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Revisiting: What Remedy Is Sheldon Cooper?

Elaine Lewis
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Elaine gives the answer to last month’s quiz.

Mom, it’s time for the quiz!


I think my Report will be better this time.

Better? What could be better than your scintillating “reports”?

Remember my report in the January issue?

Wait….don’t tell me, don’t tell me…. Tell me! Oh, right! You didn’t remember Nelson Mandela had died!

This month’s report will be epic!

I certainly hope so!

Here’s my first announcement: “The Scorpions MTV Unplugged” is finally out!

Just what our readers were dying to hear!

There was an hour of it on VH1. It was the best hour of my life!

It hasn’t been much of a life, has it?

Klaus Meine of the Scorpions

Wow, he does look like Bob Dylan, just like you said.

Told ya! Too bad he’s not Bob Dylan! Can’t you take an interest in Bob Dylan?

Speaking of the Quiz, can we do “Sheldon Cooper” from “the Big Bang Theory” this month if you don’t have a real case?

Well, actually….

Mom, I think I speak for Maria when I say that what the Quiz audience wants is another “Big Bang Theory” quiz!

Is that what they want? I seem to be out-numbered.

Yay!!! And now for our first Death Report of 2014!

Should I be sitting down for this?

Mom! You’re the one who told me that Phil Everly died!

Oh. That’s right!

After you told me, I saw it mentioned on the Scorpions official facebook and twitter page.

For heaven’s sake!  It always comes back to the Scorpions and Klaus Meine!

Apparently Klaus Meine is a fan of the Everly Brothers.

Which I guess means that now I have to tolerate him!

Don and Phil Everly

Which is which? They look like twins.

Phil’s on the left; yeesh! Even Klaus Meine knows that!

I learned something interesting about the Everly Brothers. You know that song “Love Hurts”? It was recorded by the Everly Brothers in 1960 but everyone knows the cover version by Nazareth. — “Love Hurts” by Nazareth — James Taylor and Carole King–“Crying in the Rain”

OK, wait a minute!!!! You’re linking to cover songs??? Why would anybody want to hear James Taylor and Carole King sing “Crying in the Rain”? It never even charted by them!

Mom, for your informaaaation…….”Crying In The Rain” was written by Carole King!

It was?

Yes, it was!

Oh. Well, that’s different. Never mind!

OK, here it is by The Everly Brothers:

That’s more like it!

Mom, it might also interest you to know that “Love Hurts” was written by a man named Boudleaux Bryant. Bryant and his wife Felice were a famous country music and pop song-writing team that also wrote the following Everly Brothers songs: “Bye Bye Love”, “Wake Up, Little Susie” and “All I Have To Do is Dream”.

OMG!  I had no idea!  They must be cleaning up, cleaning up!!!!!  And, P.S., what the hell kind of name is “Boudleaux”?  Who names their kid that?  What were his parents thinking?  “Oh, here’s a name that won’t lead to school-yard teasing at all!  Brace yourself….  Are you ready?  Boudleaux!  Boudleaux Bryant!  See?  It has a certain ‘ring’ to it!”  Right, as in “ringing his neck” which I’m sure he got a lot of!

Mom, if you’re finished sounding off, can we possibly turn our attention to James Taylor and Carole King?

Remember when we saw them twice in 2010?

How could I forget? You made me take you to the same concert twice!  Why do I let you talk me into things???  You should be nominated for the Concert-Goers Woman of the Year!

Well, for your informaaaation, James Taylor and Carole King sang “Crying in the Rain” at that concert!

They did?

Mom, weren’t you paying attention?  Also, the Grammy Awards has a segment called “person of the year”.  James Taylor was person of the year in 2006.  This year it’s Carole King and I read that James Taylor is going to be one of the artists paying tribute to her which is a welcome change in the sea of “nobodies” also paying tribute to her.

Did you say a Sea of Nobodies is paying tribute to Carole King?  Is that a new rock group?

No, Mom!  The Grammy Awards ceremony itself is a Sea of Nobodies, other than Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney.

Paul and Ringo

Which reminds me, speaking of royalty, tell everyone about the next concert we’re going to!

Shana, don’t remind me!  We got the worst seats in the house–again— to see Barry Gibb, the one surviving member of The Bee Gees! (plus I don’t understand where we’re supposed to park!)

It’s better than no seats at all.  Stay tuned for a full report in June.  Anyway, back to the Death Report…

One of Philadelphia’s most under-appreciated recording artists from the ’60’s died in January.


Maureen Gray!

I didn’t even know she was from Philly! 

I can’t believe you never heard “Today’s The Day” or “Dancing The Strand”!  I’m shocked! 

Which one should I play?

You’re looking to me for answers?

If it’s not too much trouble!

OK, “Dancing The Strand”:

Very good choice!  You know why?  She’s being backed up by The Chantels!  No wonder it sounds like a Chantels song!

We’re back!  Shana and I were dancing!  There is no way you can NOT dance to this song!!!!

Mom, this isn’t Bandstand!  And besides, we looked like complete idiots!

We did?

Has anyone else died?

Yes, and this is very sad. Pete Seeger.

Pete Seeger will be remembered for popularizing folk music in the 1960’s; he also wrote the anthem of the Civil Rights Movement…

Let me guess: “We Shall Overcome”.

Yes!!!!  Shana, you truly are The Encyclopedia of Music like Andre Gardner said! My favorite Pete Seeger song was done by the Byrds.

