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Revisiting: The Worst Case In The World!

It doesn’t get much worse than being picked up by a tornado and thrown into a telephone pole! Well, does it? Scroll down for the answer.

Hi Mom…

Hi Shana, you’re looking lovely today!

If you say so.  Well, here we are with another exciting Hpathy Quiz!  But as you know, first I have a few announcements!

This isn’t going to take long is it?  I have a train to catch.

You do not!  OK.  I am so bummed that one day from now, as I am writing this, Elton John will appear in Philadelphia for the last time, and resale tickets are so expensive; it’s just not fair!  Also, I hate COVID-19!  I could’ve bought a ticket to see Elton John at the Phillies stadium when they were cheap (sort of) in the beginning but was prevented from doing so by vaccine mandates!  (I don’t know if I should say that in a public ezine, where any big pharma fanatic could tar and feather me for saying such, but at least we know Alan would agree with me, right?)

Who?  Oh right, Alan, yes, Alan.  Alan would not tar and feather you.

Didn’t he write an editorial about the side effects of a drug we saw on TV?

You mean Rinvoq?  Yes.  It turns out it works by stopping your immune system from functioning.

What?  Don’t we need our immune system?

Apparently not.  Big Pharma says no, not needed at all.

Ok, rant over… and now for the good news!  July 3rd was the 20th Anniversary of “The Powerpuff Girls” movie.

That’s your good news?????

Yes, I know, get the groaning out of your system now.  I still love this show even though I’m 30 years old; but anyway, the movie was all about how the girls became the town’s local heroes.

Oh for God’s sake.  Rick!!!!!!!

Do you have to call Daddy for everything?  It also makes me really sad that Tom Kane (voice of Professor Utonium, the best TV dad ever)

had a stroke that forced him to retire from voice acting in 2021 at the age of 59.

Professor Utonium had a stroke???  OMG!

This is why the Power Puff Girls movie means so much to me.  His daughter posted about it on Facebook last year, Tom’s last time voicing the Professor was in a PPG reboot a few years back on Cartoon Network that fans thought wasn’t very good.  Anyway, apparently the stroke occurred in 2020 and it damaged Tom’s speech center which is why he can’t voice act anymore.  I should see if my DVD of the movie still works after 20 years.

Yes, maybe you should.  Go!  Go!  Hurry!

Mom, I’m not finished with my timely announcements yet!  I also saw on Earl Young’s Facebook page that it’s the 50th anniversary of “Zing Went the Strings of My Heart”, The Trammps’ first single in 1972; apparently it didn’t get onto an album until “The Legendary Zing Album” in 1975, not sure if we have it or not.

We have it! 

And you didn’t mention that Earl Young was a member of The Trammps, and actually, the drummer on hundreds of songs!  That’s because he was a member of MFSB, the studio band at Philadelphia International Records.

Where is his wall of gold records?

Oh, there it is.  In the video below, Earl Young (bass singer) is trading leads with Jimmy Ellis.  And you might know the song that the Trammps are famous for— “Disco Inferno”.  Here is “Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart”:

Anyway, also 50 years old is the Trammps cover of The Dominoes’ “Sixty Minute Man” that you used to play from the 45, remember that?


Anyway, the album has other songs on it we like such as “Hold Back the Night”, “Pray All You Sinners”, and “Rubber Band”.  Yay, Earl Young!

Also 50 years old is the Eagles’ debut album.  R.I.P Glenn Frey.

Oh geez, is this another update on Glenn Frey’s death?

So many great songs: “Take it Easy”, “Witchy Woman”, “Peaceful Easy Feeling”….   Unfortunately, I guess song-writer Don Henley wants his money because a lot of Eagles stuff gets yanked off Youtube as soon as it goes up, but, sometimes you’ll find a video or two untouched.  Love the band, but geez, Don!  When I saw them live in 2013 before we lost Glenn Frey, a song from the debut album called “Train Leaves Here This Morning” was in their set.

