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Revisiting: Strangest COVID Case Ever

Not what I’m used to seeing. Did you guess the remedy? Scroll down for the answer.

Mom, we’re starting off the New Year with another great and fabulous Hpathy Quiz!

Happy New Year, Shana!  OK, let’s get started!

But first… my announcements!  Ahem!

Let’s try and move this along, shall we?

Well, Mom, I’m afraid the Death Report this month is somewhat shocking–especially for you!

Uh-oh.  Really?

We lost soul singer Joe Simon.

OMG!  Really?  Joe Simon?

He is best known for the song “Drowning in the Sea of Love”.

I been down one time….and I been down two times…. But right now I’m drowning, drowning in the sea of love….

Mom, hold on, here it goes:


We also lost Wanda Young of The Marvelettes.

OMG!  Wanda????  From The Marvelettes????

They had so many hits for Motown, you can’t begin to imagine!  You could never name them all!  But I’ll try…

Wait!  Oh yes, wait a minute Mr. Postman

Wait!  Way ay ay ait Mr. Postman…


Listen here, girls; take this advice and remember always in life:

Into each heart, some tears must fall, though you love and lose you must stand tall…


Beechwood 4-5789, you can call me up and have a date, any ol’ time



Just pick a song OK?  You don’t have to sing every one of them!

No, but I do, Shana, I really do!  Besides, I don’t know which one to pick!  They’re all so great!!!!!!

I will pick one for you, OK?  The most obvious one!  (P.S. Wanda’s on the right in the video.)

Wait a minute, wait a minute; wait a minute please Mr. Postman….

Mom, the song is over!  I promise you, we will go out with another song by the Marvelettes!

Promise?  (De-liver De-letter, De-sooner De-better….)

I promise!

Do I get to pick which one?

Yes!!!  Now, if we can possibly move on to my other very important announcements….

I am saddened to announce the untimely passing at age 65 of comedian Bob Saget, star of “Full House”.  He played widower Danny Tanner.

“Full House” was a staple in reruns on Nick at Nite for many years.

Oh geez, here comes the Parade of Trivia that no one cares about!

I just started re-watching it on HBO Max in his honor.

Oy!  Shana, it was an insipid “comedy” which failed to distinguish itself in any way!  Meanwhile, I hope you realize, this was a very suspicious death!  They’re trying to blame it on a “slip-and-fall” but the autopsy report says his head injuries are consistent with someone falling from 20 or 30 feet or being hit in the head with a baseball bat!

Meanwhile, did you know that Betty White died?  Just short of her 100th birthday. Betty White was famous for being on so many shows–maybe the most famous of which was “The Golden Girls”, but, she had her own show in the ’50’s called “The Betty White Show”.

Betty was also a regular on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” as Sue Ann Nivens, “The Happy Homemaker”.

Betty was also an Animal Rights activist!  Good-bye, Betty, we’ll see you in re-runs!

And now, in happier news … I have some “Arthur” videos coming in the mail soon from ebay.

No one cares, Shana!  Can we possibly start the quiz now?  We have another COVID case.

Who is it this time?

A child.  I need a fictitious name.

How about Muffy?  Not to be confused with Muffy Crosswire from “Arthur”.

Oh right!  Because I’m sure everyone from India and Pakistan is going, “Is that the same Muffy who’s the daughter of Ed Crosswire who owns Crosswire Motors on ‘Arthur’?”

It could happen!

OK, so here’s the thing.  They say that kids get milder cases of COVID than grown-ups, and the grown-ups I’ve seen with COVID have been very sick.  This child had the fever and the trouble breathing, but, it all ended very quickly–like in 24 hours– and by the time I saw her, there were just a bunch of non-descript, unimpressive symptoms like a heavy forehead and a dry, itchy throat:


Hi Elaine,

Could u help me for my younger one who is Covid positive? It has been one week since she developed symptoms but yesterday complained of shortness of breath. I am too panicked and don’t know what to do. I gave her Belladonna initially followed by Arsenicum and then Hepar sulph as I thought it was Strep Throat. I am scared coz she doesn’t have a runny nose or cough or sneezing just a dry throat with a weird feeling in her head, so might it be that infection is brewing inside and might reach her lungs? Kindly help! She is unvaccinated as she is 11 and here (Australia) vaccines haven’t started for 5-11 year old’s.

