like yoga.]

5. What is the worst time of day for you?

The time of day when I feel worse varies depending on whether I feel more exhausted in the morning or evening and how the events of my day went.

6. Any concomitants?

At the moment I can’t think of other symptoms.

Mom’s answers:

7. What was the pregnancy and birth like?

My birth with Mallory was very long and hard.  About 4 days of pretty constant labor and then right after transition and before pushing I fell asleep for about an hour I think.  Then pushing her out took two hours and she came out screaming and pooping everywhere.  It was at a natural birthing center and no drugs were used.  Also no need for stitches afterward and she was healthy although a little purple from all that squeezing through the birth canal.

During this, my first pregnancy, I was a bit in denial I think, and not sure I was ready to have a baby.  I rode jumper horses full time and I continued to ride, although not jump, until about five months pregnant.  My midwife thought it was my extreme fitness and especially tightness in that pelvic area that made the birth so long and tiring.

I didn’t take any drugs or smoke or drink during pregnancy.

Her first year was also very hard.  I continued to ride and teach lessons in the evenings and she cried the whole time I was gone most nights.  Poor baby!  She must have had tummy troubles because she really screamed and fought it whenever I nursed her for the first few months.  I managed to keep her nursing and nursed her until 18 months.

8. Describe the father’s health at the time of conception.

Father’s health was good during time of conception except that he does have an addiction to tobacco that he developed while working on boots up in Alaska as a teenager.  He doesn’t chew it all the time but just when stressed.  Something I would love to address with you someday if you think homeopathy might help!

9. The child’s milestones:

Mallory crawled at a normal time, walked at 10 months, talked at normal times, weaned at 18 months, early with teeth, potty trained easily around two.

10. What vaccinations did the child have?

She has only had tetanus/diptheria twice.  No other vaccines.

11. How did she react to the birth of a sibling?

Mallory had a pretty strong reaction to the birth of her next sister.  She was 2 and a half and for the first two weeks would have nothing to do with me.  She wouldn’t even say goodnight to me, but she was loving towards her sister and loved to sit and read picture books to her.  She was just completely put out with me for whatever reason.  It was almost funny and once she was over it she was momma’s girl again.

She has always been serious and driven, but also sweet and delightful.  She is wise beyond her years, always watches out for her younger siblings and has always loved to read, ride horses, dance and just hang out with me doing whatever I’m doing.  She was my favorite little coffee date as a little girl.  Also was important to her to be on time as a child and if we were late to an activity she would not want to join in late.  She is still very organized and responsible beyond her years.  She has been offered some amazing opportunities to teach ballet and pilates this year and is training to get her 600 hour certification in pilates so that she can really work with and help other dancers.  She has actually committed to moving to San Jose to work for a pilates studio there that focuses on ballet dancers completely.  They need her at the end of August but I now think I’m going to need to keep her home until she gets completely well.  She is devastated right now and wants to be well.

Mallory’s answers:

12. How do you react to school?

I enjoy and thrive on studying hard and receiving perfect test scores.

13. How do you feel about spending the night away from home?

I’m fine with spending the night away from home.

14. How do you feel about traveling?

I love traveling but the logistics can be a little stressful

15. Are you on any Rx drugs?

No prescription drugs

16. Any skin conditions?


17. Did you have a severe childhood illness?

No severe childhood disease but I did have extreme growing pains and stress migraines through puberty

18. Do you want to be consoled when you’re sick, or would you rather be alone?

Depends on the situation but normally I want more consolation and support.

19. What are your well-meaning friends always trying to change about you?

Nothing normally but just right now concern, judgement, criticism or disapproval of my physical appearance.

20. What feedback do you get from teachers?

I receive good feed-back, that I’m a hard worker.

21. How do you feel about animals?

I love animals and treat them well

22. What foods and drinks do you love?

Smoothies, coffee, tea, kombucha, salads, salmon, chicken, vegetables, chévré, fruit, jalapeños, avocados, quinoa, hummus, eggs and sushi.

23. What foods do you have an aversion to?

Fast food, beef and potatoes.  Eating sugar, cream/a lot of dairy or greasy/fatty foods makes me feel bad and I do not like eating them.

24. Do you desire ice or ice cold drinks?


25. Describe the kind of eater you are.


26. What fears do you have?

The uncertainty of the future, major change, judgement, disapproval, unhappiness, losing loved ones, loneliness, despair, failure, having no purpose, the depth of the ocean and snakes.

27. Do you tend to be chilly or hot?


28. When are you most likely to perspire?

After working out or after being outside in the humidity for a long time.  I normally perspire on my back and down my legs

29. How affectionate are you?

Very affectionate

30. How sympathetic are you?

Very sympathetic

31. How affected are you by music?

Very effected, music is my soul.

32. What emotion tends to predominate with you?


33. How neat are you?

I like to be neat and organized.

34. How sensitive are you to criticism?

Very sensitive to it but I can take it well; ballet dancers have to take a lot of criticism.

35. Do you have any digestive complaints?

At the moment eating large portions of wheat, pasta, dairy and large meals in general makes me feel heavy, bloated and nauseous and I don’t feel energized or satisfied after.  It never seems to make a difference with my weight either.

36. Any complaints about sleep?

Yes I have been waking up in the middle of the night but I usually fall back asleep and then wake up about 6:45.

37. Any skin issues?

I have some huge moles on my back, and one on my head.  They are about the size of a pencil eraser.

