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Revisiting: Sleeping With Damp Hair!

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Elaine gives the answer to last month’s quiz!! Sleeping With Damp Hair!

Elaine gives the answer to last month’s quiz!!


To read last month’s full case quiz. Visit – Sleeping With Damp Hair!




Pasque Flower

Rhus tox-2










Hey everybody, Vamsi’s in the house!!!!

Hi Elaine,

Hi Vamsi!

I am back after a short break. Could not respond to a couple of your quizzes as I was on a vacation to UK. So once again I am to India, and am excited to answer this week’s quiz.

This is a complicated quiz with lots of symptoms,

That’s true! A lot of symptoms!

but the peculiar symptom stands first before all the other symptoms. Feeling better in open air, and worse indoors.

This would call for “PULSATILLA”.

Ah yes, but what else has that, which ALSO has ITCHING! Which is all she talked about, basically, besides the pain in her ear, which was better for warmth, by the way; and, is Pulsatilla better for warmth?  Noooooooooooo.

Please let me know your opinion.


Vamsi Sudha 

OK!  So……..looking at the case, what are we seeing here as a theme?  I, for one, am seeing ITCHING!  What else?  Aggravation from dampness-moisture!  She must have mentioned dampness and water a million times!  What else?  Worse at night, as the whole thing happened while she was sleeping, and, she’s better for hot things–hot tea, and the ear is better for warm applications… so, what does this suggest to you?  Itching… better warmth… worse dampness… night time aggravates?  Rhus tox!!!!!  This is from Murphy’s MM:

The plant’s signature will not fail to connect the cardinal aggravations of Rhus tox.: at night and from damp with the increased virulence of the plant at night and in damp atmosphere.

I rest my case!

Did you know that Rhus tox has a yearly aggravation?  And it has ailments from getting the head wet too!  In Murphy’s Repertory, 3rd ed., see rubric:  “Head: wet, getting head, agg.”  There are only 8 remedies in that rubric!  So, you only need to look at the 8 remedies and ask yourself, “Which one of these is famous for itching?”  Here are the 8:  Belladonna, Baryta carb., Bellis perennis, Calc-carb, Ledum, Pulsatilla, Rhus tox and Silica.  Well, my money is on Rhus tox! 

Also, you may already know of Rhus tox’s famous amelioration from hot compresses and hot drinks–better heat, hot showers and hot applications in general.  This is what will lead you away from Sulphur and Pulsatilla which hate the heat in all its forms.

Didn’t you think it was really striking and peculiar the way she got worse when she put her hands in water????  Wow!  That was strange!  I know that’s not in the repertory as stated; but, at times like this, you have to use your imagination.  What could this mean?  We know that Rhus tox is worse rainy weather, worse getting the head wet and worse for dampness; so, why not worse for putting one’s hands in water?  I rest my case–again! 

Dr. B?  It’s time to announce our winners, and they are……..

Shweta and Anurag!  Congratulations, you guys!   Your prize this month is the Rhus tox theme song: 

“Poison Ivy” by The Coasters!

See you in August!



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