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Revisiting: The Seven-Hour Headache

Did you get the right answer to last month’s quiz?

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 Well, you know what?  From the looks of it, we seem to have a lot of very smart people here at, a lot of winners this time, but you know what I found out?  People are “solving” the case by googling the quote from Kent!  (Good grief!)  OK, line up cheaters, who’s first?

Hi Elaine and Shana!

Oh look, it’s Miroslav and Jitka!

I hope that you are looking forward to our answers…

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m doing…

…just as we are always looking forward to your quizzes… 🙂


Here are our answers:

Miroslav says: Helleborus

Rubric . Headache, stupefying, staggering, occiput – Helleborus

But he left out the strong modality in the case.  He left out the etiology, he left out the concomitants…

Jitka: says: Calcarea Carbonica:

You are correct!

I compared crisscross rubrics and remedies, but none exactly fitted into the picture of this case. Finally, I used a very unprofessional way to find the remedy.

You did?

I put to Google what Kent said about this remedy: “The ______________ headaches are stupefying, they are benumbing; they bring on confusion of mind.“ The first link on Google was Kent’s Lectures on MM and the remedy with these symptoms is… Calcarea Carbonica!


Subsequently, I found rubrics in Murphy’s Repertory in the “Headaches” chapter and in Kent´s Reversed Repertory under Calc-carb:

Head, pain, occiput, extending, upward

Head, pain, stunning, stupefying

Head, pain, stunning, stupefying, motion, and rest, during

Head, pain, stunning, stupefying, reading, while

You know, we’re blowing the “problem with reading” way out of proportion.  No one can read with a headache!  Am I right?  I know I can’t!

Head, sensitiveness of brain, menses, before

No, no, this is going a little too far afield.  We don’t know if she has sensitiveness of brain, I don’t even know what that means; and it wasn’t before menses, it was the first day of menses.

Mind, confusion of mind

Even in the event that my answer will be correct, I´m not sure if I deserve such a nice song like last time…

Well, Jitka, to tell you the truth, I have a feeling that most of our right answers were arrived at the same way; so, an appropriate song will be found!

I have come to the result by such a simplified manner… 🙂

Best wishes Jitka


Hey everybody, Vamsi’s in the house!

Hi Elaine,

WOW!! its soooo nice to be back.

We missed you for sure!

Had been away from Hpathy for a long time.  My Mother-in-law underwent an emergency hernia surgery (Incisional & Strangulated )

I hate it when that happens.

And I had been taking care of her hospitalisation till her recovery.  She is fine now.


And I am back to hpathy.

Ok coming over to this month’s quiz, quite interesting.  I will try to crack it.

The keyword is “chilly”,

Yes, you’re right, she made a big issue out of that, saying she wasn’t normally that cold.

and she had a congestive cold headache, which was relieved when she came out from the air conditioned room to a warm weather.

That’s the important fact!  Warm weather amel.  An important observation, yes, thank you!

She must have administered “Calcarea Carbonica”.

Yes, you are right!  Good for you!

Calcarea is also a great oculist, this must have eased her reading exertion, because she was unaware of the headache after she took her dose of 30c.  Kindly provide your valuable comments.

Well, I’m not sure how valuable they are….”Headaches: warm, weather, amel.” only lists one remedy– Calc-carb!  The modalities are soooooo important in a case!  And then she was also chilly as you pointed out, which also goes for Calc-carb, and she had difficulty thinking, which goes for calc-carb….so….Calc-carb it is!

Thanks a lot, Elaine, you made my day!



I see my soul brother from Australia is here!

Hi Elaine,
I think the answer to this month’s quiz is Calcarea Carb.

You are correct, sir!

This was not an easy one!

No it wasn’t!

I repertorised:

Anticipation, general chill, from

No, that just isn’t part of the case.  There’s no anticipation, and certainly not from chill.  Look, let’s take a step back and get the big picture.  What do we have here?  A tremendous hemorrhage, a profuse loss of bright red blood, which in the morning resulted in an occipital headache with two concomitants: chilliness and confusion, and a single modality–better warm weather. That’s it!  There is nothing else to this case.

Warm, open air ameliorates.