No one cares, Shana!!!!

I’ve also, seen them with Glenn Frey’s son, Deacon.

Oooh, remember when we were in Whole Foods and I heard Glenn Frey singing “The Heat is On”?  I was so excited!

Oy vey!

Don’t you have an announcement to make?  You know… about

You mean a legitimate announcement?  Yes, it is with great sadness that I announce the owner of Natural Health Supply, Jim Klemmer, is retiring and he couldn’t get anyone to take over his homeopathic pharmacy! 

What a disaster!  Jim sold those wonderful remedy kits as well as single remedies:

Geez, I hope you bought one while you had the chance!  Jim and NHS will be missed!

Who’s in the Quiz this month, Mom?

“Typhoon Mary”.

Don’t you mean “Typhoid Mary”?

This is her cousin, “Typhoon Mary”!

OK, suuuuure Mom!  And now, for “Typhoon Mary” and the Worst Case In The World!!!!!!


Dear Elaine,

I had a severe brain injury in August 1989.  My brain had been pulled out of my skull by a peg on a telephone pole after being impaled on it during a high velocity motor vehicle accident caused by a tornado tossing my car into said pole. 


As the car fell back down to 4 wheels my brain was pulled out and left lying on my left cheek although it was not detached from the brain stem.  It took a very long time to recover and a lasting result is memory issues and severe headaches.  No one even thought I would survive and the doctors told my husband to put me in a nursing home as I would never be a functioning human being again.  And yet, here we are…I am very much alive all these years later.

Pain medicine not only never helped my horrific headaches, but also made me so unbearably unwell.

Boy, this really IS the worst case in the world!!!!  OK, I am going to recommend ___________6C, three times a day, in water, with 5 succussions before each dose with the following caveat:  A striking improvement means stop dosing for as long as the improvement lasts; an aggravation means stop dosing and wait, an improvement may follow.

I actually just bought this remedy but not from Boiron b/c they didn’t have it.  My worry is it’s possibly not good but it could be.  Hard to know for sure b/c there are pirate sellers all over the place here.  It’s from Family Care Homeopathy and the potency is 1M. I will give it a go and see what happens. 

The first dose I took seemed to help a bit but I’m sure more than 5 pellets popped out of the bottle as it doesn’t have the better lid that Boiron has.  It’s just a small bottle with a normal cap.  And these pellets tasted soaked in alcohol where Boiron pellets don’t have any taste except for sweetness.  The pain in my head was so horrific that I could not see and could hardly breathe.  So in the dark I dropped a few pellets into my palm and put them under my tongue and laid there praying for relief.  I fell asleep at some point and the pain was quite a bit less than it usually is upon waking up.  But I will use your way putting one pellet into a half bottle of water and succussing 5 times before taking a dose.

Now listen, this is very important:  6C is a low potency.  1M is a HIGH potency!  More than likely, you cannot take a 1M three times a day!  What you should do is plan on repeating it when the first dose wears off and you find yourself in pain again, then retake it!  In water this time.  OK?  So, let me know how this first dose of ________1M helps you, I’m interested to see if pain goes away and memory comes back!

Hi, Elaine; I forgot to answer how I felt after each dose of _____________.  When I woke up again after taking the pellets, I still had a decent dizzy headache but it was about a 5 or 6 on a scale of 1-10 instead of what it usually is—9.  So I succussed the bottle 5 times and took a small sip from the water and went back to sleep.  When I woke up for the day the pain was at about a 3.  So I succussed the bottle and took another tiny sip and began my day.  Since then I’ve realized that for the first time in so long—I can’t tell you how long—my head pain is ZERO!!!  When I walk I’m not just standing up straight, I feel buoyant!  Normally I feel as though I have the weight of the world on my shoulders. 

Goodnight, dear lady. And thank you again for your caring and positive spirit.  You’re a true blessing.


Alright, that’s it!  If you know the remedy, write to me at [email protected] and let me know, the answer will be in next month’s ezine.