“Mrs. Crosswire”, you (and “Muffy”?) would have to fill out the acute case questionnaire

Acute Case Questionnaire

because right now, I don’t have a clue! The shortness of breath—is it still there?

Yesterday night she woke me and said she feels short of breath. I was thinking of taking her to emergency but thought to wait it out and sat beside her all night to watch over her. She says she feels better now and if she doesn’t think about it, she feels fine.

But I am scared that it’s not completely gone away and might get worse?? They say symptoms should resolve in 4-5 days and if not, then they become serious, causing lung involvement! It has been 7-8 days for her. I will fill out the questionnaire now.

Name: “Muffy” (not Muffy Crosswire from “Arthur”)

Age: 11

Male or Female: Female

Weight: 43kg

Height: 148cm

Date: Jan. 8, 2022

Email Address:

  1. Describe the complaint or complaints in your own words.

Covid positive on RAT on Wednesday evening. Symptoms started Sunday evening after an outing with family.

  1. Etiology–

Too much ice cream over the past month. A sour candy escalated it.

  1. Sensation–

Headache- Heavy sensation in forehead

Throat- Dryness with itching but no cough

She feels a thick lump of mucus in throat as well.

  1. Appearance–

Skin a bit darker??

  1. Location–where on the body is your complaint located?

(no answer)

  1. Modalities–

All complaints worse when thinking about them. Feel fine when distracted, mostly on iPad.

Itchy throat is better for warm water.

  1. Concomitants

(no answer)

  1. Discharges–

Mucus only on waking up, mostly yellow, sometimes white.

  1. Generals–

Hot but fan makes headache worse. Thirsty one day, not thirsty next day.

  1. The mentals:

Sad coz its Covid!!

  1. What have you been saying?

She says she wants everything to be normal.

  1. What are you doing?

She is isolating, so spending ALL her time on her iPad and trying not to think about it.

  1. Describe your thirst and appetite–

When thirsty…mostly normal but sometimes warm water. Sips often.

  1. Fever?

Fever was there for first two days but not after that.

  1. Sweating?

Only a little…underarms.

  1. Odors?

(no answer)

  1. What is most striking, peculiar or identifying about you or your case?

Embarrassment— Feels embarrassed a lot and unnecessarily. Like for example-she had a wrist fracture recently and they put a light blue plaster on her. She started crying because she was embarrassed of the colour as white is the normal color for a cast. Second example- she wont let me tell her teachers that she is taking a day off as she is sick because when she will go back, her teachers will say, ”How r u?” and that will make her feel embarrassed. Third- being unmute on Zoom …everyone might feel embarrassed to some extent, but, she feels it to the extreme.

  1. Is there a diagnosis?


  1. Describe your energy–

Sometimes active/energetic sometimes dull/sleepy

  1. What does your tongue look like?

(no answer)

  1. If you have a cough, please tell what it sounds like:

Very little, completely dry. No sound or rattling.

  1. If you haven’t already said if you’re hotter or colder than usual, say it now.

Hot flashes sometimes. More in the first few days, now only here and there.


OK, so I repertorized your daughter’s case and I think you should give her ___________30C.

Elaine, thank you, you have been at this for hours!  I will keep you updated.

Hi Elaine,

The remedy worked…she feels better….Thank u…


OK, do you know what the remedy was?  Write to me at [email protected], the answer will be in next month’s ezine.

You know what?  We’re going out with the Homeopathy Theme Song!

There’s a theme song?

“You’re My Remedy”, by the Marvelettes, with Wanda Young on lead:

Rest In Peace, Wanda!

Don’t give me no headache powders, they don’t do no good for me

There’s nothing I can take when my head starts to ache cuz

You’re my–














OK, we’re back!  How did we do this time?  Who wants to go first?  Oh my goodness, we’ve got a new contestant from Austria!  Maximillian Fritsche, come on down!