I’ll bet that’s a big rubric. You looked in “Generals”, right?  See, if you had gone to the “Headaches” chapter and scrolled down to “Warm”, you’d have seen Calc-carb as the only remedy under Warm Weather amel., and you’d have been pretty much done at that point.

Menses, general; profuse, coldness of the body with

Now, here’s the trouble with that rubric. There are only 3 remedies listed–Nux v., Silica and Coffea.  The main rubric, “Menses, profuse”, is a large rubric and there are many, many chilly remedies there, making this subrubric terribly incomplete!  For one thing, the chilly Calc-carb should be there!  So should the chilly Sepia, the chilly Arsenicum, the chilly Cocculus, the chilly Mercury, the chilly Veratrum, etc.!  So because of that, I wouldn’t use that subrubric. Now, maybe we are to take this subrubric literally, as in the BODY is cold!  Sometimes you’re chilly but your body is not necessarily cold to touch!  Since we don’t have this information about the patient, I would stick to the main rubric, “Menses, profuse”.

Menses, general; profuse, menopause during

I don’t think she’s actually menopausal.  She might be pre-menopausal.  I read the case over 3 times and didn’t see the word menopause.

Menses, general; short, too

I don’t think that was the problem.  No one’s mentioned etiology yet.  Clearly there was a tremendous loss of blood.  If you have Murphy’s Repertory, 3rd ed., go to the Clinical chapter, scroll down to “blood, loss of blood, ailments from”–and though China and Ferrum are the main remedies, Calcarea is there as a 2.

Confusion, mental

That is such a big rubric, with over 300 remedies, it’s actually meaningless. What would be great would be if there were a subrubric “Confusion, headache, with”; well, there is such a rubric, but, Calc isn’t there!  Personally, I think it’s a mistake!  And yes, there are mistakes in the Repertory!  For instance, Calcarea isn’t listed in the Procrastination rubric, and Calc is the biggest procrastinator of all!

Occiput, headaches, pain general; menses during

Good, that’s a good one!

Haemorrhage; blood bright red

Good.  In Murphy’s it’s “Clinical: bleeding, bright red blood”

The top 9 remedies were, nux-v., bry.,sep.,ars.,bell.,nat-mur., phos., calc.
Many of those remedies had been tried without result.  Others just did not match because of symptoms.
Calcarea Carb., although the numbers were not high, and appears weak in repertorisation, had haemorrhage, bright red blood, occiput headaches, mental confusion, profuse menses and open air ameliorates.

The important fact was WARM weather, if she had walked outside into cold air, there would have been no amelioration.

In addition the clue you gave about Kent’s headache description confirms this prescription.

D’oh!  Well, for me, I just looked up “Headaches: warm, weather, amel.” and calc-carb was the only remedy!  Ta-da!  And then, all you have to do is go back and see if Calc-carb covers the rest of the case and, yes, it does cover the rest of the case, so, there you have it! Modalities are very important!

Best wishes Wayne


We have time for one last participant.  Why?  It’s time for my snack!  So, who wants to come to the microphone?

Hi Elaine and Shana!

Hi Maria!

For this month’s quiz I vote for Calcarea Carbonica.

You are correct!!!

I looked at Murphy’s Repertory and under stupefaction/during headache Calc was not there…

Maria, I wouldn’t go so far as to say “stupefaction”.  That sounds a little extreme.  Go to Mind: dullness, headache, with.  Calc is there as a 1.

…neither was it there under confusion/with headache.  However, it was only in 1st grade under dullness/with headache among maaany others.

Oh!  So you did see that rubric!  OK!

I know, repertories aren’t perfect… Anyway my point is that I wouldn’t have found it in a million years.

And yet somehow you did!

The rubrics for the cold air aggravation, chilliness or the menses, etc. have so many remedies under them.
I would love to see a screenshot of the repertorization she made!  Wow, if it wasn’t for Kent’s quote …

OK, that just about does it!  Let’s congratulate our winners (or should I say our “googlers”):

Maria, Wayne, Vamsi, Jitka, Dr. Soniya Bhagchandani, Zoe, Shweta, ABH, Anurag and Parinita.  Here’s your song:


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