OMG!  It’s Shana at the Elton John concert!!!!!!


 A full report will be in the August issue.  Adios, amigos!







Well!  From the looks of things, almost no one was fooled:

It’s Lori D from PAZ!

Shana, how wonderful that you got to go to Elton John’s last concert.  When I lived in Hawaii a while back, my apartment was near the auditorium he played at and I could hear the whole concert from my balcony…


But of course I could only imagine what it looked like.

My guess for this month’s quiz and I really do think that this case wins the award for “worst case in the world!”  I mean it really needed to be the perfect storm (no pun intended) for this car to be launch into the air and onto a telephone pole.  I really can’t imagine and I have had my share of weird stuff happen.  So my guess would be Hypericum.  If I am wrong, then I will try again.

Well….I guess you’ll have to try again.

2nd try:

I have narrowed my search down to Arnica and Natrum Sulph.

I’m going with Arnica Montana because it has the bad effects of mechanical INJURIES, even if received years ago and of course the mental and physical trauma element of what she went through.

I know that Natrum sulph works well to treat headaches that follow a head injury and the mental picture that follows that state.


Ok, Arnica…final answer!

Ugh!  Lori, I am surprised that people do not know that the main remedy for Ailments After Head Injury is Nat-sulph!  Everyone should have this remedy at home because it’s a very important first-aid remedy; if you don’t have Nat-sulph …. get it now!  It could be a life-saver!  When I think of all the people who have died after head injury…well, look no further than comedian Bob Saget!

Oh my….I never knew that and boy could I have used this remedy throughout my life.  I had several head injuries growing up in gymnastics and of course the car accident too, but ugh…maybe I needed this one all along.

Well, thanks for teaching me this.  I feel like homeopathy is so unnecessarily complicated sometimes.

Lori, I always say that, by all rights, every case a homeopath sees should be an acute case, meaning that something happens to you, you take a remedy right away, and in a few minutes or hours, it’s all over!  Nothing to linger on and harden over the years…this is when things get complicated!  There you are wondering, “What is this I’m seeing?  So many organs malfunctioning, so many vague symptoms…what am I supposed to prescribe on???”  Yes, probably a long time ago, a very simple remedy was needed; now we have a rat’s nest to untangle!  It doesn’t have to be that way.

Bye for now,

Lori D from P A Z


Oh look, it’s Pam!

Hi Elaine, I have been working on the July quiz this afternoon, and my answer is…..NAT-SULPH!

You’re Right!!!!!

That’s three months in a row!

Murphy’s Repertory, 4th ed.–

You have the 4th ed.?  Wow!!!

Headaches: injuries, blows, etc., head, ailments, after (p. 1122).

So in other words, Headaches after head injury.  Yes, that’s it, Pam!  A very easy case that I didn’t even have to think about, despite it being:  THE WORST CASE IN THE WORLD!!!!

I used your 8 point system

My what?

and filled each step in which applied.  I surmised that #1, the Etiology was “never well since brain injury”; and that #2 Diagnosis was “chronic headache — some with vertigo” and also “memory impairment”, all since her traumatic Brain Injury many years ago.

I searched Murphy’s Repertory and found many rubrics indicating either ARNICA or NAT SULPH.  I chose Nat-sulph due to the chronic headache/vertigo (Headaches, vertigo, after injuries), as well as the memory trouble issues.  In some categories, Arnica was not listed, BUT Nat- sulph was always listed either in BOLD – underline, or at least in just BOLD.

Very good, Pam!  Yes, those are the two remedies you’d be choosing between: Arnica and Nat-sulph; but, “Headache after head injury” is notoriously Nat-sulph.  In fact, here’s an article by Miranda Castro about a head injury only partially helped by Arnica:

The Baby Who Screamed for Nearly a Week

And here’s another case of headache after head injury where the remedy that cured was Nat-sulph and Arnica wasn’t given at all:

Revisiting: Kelly’s Kickball Kalamity!