38. What is most striking or characteristic about you?

My thick, wavy blonde hair and long legs and ballet posture

39. How cooperative are you?

Not sure but i think i’m pretty cooperative

40. What’s standing in your way of moving ahead?

My health, my weight and my back pain

41. How often do you get sick?

I used to get sick all the time with stomach bugs when I was dancing under the ballet teacher who was so awful to us.  I think the anxiety and misery made me sick because I haven’t been sick with a virus or anything yet this year.

42. What illnesses run in the family?

Ok my grandma on my dad’s side has Lupus, and my dad’s sister has type 1 diabetes, my great grandparents have some heart problems and so does my grandma with lupus.  My mom’s side of the family has more emotional stuff but not so many diseases.

43. What do you really love to do?

I love being active, dancing, reading and spending time with good friends and family.

44. Time-line:

Coming back to this question as all I can think of is the biggest traumatic event of my life which was moving to NC from California when I was 15.  I had to leave an amazing professional ballet school and all of my closest friends to move to a ballet school that I never felt at home in and which showed me what it means to be hurt by your only friends every single day and how cruel a ballet teacher who you have to respect can be.

I was then offered a position as a trainee with Pittsburg Ballet as well as a place with Sarasota Ballet if I chose.  Unfortunately due to being pushed beyond my physical limits my back was injured too badly to dance professionally and I had to stay at home when all my friends were leaving for ballet companies and college and try to pick up the pieces of my life.  I now have some amazing new goals and am studying to teach pilates and have a job offer back in California for this fall that I am so excited about.

45. Are you on any drugs or supplements?

vitamin C and D made by Garden of Life.

46. Do you throw the covers off at night, or stick your feet out of the covers?

Sometimes I stick my feet out of the covers.

47. What do you eat/drink in a day?

I had coffee and an egg scrambled with spinach and tomatoes for breakfast at about 9AM, then we went for lunch after church at about 1:00 at a Mediterranean restaurant, I had a salad, some humus and two pieces of a chicken skewer.  For dinner I ate a burrito and a salad around 8 because we were at the barn and then before bed my parents made me have a whey protein smoothy with bananas and frozen fruit at about 9:30.

48. Who is a difficult person in your life and why?

I can’t think of anyone.

49. Describe your nature.

I think I’m hard working, focused, driven, and maybe a little bit serious.

50. What do you want to change about yourself?

I would like to be more outgoing and less serious all the time.

51. What happens to you over and over again?

Major changes and disappointments and lost dreams; things never seem to go smoothly for me.

52. What are you most proud of?

Finding a new direction for my life even though my dreams were shattered.

53. What makes you cry?

My inability to gain weight and be healthy right now.

54. What makes you angry?

I don’t know…I guess when siblings are being annoying.  I ask them loudly to stop.

55. What bothers you most in other people?

When people are manipulative or two faced.  I just try to brush it off and not think about it too much.

56. Describe your thirst,

I drink a lot of water in a glass with a straw all day.  I feel thirsty a lot.  My mouth has a sour taste lately.

57. Any issues with sleeping?

I sleep on my stomach or curled up on my side.  I wish I could sleep through the whole night.

58. What are you sensitive to?

Fumes, annoying repetitive noises, clutter, being cold, I feel like I always need to have everything under control and have my life figured out or else I’m a mess.

59. Anything note-worthy about your appearance or voice?

Frizzy blonde hair,  everyone always asks me if I have an accent and if I’m European.  I think I have a softer voice, and I have a bump on my nose from when I got hit in the face as a little girl.

60. What really gets on your nerves?

Repetetive noises.

61. What’s your ambition?

To help people be healthy and move through pilates and gyro tonics and to help ballet dancers have correct technique and avoid injury as they grow up.

62. Describe your energy.

I think I’m in the middle.  Not slow and sluggish but not hyper and peppy either.


Hi Elaine,

I think I’m going to need some help too. My anxiety over Mallory is making me shake and I’m fighting off panic attacks.  My chest hurts and throat is tight.  Mallory is having horrible anxiety too and watching her try to handle her darkness while I’m not handling it myself and seeing her bones sticking out….

I’m really a mess.

Mallory first, of course, but how can I help her when I’m panicking myself?

I should probably mention, it’s normal to lose your appetite if you stop eating.  And since she’s eating a lot less than normal, it would be completely unexpected for her to suddenly start eating like a pig, and plus, that might even be a shock to her system if she were to do that.  So, I think if she drinks glasses of raw juices every day and eats a salad, that’s probably about what you can expect in someone who’s developed this habit.  I think this is going to be a gradual process, don’t look for a sudden change in food consumption.  Alfalfa tincture, 5 drops in an ounce or 2 of water, 3 times a day to improve her appetite.

The anxiety really started last night and continued through today for both of us.  She has struggled with anxiety throughout these past four years I think but she tries not to give in to it.

I had a stomach bug yesterday and still feeling too sick to eat and this morning; Mallory is fighting nausea too.  If she starts throwing up and having the runs it could be dangerous right now.  I can’t tell you how scary and emaciated she looks!

I’ve been down to 100 pounds too but I’m 5’5”.  It’s a lot different at 5’8”!

I’m thinking I should start having her sip on some nux vomica or something but checking with you first.

I think you and Mallory both need to take ________________30C.

OK, thanks.  I’ve taken it twice now and Mallory three times.

I think it is helping me.

I dissolved one pellet in 8 oz of water and having her take a sip every 15-20 minutes until she notices a difference.  Is that ok?