Hello Elaine,

Many thanks for your articles, I enjoy reading them very much.

Thank you!

I would choose Arsenicum album as the appropriate remedy.

Best regards and please continue writing.

Well, if I have to….

OK, let’s have a look at your rubrics:

Embarrassment–yes, definitely.  As a matter of fact, by all rights, we could have stopped there, since this was the most striking, strange, rare and peculiar symptom in the case; it means the remedy HAS to be there!  So then you simply look at the rubric and say, “Which one of these Embarrassment remedies has….” and then you pick another characteristic symptom, like, let’s say “warm-blooded”, or “isolated”/alone amel.  (remember her mother said she was isolating herself?) or “diversion amel.” or “dryness”, and it seems clear that Nat-mur is the remedy, see my repertorization below:

Now, why can’t it be Arsenicum?  Do Arsenicums isolate?  No!  They are CLINGY!  They’re like clinging vines, you can’t get away from them!  They’re suffocating with their incessant requests for reassurance!  “Am I going to be OK?  When?  When will I be OK?”  Arsenicums are desperate!  Nat-mur is just fine being by herself.  Your other symptom picks:  Periodicity?  She was thirsty every other day.  I couldn’t find a rubric for that.  I didn’t think it rose to the level of “periodicity”, such as, fever comes on every night at 11.  Or, rash comes back every spring.  However, now that I think about it, fluctuating desire for water fits Nat-mur very well:  Nat-mur has complaints of too much water vs. dryness.

Cough–the mother said the cough was hardly there, so, not worth our attention.

Generals, warm drinks amel.  Actually, the warm drinks only ameliorated the itchiness/dryness in her throat, they didn’t help her in general.  I tried to find something in the throat chapter along the lines of itchy throat, warm drinks amel, but, no luck.

Thirst for small quantities often–no wonder Arsenicum came up!  But “Muffy” was only drinking because she had an itchy, dry throat, not because she was thirsty.

We can’t bother ourselves with “ice cream agg.”  If you eat too much junk food, you’re just asking for trouble!

The color of mucus–yellow and white–is so common, it’s not worth bothering with.

So, if I had to say something in summation, try not to be so robotic in taking down symptoms.  Some of us dutifully write down everything the patient says, then repertorize it as if we were court stenographers, taking down every word, giving equal weight to everything, exercising no judgement or discernment, and invariably, missing the remedy completely. 

I sometimes say, getting a case is like being dealt a hand of cards.  They mean nothing until you arrange your cards in a way that shows what your strong suit is!  You may find that you have 4 Kings or that you have all spades, it’s all in how you arrange your cards. 

What I found in this case was an ACE, namely: Embarrassment!  I went to Mind: embarrassment and there were 2 remedies in bold: Lycopodium and Nat-mur.  So I’m thinking, which of these two remedies do I have confirmation for?  The dryness is pointing to Nat-mur, the warmbloodedness is pointing to Nat-mur, the better for diversion and desire to be alone and so on, all going for Nat-mur, it seemed like a clear choice.

Thank you for your fast and helpful critical review.

I took the “Embarassment” as not as important for this special covid case because it seems to be always present – not a specific for this exacerbation.

You’re right.  The “embarrassment” issue is always there, but here’s the thing:

  1. This case repertorizes out to Nat-mur even without the “embarrassment” rubric, see chart below:

  1. It’s not too unusual that a person of a certain constitution has an acute of the same remedy–like an Arsenicum person having an Arsenicum flu. We just recently had a dog case — in “Tidbits”.  It was called “Toni Won’t Eat”.  The remedy was Arsenicum.  As it turned out, that was Toni’s constitutional remedy and the remedy for her stomach problem as well!
  2. Sometimes you’re taking an acute case, and it’s putting out a vague, unclear remedy picture, but, you can clearly see an image of the patient’s constitution.  In that case, give the constitutional remedy.  So clearly, either way, this patient would have gotten Nat-mur.


Yes, Nat-m. could be the constitutional remedy, which obviously helped. The not clinging phenomenon did I see in our studying son, who is an Arsenicum.