Let me guess again: “Turn Turn Turn”.

Right again!!!

“Turn Turn Turn”, everybody!

Great song, Mom.

Pete Seeger was an antiwar activist, a civil rights activist, a workers’ rights activist, an environmentalist, and, he’s just always been there, is all I can say!  His career spanned over 50 years!  He was a constant force for good in this sea of corruption we call “the world”!  The Earth needs more, not less, Pete Seegers!  Good-bye, Pete!  Sadly, we have to put our records away for now and move on to…

“Sheldon Cooper” and the February…


Sheldon Cooper

I’ll let you introduce this, Shana.

Thanks, Mom! So what can one say about Sheldon Cooper? He’s a very complex character–a science nerd, a genius by all accounts, a perfectionist…. I notice he demonstrates traits of Asperger’s Syndrome but that won’t help us find the remedy, will it? He lacks empathy, he can’t have his routines disturbed…. For some reason I confuse the traits of Asperger’s with his personality. Feel free to comment with your own observations but here is the clip. The title of the clip is “The Big Bang Theory–Sheldon Cooper Tries to Get a Driver’s License”:

What remedy is Sheldon?

Write to us at and let us know. We’ll see you in March for the quiz answer!

Bye for now!





Kali carb.


OK, let’s see how we did. Is anybody here?

Hi Elaine!

Oh look, it’s my soul brother Peter Dunseith from Wales!

Thanks for the Pete Seeger tribute!

I’m glad someone knew who Pete Seeger was!

Sheldon must be a Sulphur –

  1. conscientious about trifles
  2. theorizing
  3. intellectual
  4. quarrelsome/argumentative
  5. censorious

Best wishes,


Peter, I guess if you just put those five characteristics out there, they do seem to cover Sulphur; but, when you actually see Sheldon “in person”, his prissy actions, his fastidious speech and his well-scrubbed, neat appearance, Sulphur isn’t the remedy that would jump out at you. Let’s see if anybody else is here to shed some light.


Hi Elaine,

Hi Anurag!

Interesting quiz as always, I think that Sheldon’s personality suits with “Sulphur”. Thanks to acknowledge and giving your view point!



I can certainly understand why people are voting for Sulphur; but, there’s a long line here, let’s see who’s next.



OMG! It’s our good friend Mati Fuller!

Where do you find these things?!!!! I think you have just defined the kind of person I hate the most in the whole world. If someone like that came to my office, I would tell them to leave and never come back!!! He reminds me of my last landlord who was definitely Lycopodium. This guy would argue about everything and worry about everything, and he was so theoretical in his approach that his head had become too big for his scrawny body. Even though he was a professor, he had no practical intelligence whatsoever, and no social intelligence either. He always tried to kiss me on the cheek (EEEK!), everything he touched would break, and he couldn’t even figure out how to flip a switch in the breaker panel. Needless to say, I would always run the other way whenever he was around…

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Elaine Lewis

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  • I can’t believe I signed up for hpathy for this. The long off topic introduction was ridiculous. A joke or two then get on with it.

  • hi Elaine ma`am i thought Sheldon comes under the remedy “phosphorus” as it covered the rubric ’emotions absent’ for which we have to see Intellectual and this is not covered by arsenicum. moreover phosphorus also covered the rubric learning difficult as he cannot get his driver`s license easily as he can`t learn form his friends too. he can`t select his socks or his towels for which he has to depend on penny or leonard. he is also very possessive as he cannot let anyone sit in his seat- he has to say: Thats my spot ! and selfishness covered that rubric.

    • Sai, Arsenicum is very selfish. But the reason no one can sit in Sheldon’s seat and the reason he’s unemotional, etc. is because he’s on the autistic spectrum. These people are famous for not being able to relate to others emotionally, they’re unsympathetic, they don’t learn the way the rest of us learn, they’re very rigid and regimented–everything has to be the same; hence, the same seat all the time; so, you can’t use any of these rubrics or symptoms to find his remedy because they’re symptoms of the diagnosis, not symptoms of Sheldon, the person, separate from the “disease”. For example, if we’re trying to find the remedy for a hyperactive child, we can’t use rubrics like “restless” or “distracted easily” because they’re all like that! We have to separate out the common symptoms of the disease. Another example, a person has the flu. We’re not going to repertorize “headache” or “fever” because they all have that! Everyone with the flu has that. So this is why in Sheldon’s case, we have to put aside all his symptoms of autism or “Asperger’s Syndrome” and see what we’re left with. Meanwhile, I think you have missed the essence of Phosphorus. They make very good connection with people, very friendly, charming, accomodating. However, with a polychrest like Phosphorus, you can undoubtedly find this remedy in almost any rubric, meaning you could conceivably concoct your own version of him based on all the rubrics where Phosphorus turns up as a 1 instead of a 3. This will surely not help you recognize a Phosphorus in real life. Phosphorus would not be arguing with the lady from the Department of Motor Vehicles, he would be charming to her and she would decide to stamp his card just based on his engaging smile and adoring eyes. That would be Phosphorus. If Phosphorus is in the “learning, difficult” rubric, it’s because they do have trouble focusing, often find themselves day-dreaming. This is not Sheldon’s problem. Sheldon is not a physical person, he lives in his head. He’s probably physically awkward, as a lot of autistics are; this would make learning to drive difficult for him.