It has to be in a water bottle and you have to succuss five times before each dose.

Also the third time she took it, she started feeling better.  So I will wait and give it again if she starts to feel nauseous again.

OK, this is really great news!  Maybe this is the remedy she needs for the anorexia, weight loss, anxiety, depression…everything!

I have to say that she looks like she may have dropped weight a bit today because of the nausea and I’m having great fear that she is going to die before we can get her well.

Why would you say that when we just found her remedy?

I guess because of that article I sent you that said heart, organ and bone loss has already happened by the time someone is this emaciated.

I truly believe in homeopathy but my understanding is very slim so I need to hear how this is going to help her.  And I need to know that you have confidence that it’s not too late.

That article said that sometimes there is instant death because the heart gives out; so, now I’m just not able to sleep because I have to check on her constantly and I’m just so afraid.  I also hear the fear in other people’s voices when they talk to me about her.  Even my mom who is usually calm.

I may need to take ___________ again.  It seemed to help my anxiety.  Mallory is still feeling better.

I spoke too soon.  Her nausea is back with anxiety again.


She seems to be better and very sleepy which I think is a good sign!

It truly is!


Hi Elaine,

The ____________ seems to be helping her still.  I’ve had  to give her two doses today I think…maybe three.  Should I continue that for now?

Another thing I forgot to mention is that she hasn’t had her period in a long time.  I’m not really sure how long because she can’t remember.

Also she is losing a lot of hair.  No bald spots or anything but handfuls are coming out and it’s noticeably thinner now.


Hi again,

So her anxiety and nausea has been coming back more quickly after giving her the remedy. I gave her a dose at 7:30 and it helped but now she’s feeling it again.

She said her anxiety makes her chest and stomach tight and then she gets nauseous.

Do I just continue to succuss as I have been and give it to her as soon as the symptoms return?

So this suggests that the potency is expiring and we have to plus the bottle to 31C.  Pour out the bottle leaving only 1 dose at the bottom, refill half way with water, succuss 40 times, and you will have 31C.  Give as needed as before.

OK, that seems to be helping her.   I think she does seem more likely to want to eat because she isn’t nauseous.  I wonder if she’s been dealing with horrible anxiety and nausea for a long time and that is why she just physically can’t eat.

I’ve been juicing for her today and will keep on it.  She can have as much juice as she is willing to drink right?

Absolutely!  In fact, this will be her salvation.  She needs nutrients to rebuild her body, and the most efficient way to get them is through juicing.


Hi Elaine,

Ok Mallory slept well last night although she said she had vivid stressful dreams she still felt she slept deeply.

This morning she was feeling panicky and nauseaous again and I gave her another dose which made her feel better.

She has had a slight increase in appetite today I think.  She went back for seconds on chicken soup and also had a whole bowl of really good beef bone broth that I had simmering for the last 32 hours.

And now she is resting of her own choice which I would normally have to fight her to do.  That must be a sign of healing right?!

As Shirley Temple would say, “But definally!”

She tries to just go all the time. So driven.  I think she has  been in such a horrible state of stress and panic for so long…and she has tried to fight it on her own without telling anyone.  Poor girl!

So Mallory woke me up at about 1:00 in the morning and asked for more of her remedy because her mind wouldn’t stop and she couldn’t sleep.  So more anxiety again but not nausea.

OK!  So, maybe we’ve broken a spell here if the nausea is gone!

I gave her another dose and she eventually relaxed and fell asleep.


Hi Elaine,

I think Mallory is struggling today.  She looks pale and stressed and her stomach hurts when she eats.

I have tried to keep her home this week and make her rest but she couldn’t find anyone to cover her shift at a cafe where she works today.  Is this dangerous for her at this pint of her recovery?  I’m very worried since she made herself eat lunch and left with an upset stomach.

I kind of think that the remedy is not as working as deeply today…

“Plus” it two times, raise the potency!


Hi Elaine,

So I went up to 36c for Mallory last night and it still seems not to be working as deeply on her.  Still helping but I had to just give her two doses tonight an hour apart and she seems a bit stressed still and tired but not able to sleep.

Try plussing two more times.


Hi Elaine,

Mallory has been less stressed and seems happier…

That’s significant!  “Healing takes place from the inside out”–Constantine Hering

In other words, the body, in its wisdom, places more importance on the mental/emotional plane than the physical, and if there’s anything wrong with a person, the healing powers will concentrate on the mental/emotionals first, before rectifying anything else; so, when you see this happen, you should relax because it means the train has left the station and you’re on your way!  And you know, you can’t get from point-A to point-B unless you leave the station.

…but I can not get her to gain weight at all.  In fact she is still losing weight.  Today she is at 101 pounds.

I’m juicing and she is making smoothies and she’s eating three good meals a day but it’s just not enough.

Mabel, you have to relax.  The problem may be malabsorption.  She’s eating, but not assimilating, and for this to happen, a certain amount of healing has to take place.  That will happen because she is re-nutrifying; it will happen.

I think she needs immense amounts of food to gain any weight back.

No, no; she only needs the amount of food that she’s hungry for.  Shoveling food into her will only be a shock to her system and have negative consequences.  She is doing the right thing!  She’s juicing (the best thing in the world!), making smoothies (the second best thing in the world!) and eating 3 meals a day.  It’s all going to work out.  As I said in one of my articles, when I give a remedy and the chief complaint gets better but I don’t see the improvement on the mental/emotional plane?  I start to worry!  Because the mentals are supposed to get better first.  Now, this is what I’m seeing here.  And can I assume that her appetite has improved?  If so, that is very significant!  How is her sleep?  Sleep and appetite are right up there with signs of health.  Mabel, listen, everything does not get better all at once!  It gets better in a progression.  What you want to see is that the progression has begun!