I’m a little confused by this statement.  Not sure if you’re saying your son is clingy or not clingy but is apparently studious and an Arsenicum?

He is so afraid getting covid,  hence 3 times vaccinated, he nearly never leaves his apartment.

Yes, that’s a perfect description of Arsenicum!  This is why Arsenicums are so clingy–they’re afraid!  But there are degrees to their fear.  Obviously, the worst of it is when they’re sick!  They’re so afraid of death that they need you to stay with them.  When they’re well, their fear of disease and germs makes them do everything carefully and cautiously; hence, being over-vaccinated and never leaving the house.   

Arsenicum spends most of his or her time trying to securely surround himself with friends, hangers-on or servants so they can feel safe.  That can mean securing the best job, living near a hospital, saving their money, not squandering it, etc.  Arsenicums usually have a lot of money, but don’t share it, because they never feel they have enough.  But, Arsenicum WILL use his money to obligate people to him so they won’t be able to leave!  This is all because he feels insecure and vulnerable.

Thank you once more for your time.

To clarify my ambiguous description:

My son is is definitely not clingy in the sense of surrounding himself with helpers.  What I wanted to say is: clinging is not necessarily a symptom of Arsenicum album.

You will find the “clinginess” and “desperation” showing up when they are sick.  Otherwise, Arsenicum leads a normal life, though with a lot of insecurities, as you have mentioned.

And it’s also true, as you said, that sometimes you have an Arsenicum case and there are no mentals!  For example, maybe just “ailments from bad water” or “ailments from bad food”.  BUT, Max, if a case has mentals… your remedy has to match them!  Muffy’s case  did have mentals.  She was worse thinking about her case, better for being distracted, and she wanted to be by herself, no desire for company, no need for reassurance.  All the mentals of Nat-mur.  She also had pretty good energy, Arsenicum has very poor energy and their anxiety about health is quite apparent. 

Even if there is a little chance of you visiting Austria, but when you are here you are always invited to have some coffee and apple-strudel with us.

Hmm….Austria, you say….  and apple-strudel… well, I can’t possibly say no to that.  I’ll be right over! 

Looking forward to it – see you soon.

Which way is Austria?

Hi Elaine! 👋

Hi Pam!

I just saw your email, BUT before I read it I want to tell you my guess for your Jan 2022 quiz!  Is it…….IGNATIA?

I didn’t think of that as a children’s remedy, BUT ignatia has:

Aggravation by consolation …

Yes, that’s true, Ignatia cannot accept consolation, they push back against it.  it’s as though, if they accepted your consolation, it would let you off the hook too easily, and they’re not eager to do that, it’s still “All Your Fault!” as far as Ignatia is concerned, and you have to be punished—you must be made to feel guilty—they will not make it easy for you.  

Now, if you were to say to Phosphorus or Pulsatilla, “Oh, I am so sorry you’re not feeling well, let me help you!” they would feel so much better for that!  But not Ignatia.  “This is all your fault!” is what they’re thinking.  They might turn away, look away, go stomping off, slamming the door, etc. 

Now, with “Muffy”, it’s more like she is mortified at being in the spotlight, being the recipient of sympathy—no way does she want that; nor does she want to punish anybody, nor make anyone feel responsible, etc.; she—Muffy— simply does not want to be noticed.  Is that Ignatia?  No.

She doesn’t want teachers asking her how she is doing.

Exactly, and we know why, because it results in embarrassment for her.  That is the key word.  You would want to go to “Mind: embarrassment”.

Anxiety…re color of her cast and worried about embarrassments.

No, not anxiety.  No one mentioned anxiety in the case, only embarrassment.  She’s so afraid of being “different”, standing out, drawing attention to herself.  “Oh look, there’s a girl with a blue cast!  Most casts are white!”  All eyes would be upon her, according to her.  That’s what she can’t bear, being noticed.  Doesn’t want to be noticed, doesn’t want to stand out, doesn’t want attention, wants to blend in with everybody else.


Headaches worse from cold winds…ie, the FAN???

Maybe in the headache chapter you will find a rubric “draft of air” or “fanned, worse for being”, or maybe you will have to go to Generals: draft of air agg.  Or fanned, being, agg.