Is my answer correct?

Yes.  I told her to buy Nat-s. 6C but she had the 1M there already so she took it herself.  In fact, all the dosing she did was of her own volition.  Fortunately, it worked out for her.

I think I see Yael from Israel.


Hello Elaine,

I re-read your new quiz and I can’t think of anything else but Arnica.  But how on earth could Boiron not have it, as she says in the story?  Anyways, that will be my first guess, with the following rubrics taken from Murphy’s:

– traumatic injuries

– head injury that affects mental functions

– mental or emotional shock (I assume she was under shock when she realized her brain pulled out of her skull!)

– headaches

That’s it, “only” four.  But if brain injury doesn’t equal Arnica, I don’t know what does.

Then it’s a good thing we had this quiz because the #1 remedy for ailments after head injury–especially headache after head injury and depression after head injury–is Nat-sulph!  Of course, it never hurts to give Arnica; but, don’t be surprised if you have to follow with Nat-sulph!  Oh look, Maria’s here from Greece!

Hi Elaine and Shana!

Hi Maria!

Wow what a case this month!  Unbelievable what she has gone through.

At first I thought of Arnica, but then I remembered that the closer the injury is to the head, Nat-sulph is the better fit.  So my vote is for Nat-sulph but if I am wrong I will try again.

You’re not wrong so don’t try again!  Is anybody else here?


Hi Elaine,

How are you doing?  I hope Shana enjoyed the concert.

She did!  I enjoyed finding her when it was over! 

I look forward to hearing about that!

You know what?  There were so many deaths to report on this month, we didn’t have room for the Elton John Report!

I wanted to submit my vote for this month’s quiz.  My vote is for Nat Sulph 6C.

That is exactly what I prescribed!  But since she had Nat-s 1M there already, she took it, and it worked!  She really lucked out!  I would have been afraid of an aggravation, but, it turned out to be the perfect potency.

It also covers mental function altered after concussion.

Hope you have a great week!

Krista from Nebraska


I see the gang from Slovakia is here!

Hello Elaine and Shana,

Hello Miroslav and Jitka!

Here are our answers to the truly terrifying case of your patient.

Miroslav thinks: Natrum sulph.

It seems to me that this quiz is the easiest so far.

It IS the easiest, Miroslav!  I didn’t say it was the hardest case in the world, I said it was the worst case in the world!  I didn’t even have to open up the Repertory to solve it.

Kent has developed this topic very well in his lectures on MM, it can also be verified in the rubric:

First aid, head, injury…

The patient also writes that she had a dizzy headache, which is in the same chapter:

First aid, head, injury…, dizziness after injury.


Jitka votes –  Natrum sulph

For permanent consequences after a head injury, Natrum sulph was the first choice to come to my mind, even though I wasn’t fully sure if it would be enough for such a terrible injury.

I looked into  Murphy’s, in the chapter “Headaches” –

rubrics:  Injury, after,


-headache from a blow

-headache from concussion

and also in the chapter “Head” –

a rubric:  injury, blows, concussions

In all rubrics, only two remedies were in bold – Arnica and Natrum sulph. As Arnica  should be used as a first aid,  in case of head injury, Natrum Sulph is  an effective treatment for the chronic effects of a head injury so Natrum Sulph  works well to treat headaches that follow a head injury.

You are both right!!!!

Have a nice day,



OK, let’s congratulate our winners and bestow upon them the highly coveted Hpathy Gold Star:

Miroslav and Jitka




Bye!  See you in September!  OMG!  Did I just say “See you in September”?  Is it really that time of year again?  I can’t believe it!  Here is “See You In September”, once again, by The Happenings:

Bye-Bye, so long, farewell….


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  • Nice easy quiz, but sounded very scary while reading through. Imagine if she had gone to a Allopathy doctor her days would end up in CT scans, MRI and innumerable tests for the headache. Homeopathy saved her effortlessly and with ease.

    Thanks Elaine for bringing this quiz 🙂

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