I am so scared of the “refeeding syndrome”.

What do you think about this?  Have you ever dealt with someone who has lost this much weight

My mother.

and lost their period and tons of hair etc?

Nutrients, Mabel; she needs nutrients.  How much juice is she getting a day?  If you want to speed this along, add more juice.  But don’t use force!  You don’t want to make her sick.

Am I risking her life by not having her checked out by a doctor?

Heavens no!  What will they do, give her Ensure?  That’s their answer to everything!  It’s nothing but water, sugar, and artificial vitamins!

I just spent some time reading online about how to put weight back on someone with anorexia and it is so frightening.

It’s not about weight, Mabel, it’s about health.  Getting healthy.  When she’s healthy, she’ll gain weight.  Build health!  Create health and the weight will follow.  Don’t make weight your goal.

I have found her a counselor btw and the counselor does not think she has the mental signs of anorexia but I’m still not convinced because she has lost so much and it is so hard to get her to eat enough to put weight back on.

Over-feeding is not the answer.

Feeling really scared again!

The fact that she’s improving mentally and emotionally is an enormous sign of good things to come.  (And what does that mean, exactly–“improving mentally/emotionally”; give me some examples.  I’m guessing she’s not anxiety-ridden?  Not nauseous?)

OK, I will try to relax again.  I was feeling more hopeful and less afraid for her but then today, when I saw that she had lost weight, and then read about “refeeding syndrome” again, I guess I freaked out.  She has to work long hours tomorrow, I’m worried that she can’t handle this.  I think her appetite is better but still not great.  The nausea is gone, so that’s good.    She woke up about an hour ago and I asked her if she wanted me to make juice for her and she did so I juiced up carrots, celery, cucumber, ginger, apple and some lime and she drank a pint down and went back to sleep.

She loves the juice and will drink as much as I can make.

The juice is a blessing!  People don’t know that this is the real medicine!

I will start making more.  Right now she’s getting about four cups a day.

Ok, Mallory seemed better this morning and is back up to 103 pounds again.  I think the juicing makes all the difference for sure.  You are probably right about her absorption/assimilation and I’m glad you are confident in this process.

Still, she is just barely hungry but trying to eat and drinking about 4 cups of raw juice every day.  She didn’t feel she needed the remedy for stress or anxiety last night so it has been over 24 hours since she last took it.  Is that ok to go longer between doses or should she take it more often even if not feeling anxiety?

No, if you’re better, stop dosing!!!!

Mallory hasn’t had to take her remedy since yesterday around 8AM and has had lots of raw juice and seems to have a better appetite too.  I’m trying to get her to rest and just recover now that she is through her work week.  It’s amazing that the ______________ has helped her every time and that it is lasting longer now.  Good sign I hope?

For sure!

Hello, Elaine.  Mallory has dropped back to 101 pounds again this morning.  I have to just focus on the fact that she is feeling better right now but how long will it take for her to start gaining weight and be out of danger?

Weight gain is not easy, Mabel.  Remember that what matters here is her health, which can be measured by her energy and by not being nauseous anymore, not being anxiety ridden, being able to sleep through the night and having an appetite.

She is still planning to move to California for an exciting job teaching pilates at a studio owned by a professional ballet dancer in early September.  She is so excited about this opportunity and has such a good network of old friends in the Bay Area, a good safe place to live etc…but if she’s not gaining her weight back yet by then I just don’t know if it is safe for her to go live on her own so far away from home.  This is a huge part of my stress right now.


Hi Elaine,

Mallory is having a hard day.  Has struggled with nausea again and bad anxiety.  She looks worse to me today.

She took her remedy at around 3:30 this afternoon and then again at 9:30 tonight.  Not seeing it help her today.

More hair falling out today again too.  So scary!

What do you think we should do?  Is it too much to plus the remedy again and give her another dose?

You HAVE to plus the bottle again, why wait?  Do you have ____________ 200C?  You just have to stop going into a tailspin every time the case relapses.  It means the bottle has to be plussed.  And you should order the 200C.  And, in fact, why don’t you order LM/1?  They say the LM’s are deeper-acting.

You have to keep up with her case.  If she relapses, don’t say, “Oh no!  The remedy’s not working!”  Just say, “It’s time to plus the remedy bottle.”

Ok I will do it twice.  She’s asleep now so will give it to her if she wakes up.

First of all, the potency expiring is normal.  The reason it’s normal is because the more chronic an illness is, the more intransigent it becomes, it will not leave willingly.  The body has made room for it, accepted its presence, has long ago stopped trying to evict it.  Just like your crooked teeth the orthodontist is trying to straighten, they keep sneaking back to their original spot without the constant prodding of the orthodontist with his twist of the wires; and even at the end, you have to wear a retainer to make sure the teeth finally get the idea that they’re supposed to be in a new place.  So, Mallory’s illness keeps trying to sneak back to where it was, you have to keep pushing back and pushing back, don’t let it get ahead of you, or it’s harder to regain control.

Do I need to order ______________ 200c right away?

I don’t see any value in waiting.

What does the 200c do?