Puh-leeeeeze tell me I am right….. 😃

Oh!!  And I read that Ignatia colds usually start with a “lump in the throat” sensation, and are DRY!

Soooooooo……did I get the quiz answer right?????

If not, but I think I did!….don’t give me the answer!  I will try again and again, until I get it right!!

Listen, you have to read “Repertory Round-Up, part 4”.  It takes a long time for people to learn that we usually don’t solve a case by writing down all the symptoms in it, repertorizing, and the remedy on top wins.  Rather, we have a “Hierarchy of Symptoms”.  Right at or near the top are the “mentals”.  If you’ve got the top of the hierarchy covered, you don’t have to look any further!  The mother says the child is “isolating”, meaning she’s better alone.  Doesn’t want attention.  She also says the most striking thing about her daughter is Embarrassment!  The whole embarrassment thing with her is over-the-top!  That would make me want to go to “Mind: embarrassment” right away and see what was there, which is what I did. 

Is anybody else here today?


Hi Elaine,

This is me trying to solve this month’s quiz.

Yael from Israel, everybody!

List of physical symptoms:

  1. Shortness of breath

Be careful, Yael, the shortness of breath is gone!

  1. Headache with heavy sensation in forehead
  2. Throat, dryness with itching but no cough
  3. Throat, thick lump of mucus (sensation)
  4. Mucus on waking up, mostly yellow sometimes white


  1. Wants to be left alone
  2. Embarrassed (about everything)

You left out “Diversion amel.”


  1. Worst when thinking about her symptoms
  2. Worst with the fan

Possible etiology: too much ice cream.

No, I don’t think so.  The most that would give you is a headache from all the sugar.  However, it could depress your immune system so you’d be vulnerable if you were exposed to covid 19.

Let’s say we focus on the mentals, we’ve got two keynotes of Nat-Mur:

MIND – feelings of embarrassment (only Nat-Mur and Lyc are listed)

Well, they’re the only ones in Bold.

MIND – better alone: Nat-Mur is again in bold.

In Morrison’s desktop guide we find in the mentals section of Nat-Mur:

“Aversion to company. Desires and ameliorated by being alone”

Under “Throat” we have “sensation of a lump in the throat”

It is also a known remedy for headaches.  Nat-Mur’s sensitivity and need to control/be perfect makes him more prone to be worst thinking about his symptoms.  So I’d go for Nat-mur.

Yael, you are right!!!   Yes, you got it!  You need only look at the mentals because they over-rule the rest of the case.  (See “Repertory Round-Up, part 4”)  There is no reliable “etiology”, no sudden onset, so, we move on to the mentals.  Everything you observed about the mentals is correct:

Aversion to company, better alone, feelings of embarrassment; and then, as confirmation, we have “lump in the throat” and Nat-mur is also famous for dryness (dry throat) and is in BOLD for “Mind: diversion amel.” and that was certainly made clear to us by her mother, that when she was distracted by her ipad, she was fine!  So, yeah, everything in this case clearly points to Nat-mur.

Hi Elaine,

Hi Aruna!

Hope all is sunshine at your end!

Actually, it’s snowing here.  Luckily I got all my food shopping done yesterday.

I am attempting to answer your quiz “Strangest COVID Case Ever!”

I am thinking it is Aconite 30C that worked for the child.

Actually, it was her mother who needed Aconite!  She kept saying she was in a panic and scared!  However, “Muffy” was very calm!  As long as she was distracted by her iPad, she was fine!  Aconite patients are not calm.

Thank you,



Hi Elaine,

Hello Dr. Choudhary!

I took 3 rubrics-

Mind-Ailments from embarrassment

Mind- occupation amel.

Head air agg, draft of

And the remedy that I come up with is China.  So my answer is China.

I think your mistake was in taking “ailments from embarrassment” instead of “Mind: embarrassment feelings”; because truly, we can’t say that embarrassment caused her to be sick.  Look what happens when you change that one rubric:

Though China is there, it just isn’t there very strongly.

Is anybody else here today?


