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Revisiting: Shana Has Too Much to Eat

Shana close up in kitchen

To read last month’s full case quiz. Visit – Shana Has Too Much to Eat! [1]



Nux vomica-2
Cina -1

Well, guess what everybody?  This was the biggest landslide for the right answer in the history of the Hpathy Quiz!  Yes, it was BRYONIA!  I guess we didn’t fool anybody!
Here’s my conversation with quiz-participant, Dr. Pankaj Dayma:

Hi Mam,

The Remedy According to Me, FOR following reasons, A/F Overeating? Sharp Abdominal Pain Amelioration Lying On Abdomen Is PHOSPHOROUS

Is phosphorus worse motion? What can you say if a person says, “I’m afraid to move.” Isn’t that worse motion?  What remedy is that?

I think it is NUX VOMICA

I understand that Nux vomica is most often thought of in ailments from overeating; but, would Nux v. want to lie on her stomach? Does pressure ameliorate nux vomica?  I don’t think so.
You said “amel. lying on abdomen.” I looked that up: “Abdomen, pain, lying, pain while, amel., abdomen on” — (that’s a mouth-full! In other words, abdominal pain, better while lying on abdomen) and Nux v. isn’t there.
What remedy has ailments from overeating, is worse motion, thirsty, and better pressure?

Hello Mam, Sorry for late reply The remedy which covers ailments from overeating, is worse motion, thirsty, and better pressure is Bryonia Alba–

Warm Regards,

Dr.Pankaj K Dayma

Yes!!!! That’s it!!!!!
So, here is what some of our other readers had to say:

Hi Elaine! I am here again with my answer (may be right or wrong like the previous two).  I think its bryonia.  AGGRAVION FROM MOTION.FROM SLIGHTEST MOTION. AMELIORATED BY LYING STILL. AMELIORATION FROM PRESSURE SO THAT WANTS TO LIE ON THE PAINFUL SIDE.


Maryam from PAKISTAN.

Hi Elaine,
The quiz includes all the keynotes I associate with Bryonia – worse for motion/better for lying still; better for pressure/lying on the painful part; thirsty. Hope you had a great summer.
Regards, Katie

Bonjour Elaine
– aggravation from motion,
– desire to lie quite still and not be disturbed,
– relief of the local pain by pressure, especially in gastric bowel,
– desire cold drinks
is it right ?
Myriam Dettori

Hello again! Tricky quiz this month!? At first reading I thought of Nux-v since it is famous for overeating. But I will vote for Bryonia since it has also trouble from overeating, she is ameliorated from lying on painful side which here is the stomach and Shana asked you for a glass of water which means she is thirsty. And she is also afraid to move!? I hope I haven’t messed up, because I can’t think of another remedy!



Hi Elaine,
I love the quizzes. It think the remedy this time is Bryonia – better from lying still/lying on affected part. If it was Nux Vomica she would not have wanted pressure on her stomach.
Best wishes,
Mary-Jane Sharratt


Well, I think you get the idea now of why it’s Bryonia!
It’s time to acknowledge our winners:
Mary-Jane Sharratt, Maria, Myriam Dettori, Katie, Maryam, Wafa, Dr. Gupta, Lucio, Janet and Rosman Faridz.
Congratulations, gang!  See you back here again next time….

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