If you have to keep repeating the 30C more and more often, it’s a sign that it’s losing its power, a higher potency is needed.  You can always plus your bottle but at some point, when it appears that you’re needing to plus your bottle all the time, it might be a signal that it’s time to go up to the next potency–200C–or LM/1.

And should I have a kit of that potency?

People who can afford it have ordered an Emergency Kit of all the potencies up to 10M.  But that isn’t always possible, so, I say at least have the 30C but having the 200C kit as well is really a smart idea.

So how do we not let a case get ahead of us?!

By redosing at the first sign of relapse and raising the potency when needed; not letting her hit bottom before redosing.  If she’s complaining of anxiety or any of the other things that are a part of her case, it’s time to redose.  Don’t forget to succuss the bottle five times before each dose.  Have you read my FAQ article?

I ordered LM1, LM2 also and will order LM3 later.  It was just a lot all at once.

So, she is doing better most of the time.  She has times where she relapses but better for sure.  I don’t think she is nauseous anymore for the most part but she still has something of a mental block about food.  She just doesn’t want to eat a lot although she says she is trying to.  She loves the raw juice and drinks four cups a day but I just want to see her eating like a healthy 19 year old so badly.

Ok one really good thing is that her hair loss has been less in the past few days.  Thank God because her once very thick hair is very thin now.

So there is improvement.  She is less anxious and nauseous.  I just hate to send her off on her own before her body is healed enough to start gaining muscle back on her bones!

I will ask her if she can do more juice and bring it to 6 cups.

Another thing I forgot is that I think she is starting to smell normal again!  I have thought she has had a sickly smell for a while now.  I can’t even explain it but it was coming from her pores and I think her digestive system.

That must be a really good sign.  I have to hold onto these things.


Hi Elaine,

I just made the LM1 remedy for Mallory.  Those tablets are tiny! 

How long do you think this potency will  take to start working in comparison to the C she was taking?  That usually kicked in during the first 15 minutes.

And should she take it once a day or still just when she feels she needs it?

I don’t think her symptoms are as severe now so she may be waiting too long between doses during the past few days.  I notice now that she starts to look more pale or yellowish and shows her stress more by being grumpy rather than seeming so fragile.

Still waiting to see real weight gain but at least she’s not dropping anymore for sure.

Maybe that’s the first step, Mabel, holding onto the weight that she has!

So guess what?  It kicked in quickly!  She was looking really yellow last night and I could see her stress building.  After she took the remedy she said she was feeling calmer and really sleepy so I knew it was working!

This morning her color and whole look of her face is better.

Wow!  This is amazing!

I think I can tell when she’s relapsing better than she at this point so I need to make sure she is on this since she will be on her own soon.


Hi Elaine,

I need to check in and determine what the next steps are for Mallory.  She has been taking the _________ LM1 pretty much every night since our last email.

I found that even if she didn’t think she needed it one night, if she didn’t take it she would slip a little the next day and seem more desperate for her remedy the next evening.

So every night before bed seems to work best for her.

Just the past few days I have noticed that it doesn’t seem to be helping her as much.

Time for LM2.  Make it the same way you made LM1.  Start a new bottle.

It does make her very sleepy still, just not as much of a stress relief and calmness.

When she needs her remedy she isn’t handling stress well and she looks pale and drawn.

So there is still some of her LM1 remedy left but does it sound like she needs to move up to LM2 now?


Also she leaves for California on Sept 4th so wondering if I should make it for her and have her fly with it or just send her with the pellets and have her make it there?

No, she needs it right now.  And then when she leaves, pack it in her suitcase.  I assume she’ll be checking her bags?  Keep track of the number of succussions you put in her LM2 bottle, so if she does have to make it again from scratch for some reason, she can put all those succussions back, do you understand what I’m saying?  So that might mean that after she makes her new bottle, she may need to succuss it 20 times, and then succuss as usual before her next dose.  Do you see what I mean?

She has started to gain a little bit of weight now.  Still very slow but she is up to 105 pounds before breakfast and 108 at night.

Wow.  Do you see how long it took?  Do you see how slow nature works?

Still no new hair growth yet and no period but thankful that her digestion is starting to work again and hopefully her adrenals and everything is recovering.

You’re seeing how the body puts itself back together–slowly, and in a certain order!  But you can thank all the juices you made for her!

Let me know what you think.  I will give you her email too so she can tell you how it’s going after she moves.


Anyway, I made the LM2 remedy today and gave it to Mallory just a bit ago.  She felt it set in right away.

I couldn’t be happier!


Hi Elaine,

I added Mallory to this email so you two could talk directly now that she is moving to California tomorrow!

I can’t believe the day is finally here, it’s been a 2-month journey!!!!

I will order the _________________ LM3 and have it shipped directly to her so that she can make it up.

And you’re gonna show her how to make it, right?

What happens after she gets through LM2 and LM3?

LM/4–unless she’s all better by then!

Also she has been going to a PT for her back pain and that is now much better but may need to revisit this if the pain starts to come back at all.  Just something to keep up on.

Is it possible that _____________ is helping her back pain too?

I was wondering that myself.

Trying to think of everything before Mallory leaves!

Thank you so much!


Hi Elaine,

Mallory seems to be doing really well and is slowly gaining back her weight.  Still has a ways to go and still waiting for her to start her period again but I’m very thankful that she is handling stress and homesickness and doing so well over all!

I know, it’s like a miracle!

She needs to move on to the next potency I think though.  I had the ______________ LM3 shipped to her but she needs to make the remedy herself.  Would you mind emailing her with directions or where to find it in your site?