Hi Elaine

Hi Wayne!

I used Murphy’s Repertory and the rubric Mind, Embarrassment, ailments after, which had Sulphur in it and was numbered 3 on the printout.  I used Heaviness Sensation in the Head: heaviness forehead.

Sulphur had a dry throat and I thought such a psoric remedy would suffice.

Dryness could be attributed to Nat Mur, which is one of the rubrics listed in heavy type.  Hope you will enlighten me.


You used “ailments from embarrassment” instead of “embarrassment feelings”.  She didn’t have “ailments from embarrassment”.  She is always embarrassed, over trivial matters, like her teacher saying, “How are you?”  She apparently can’t bear to be in the spotlight at all for even a second.  So, that rubric would have brought up Nat-mur as a 3.  And it turns out that Nat-mur is in pretty much all the rubrics in the case and remember when the mother said, “She is isolating”?  Meaning she wants to be alone?  And who wants to be alone more than Nat-mur?  And Nat-mur is a 3 under “diversion amel.”, Sulphur isn’t there at all. 

Hey everybody, Vamsi’s in the house!!!!!!


Hi Elaine,

Happy New Year 2022 !!!

Hope you had a great start !!

I possibly did.

Our learning never ends with you and we love it a lot as it keeps us fresh and active.  Okay coming over to the Jan quiz, not sure, but will not leave without trying.

The prominent symptoms..

-shortness of breath

That was gone by the time I got the case, Vamsi.

– headache in forehead

– dryness with itching , no cough

– lump of mucus in throat

But the most striking symptom is the mental symptom.

Embarrassment.  –

There are these two in bold: LYCOPODIUM, NAT-MUR. LYCO is number 1 in Embarrassment. Shortness of breath

points to lung symptoms.  Being Covid diagnosed, I would go for LYCOPODIUM for this quiz.

Please let me know your valuable thoughts.


OK, so, what is our rule?  If the case has mentals, the remedy has to match them.  So what were the mentals in this case?  She was better for diversion, better for being alone (“isolating”, the mother said) and, of course, the embarrassment.  And if we add to that the sensation of a lump in her throat, look what comes up:

Natrum Mur is it!  It was also bold in Embarrassment along with LYCO,  but I went ahead with the lung symptoms as she had problem with breathing and this being a covid case, felt lung symptoms….

But they were gone by the time I got her case.  They only lasted for like one day.  So, you picked a remedy for a symptom that was gone.

Thanks Elaine….




I see the Gang from Slovakia is here!

Hello,  Elaine and Shana,

we are here again after missing the December quiz, because of my sickness, very popular now..:)

Miroslav answers:  Gelsemium

Here is the expert’s answer to Covid … :-))):

It should be the flu remedy.

Yes, it should be, if I had gotten the case sooner!  But by the time I got it, there was no fever, hardly any flu symptoms, just a dry throat, a ball of mucus in the throat and a headache in the forehead.  And Miroslav, Gelsemium has very clear mentals.  Remember?  The 5 D’s?  Droopy, Drowsy, Dizzy, Dopey and Dull?  Does that match our patient’s mentals?  What are our patient’s mentals?  She wants to be alone and she wants to be diverted by her ipad.  When she’s diverted, she feels fine.  So, these mentals don’t match.  You know that if a case has mentals, your remedy has to match them.

Symptoms are mixed, once thirsty, then without, once tired, then without …

Mind, embarrassment, illness after.

No, she doesn’t have embarrassment after illness.  She has a constant state of embarrassment unless she’s with her immediate family or friends.

Mind, thinking, difficulties, aggravates.

I’m not even sure what you’re referring to here.  She has difficulty thinking?  I’m not seeing that.  Oh!  Wait!  Do you mean “worse thinking about her complaint”, her symptoms?  Yes, she is, she is worse thinking about her complaint—better for being distracted.

It looks like Gels., although I feel like it could be Ignatia, but Ignatia is not a flu remedy.

She doesn’t need a flu remedy right now because the worst is over but her mother is in a panic that the case might rebound and come back; she needs Aconite!