Yes, it’s in my FAQ article on my website.

I can’t seem to find it and want to make sure she knows exactly what to do.

Also what happens after the LM3?

LM/4, if necessary.  But you better order it now.

Yes we did it!  It was an iffy time to start a big new adventure but she is going to be great.

She probably could use a remedy for homesickness sometime!!  She has always struggled with being emotional away from home!

I will have her make and start the LM3 today.  I definitely think she needs it.  I can see in her face that she’s going down hill just a bit and it hasn’t helped that she has had a very busy stressful past five days and dropped back down in weight slightly.

Should we be concerned that it’s taking so long for her to start menstruating again?


I do think I see hair growing back in some of the pictures she just sent me.  Little things like that make me breathe a sigh of relief!!


Wow!  Another long case like last month!  But I think there’s a lot to be learned from it.  So, what’s the remedy????  Write to me at [email protected] and let me know.  The answer will be in the June ezine.






Geez, it looks like this case scared everyone away!  Where is everybody?


Hi Elaine and Shana!

Hello Maria!

WOW what a quiz!

Yes, apparently, since it seems to have cleared the room!  It was another long one like last month, but, not hard to read and not boring at all.

Congratulations for managing the case, because it was a very serious situation and you had also the pressure of the agony of the mother, besides the main case!

Yes, I don’t know who was worse off, the patient or the mother.

My vote goes to Arsenicum.

You’re right!!!!!

It fits:

Anxiety with nausea

Loss of appetite, from nausea

Well, of course, that would be common.  We’d all have loss of appetite if we were nauseous.  But if we didn’t, if we had hunger with nausea, that would be such a “strange/rare/peculiar” that we would surely hope to find it in the Repertory, and maybe that would be the first place we’d look!

Anorexia Nervosa

Anxiety Agg. at 1.00 am

Desire for company and support

Drinks with a straw (I think that means sipping)

Maybe.  I didn’t think of that.  But let’s not get too carried away.  Maybe she just likes straws, we don’t know.


Pale face

Needs to have everything under control



Absolutely, absolutely!  “Perfectionist”, perfect grades, needs to have control—it certainly points toward Arsenicum!

If I am wrong I will try again.

You’re not wrong so don’t try again!


Who else is here today?  Oh look, it’s the gang from Slovakia!


Hello, Elaine and Shana,

Hello Miroslav and Jitka!

Here are our answers to the May quiz.

Miroslav says Natrum mur:

I think that etiology is clear – Ailments from humiliation, Ailments from  rudeness …

But which remedy?  Staph., Ign., Carc., Nat-m?

See, this is the problem right here.  Her very first words were, “I have lost a ton of weight due to stress and anxiety,” and her mother says, “Mallory is having horrible anxiety.”  But the word “anxiety” doesn’t appear on your list anywhere.  Her mother got the same remedy, and clearly, the mother is in a complete anxiety state, she can hardly function at all.  She’s consumed with fear and worry, so much so she can hardly be of any help to her daughter at all.  The other thing about the etiology, there are actually too many etiologies to choose from.  Look at all the etiologies in this case:

Ailments from abuse

Ailments from humiliation

Ailments from grief/disappointment (her injury made it so she could no longer do ballet–her life-long dream; she lost her dream)

Ailments from loss (she lost her home, her friends, her old ballet school which she loved)

Then there’s the back pain which threatens to take all her options away.

So, it’s really hard to say what the etiology is or how relevant the etiology even is at this point.  Maybe we need to start by making the statement, “I need an Anorexia remedy that….”  Just like last month, we had to start with the statement, “I need a hemorrhage remedy that….”

Remember years ago I taught you that when finding your way to a destination (a remedy), first you have to know what city you’re in, then you can look for the streets last.  So, with that in mind, we should start with:

“I need an Anorexia (the city) remedy that has….” and then look at all your “streets” (your list of characteristic symptoms) and see if they match a remedy from the Anorexia rubric.  For example, what’s “characteristic” about New York City:  Broadway, Wall Street, 5th Avenue, Madison Avenue…these are all “keynotes” of New York City, “characteristics” of New York City.  If we can look at the remedies in the Anorexia rubric and then see which one matches our “street list”, we can determine which remedy is going to cure this case.  But to do this, you can’t use common street names!  Every city has a “Main Street”, an “Expressway”.  You have to find only the streets that immediately make the city pop into your mind!  For example, if I said, “Downing Street”, everyone knows it’s London!  So be careful you’re not picking out rubrics that might as well be “Main Street” or “the Expressway”!


Mind, sensitive to admonition

Mind, sensitive to rudeness

Mind, humiliation, ailments from

See, here’s the thing with that:  We would all be sensitive to admonition and rudeness if we had an abusive ballet teacher.  And we would all feel humiliated.  Remember, if the symptom makes sense and would apply to everyone, it’s not a symptom.  Why?  Because it doesn’t tell you anything about her as an individual if we would all feel the same way under the same circumstances.

Mind, demanding

I’m not sure what you mean by this.  Demands a lot of herself?  Of others?  “Demanding” isn’t in the Repertory anyway.  Try to stick with what’s clear.

Mind, sympathy, aversion to

Mind, sympathy, aggravates

Where did she say that?  In Question 18 about “Do you want to be consoled when you’re sick or do you want to be alone,” she says she wants consolation and support.

Disease, emaciation/cachexi

Diseases, emaciation/cachexi despite good appetite

I’m not sure that she has a good appetite.  And I don’t know how valuable it is to take the rubric “emaciation” if you’ve taken the rubric “Anorexia”, which means the patient is not eating, and if you’re not eating, you’re going to lose weight.  So, it’s almost like saying the same thing twice.

Constitution, hair, hair loss

No.  She has hair loss because she’s not eating.  She’s deficient in nutrients.  You need nutrients to have beautiful hair.  Remember, if a symptom makes sense, it’s not a symptom.

Although she has serious health problems herself, she wants to help others …

Where does it say that?  First of all, it’s normal up to a point to want to be helpful.  If you’ve learned through your own experience that you can injure yourself in ballet by doing certain things, you would want to pass that information on to others.  But on the other hand, some people are pathologically “helpful”.  We call them “rescuers”.  They feel obligated to “save” people, who often show no gratitude whatsoever.  This is when we want to find a rubric that describes this kind of “helpful” behavior.

I was also impressed with the fact that the mother needs the same remedy – the theme of the mother – who is very worried about her child.

It can be Natrum muriaticum.

No, there is no “theme of the mother”.  They are both in an extreme anxiety state, the mother more so.  And if your child was dying, you’d be in an extreme anxiety state too!  You’ve really missed what’s striking and characteristic about Mallory, as an individual.

She says she thrives on studying hard and getting perfect grades!  OMG!  Perfect grades?  She’s a perfectionist!

She’s very ambitious, she’s at the top of her class, she’s getting job offers all over the place to run this and be the head of that….  And of course, to be a ballet dancer, you HAVE to be perfect!  Just think about a ballet dancer for a second–everything they do is so incredibly perfect!

So, we can start by saying, “I need an anorexia remedy that’s anxiety-ridden and perfectionistic.”  Oh!  And she’s chilly!  So, “I need an anorexia remedy that’s anxiety-ridden, ambitious, a perfectionist and chilly.”  And serious!  She says she’s “a little bit serious,” and then she says, “I need to have my life under control.”  She’s a control freak–“fastidious for order”–there’s only 3 remedies in that rubric!  So, “I need an Anorexia remedy that’s anxiety-ridden, controlling, ambitious, perfectionistic, chilly, with a serious disposition.”  What’s the remedy????


Jitka’s answer is Carcinosinum


Since Mallory’s illness was caused by her teacher’s abuse, to discover her remedy I used the following rubrics:

Mind: Humiliation, ailments from  – there were 9 big remedies – CARC is one of them

Mind: Dominance, by others, a long history, ailments from – 3 big remedies CARC, LYC, STAPH

I don’t know about “dominance” and “long history of”.  We use this rubric for kids brought up in the home of a domineering parent who spends a life-time being scared of authority.  And yes, Carcinosin and Staphysagria are the main remedies for that.  But that isn’t what happened here.

Next important issue was a love of dancing and motion.

Mind: dance, loves to dance – 2 remedies, Carcinosin and Sepia.  Dancing is considered one of the key symptoms of Carcinosin.

There is often great sensitivity to music.  Other symptoms from her questionnaire which are also part of picture of Carcinosinum are: ambitious, anorexia, desire to travel, care for others…

Where does it say she cares for others?  You know, the Carcinosin “caring for others” is a pathological need to rescue people who never appreciate what’s been done for them.  Carcinosin pays other people’s bills, writes their term papers, or types their term papers; takes in other people’s pets…do you see the difference?  Carcinosin puts everyone else first.  Our patient, Mallory, is clearly one who puts herself first!  She is very driven, very ambitious, wants to achieve.  She’s not sacrificing for anyone.

And I know everyone wants to prescribe on the etiology here, but, what’s compelling about this case?  She has Anorexia!  She’s gonna die, like Karen Carpenter, if we don’t cure this case!  So, again, let’s start with the statement, “I need an anorexia remedy that’s anxiety-ridden, ambitious, chilly, a perfectionist with a serious disposition.”  What’s the remedy?  Anorexia is in the Mind chapter, by the way; and our remedy is there in BOLD.

…exercise improves mental symptoms.

I don’t know…this an assumption you’re making because she’s a ballet dancer.  I wouldn’t go there.


Hello Elaine,

Hello again Miroslav and Jitka!

You presented us with the all important symptoms of the case “on a silver platter”, so we can not answer other than that the right remedy for Mallory and her mother is Arsenicum!


Miroslav:    Arsenicum, it is, definitely.

Yes, it is Arsenicum!

Jitka: I am now sure that the right medicine is Arsenicum.


Before, I found rubrics on anorexia both in the chapter Diseases and in the chapter Mind, but I was not sure if it was really anorexia, because there was the information that “the counselor does not think she has the mental signs of anorexia”.

Who the heck is the “counselor”?  What does that even mean?

Also, I didn’t realize that caring for others is a much more pathological condition with Carcinosinum than teaching someone pilates if they have movement problems.

Yes, absolutely!  You can be totally thrown off by that!  “I want to help people to do ballet correctly so they don’t injure themselves,” that is not a statement worth repertorizing!  That’s an average statement that almost anyone would make.

But in Carcinosin, “helping” people only serves to punish Carcinosin … first of all, usually they find people totally undeserving of their sacrifice, they will never get the appreciation they’re hoping to find.  Carcinosin will pay their bills, cook healthy meals for them to get them back on their feet, buy vitamins for them, literally rescue them and will never be thanked or repaid; plus, the person they rescued is likely to slip right back into needing help again as soon as they’re back living on their own.