And even if the condition is no longer directly related to the influenza…

Exactly!  See?  Even you knew that!

(it could be her constitutional remedy),

Yes, it is her constitutional state:  The embarrassment.

then I would try Ignatia.

You’re picking Ignatia because of embarrassment?  It is not the main remedy in that rubric.   What I am seeing is that people are not making a list of the elements of the case.  What are the elements of the case?

  1. Throat, dryness
  2. Throat, itching
  3. Throat, lump sensation
  4. Throat, mucus
  5. Headache, forehead
  6. Diversion amel.
  7. Alone amel.
  8. Embarrassment feelings

Now, when I repertorize this, what comes up?

Nat-mur comes up.


Jitka answers: Calcarea carb.

I don’t think I will guess the right remedy, but at least I’ll try.  Since there is the diagnosis of Covid – a flu-like illness and the main symptom is a worsening of the patient’s mental state – excessive anxiety and embarrassment…

No, her mental state has not been aggravated by covid.  It’s her mother who has excessive anxiety and “Muffy” is simply embarrassed — all the time—except with close family and friends.

I compared remedies that are known for their anxieties with remedies in the flu rubric.

Where does it say she has anxiety?  Or are you referring to her feelings of embarrassment?  Then the rubric is Mind: embarrassment feelings.

Almost all remedies from the flu rubric are also in the rubric ” Anxiety” and remedies that are in the rubric “Embarrassment ” are not in the rubric flu.  Associated symptoms: craves ice cream and sour candies (Phosphorus?) …

Oh yes, the food cravings, well, this is too common among children: desires ice cream and candy.  I don’t think this is going to help us.

sipping warm water (Ars. – it  was already used), dry throat, once thirsty, sometimes not, were not very helpful to me.  In my notes I found the following about Calcarea carb. which is in both rubrics,  in the flu and in the anxiety rubric:

She doesn’t have anxiety, she has embarrassment.

“The central theme in Calcium is the fear of what other people will think of them.  So their fear is that the way they perform their task will be criticized.  They feel they are always being watched, especially by the people from surrounding, the people they know personally”.  In addition, Calcarea also has symptoms: coughing during the day; thick, yellow, hawking-up of mucus, so I’m voting for this remedy.

What you say is true about Calc-carb not wanting to be watched or noticed, and it does show up in our repertorization, but only in 10th place.

Thanks for voting!  I think we have time for one more contestant.


Hi Elaine! I am voting late this time,

Maria!  Where have you been?

I haven’t repertorized properly but I would go for Lycopodium.  Tough quiz!

I won’t try again if I am wrong – I am sure I am wrong – because I am answering so late, but my second vote would go to Phosphorus.

Let me guess, because of the ice cream!  Well, Maria, she’s a kid, and they all eat ice cream!

Can’t wait for the answer in the ezine 🙂

Well, Maria, you picked the wrong “embarrassment” remedy. 

It was Nat-mur. 

Here’s what happened.  The worst of her case was over by the time I got it, but the mother was in an absolute panic that “Muffy” would relapse and start having trouble breathing again!  So she got in touch with me.  By the time she did, the most striking symptom in the case, according to her, was not the headache or the dry throat but a constitutional symptom of over-the-top embarrassment over nothing! 

Normally, I tell people that constitutional symptoms have nothing to do with an acute case, but, if the clearest symptom in a case is constitutional, while the “acute” features are vague and common, you’re within your rights to go with the constitutional symptom and that’s what I did. 

Once you get to “Mind: embarrassment feelings” in the Repertory, you can see that the 2 main remedies are Nat-mur and Lycopodium; so, then you can ask yourself, “What confirmation can I get for either of these?”

Well, we know the mother said that when Muffy is distracted, all her symptoms go away and she feels fine!  So, that’s pretty striking, don’t you think?  So, I looked up “Mind: diversion amel.” and Nat-mur is there as a 3 but Lyc. is there only as a 1; so, that kind of threw the case over to Nat-mur.  So, that was what I picked, Nat-mur.

OK everybody, it’s time to congratulate our winner, Yael from Israel!  You take home the coveted Gold Star today!

See you again next time!


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