If you want to see a great discussion of Carcinosin, see “What Remedy Is Marge Simpson?” click below:

But on the other hand, it is true that there was, in both women, a striking anxiety about their health.

Yes, a crippling anxiety.

Thank you for the detailed explanation, we will remember this lesson forever.

Thanks Jitka!!


Hey everybody, Vamsi’s in the house!!!!

Dear Elaine,

Another interesting and long quiz.

Yes, it seems to have scared just about everyone away!

These are the keypoints, I believe, for us to prescribe on:

1. Long seated Depression , of missing her ballet.

Mind: Grief

2. Stress and Anxiety for the future

Mind: Stress, overwhelmed with
Mind: Anxiety, future, about the

3. Back ache due to stress

No, she has a back injury from ballet

4. Does not want sympathy

Actually, after saying she doesn’t want sympathy, she says she does want support and consolation when she’s sick. So, the two statements kind of cancel each other out.

5. She seems an introvert ( as per her statement “I like to be more outgoing and less serious all the time.”)

Being a serious person doesn’t necessarily make you an introvert.  Instead, take the rubric:

Mind: serious disposition

6. Silent mourning of her problem

Again, the rubric would be “Grief”.

7. Severe Hair loss

That’s not a symptom. Do you know why?  Because her starvation is causing it. Remember, if something makes sense, it’s not a symptom.

8. Period’s not on time ( anaemic condition )

Again, not a symptom.  She’s not menstruating because of her extreme weight loss and nutritional deprivation.

Elaine, this is what I perceive from the quiz.  Mallory has been in this condition
due to her severe mental condition.  The Mental Conditions dominate her case a lot more than her physicals.  If the Mentals are cured the Physicals get cured automatically, according Herings Law.  Well known fact and wonderful always.

Looking at the above I would go for “NATRUM MUR” for Mallory.
Awaiting your answer and also please enlighten us with your wonderful analysis as usual.

Well, let’s see.  If we repertorized what you came up with, what would we get?

1. Grief
2. Stress, overwhelmed with
3. Anxiety, future, about the
4. Serious disposition

See chart below:

Oh look, it’s Arsenicum!  What might have thrown you off were those symptoms you selected that weren’t really symptoms: not having her period, the hair loss and the back injury which we really don’t know that much about.

But also, and perhaps more importantly, look at what you missed:

1. Perfectionism, her grades are at the top of her class
2. Ambition (her mother uses the word “driven”)
3. Needs to have control, wants everything in order
4. Anxiety with nausea

5. Anorexia nervosa

Now, if I add these rubrics to your repertorization, here’s what I get:

It’s still Arsenicum!

Oh Elaine, oops. I was double-minded when I answered this quiz.  Yes i did think
of Arsenicum, as she had shown Anxiety, Nausea and other symptoms which
go for Arsenicum.  She is neat and organised, she has debility, and the anaemia also reinforces Arsenicum.
But I have a question.  Why do you say, “If something makes sense, it’s not a symptom”?

Do you know why?  Because her starvation is causing these things.  Her disease (anorexia nervosa) is causing her hair to fall out.  Why?  Because she’s lacking nutrients, she’s not taking in nourishment.  All she has to do is start eating again and the hair loss will go away–which, as you know, is what happened at the end of the case, when the mother said, “According to recent photographs, it looks like her hair is starting to grow back.”  So, you see, the hair loss had nothing to do with her as a person; her disease was causing it.  It’s like, if you were taking a drug that caused hair loss (and we know that the cancer drugs do) we wouldn’t take that as a rubric, because the drug was causing it.  We’re only interested in symptoms that can’t be explained away by something coming from the outside that would cause that effect in anyone.  If we were all starving because of famine, all of us would be losing our hair, so it’s not individualizing.  Look at what’s individualizing here:

1. Perfectionism.
2. Ambition (“driven”)
3. Serious disposition

Anyone can have anorexia and have their hair fall out and cease menstruating but will they also become a perfectionist? or ambitious? or serious?  No.  Because anorexia doesn’t cause those things!  We’re not interested in things that Anorexia causes, because that tells us nothing about the individual!

So, if it makes sense, it’s not a symptom.  If you’re lacking nourishment, and your hair falls out, that makes sense.  Every symptom isn’t necessarily a symptom.  It has to be something that’s individualizing, characteristic, something that we wouldn’t all be having under the same circumstances.

Wonderfully and explicitly explained. Now I understand completely.

I feel a loss for words sometimes, Elaine, for all the time you take to explain things to
us lucidly.  But for now, I just have to say, “THANK YOU” and I mean it deep from my heart.

You are so welcome!


Well, I think it’s time to give a shout-out to our big winner. 

Maria from Greece, come on down! 

You get the gold star this month–for being PERFECT!

Bye everybody, see you again next time!


Elaine Lewis, DHom, CHom

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  • Thank you so much, Elaine, for showing us this case of Arsenicum. This remedy has been so helpful for four of my family members, the ones who tend to be chilly. Is there such a thing as an Arsenicum-person who is typically too hot all the time, who hates wearing a jacket or even long pants? Or is that a whole different remedy?

    • Hi Linda and thanks for reading this long case! A hot Arsenicum might be Arsenicum iodatum or Arsenicum sulph (if there is such a remedy; I would have to check) or, as you said, a different remedy entirely, like Argent-nit, a hot remedy, but anxiety-ridden.

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