Revisiting: Tonsillitis, Elaine Aggravates

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Written by Elaine Lewis

Elaine gives the answer to the July quiz

Who here among us remembers last month’s exciting quiz?  That’s what I was afraid of!  So, here it is again:



Shana, let’s begin with the ceremonial photographing of the salad.


Take a picture of dinner!!!!

Mom, I don’t think people care what we’re eating for dinner!

Shana, we are here to set an example for people of the world who have forgotten that food grows on trees.

I thought that was money.

Only in your case, Shana.  No one else thinks money grows on trees!  Now, here we have a lovely salad which, by the way, should be the centerpiece of everyone’s meal!  It can be supplemented by a sweet potato or whole grain bread or any other whole food that’s to your liking but, this should be at the center.

What’s in the salad tonight, Mom?

Let’s see, last night we had freshly cooked salmon in our salad but tonight it’s just the usual lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onions and grated raw milk cheddar cheese with Paul Newman’s ranch dressing.  The great thing about salad is that you can put any vegetable in it you want!

Try to stay away from packaged food; they’re adding things to the food that have no business being there, and they’re not selecting quality food, either; what ever’s cheapest! Is that what you would pick for yourself?  If you eat like what you see in this picture, you will not have health problems–which brings us to tonight’s quiz!

Nice segue, Mom! Whose case is it this time?

It’s Maria’s brother; Maria is one of our regular quiz answerers!  He had tonsilitis, which he blamed on me!

How is that possible?

Well, oddly enough, Shana, I was taking his case, and I saw that his diet was nothing but meat and white flour products like pizza!  So, of course, he wanted a remedy and not a lecture on food (which was what he got!)  Since he claimed to be a “socialist” and a conspiracy theorist, I asked him, “Why are you eating food made by the Ruling Class?  It’s the biggest conspiracy going!  They put things in the food like sugar and MSG, etc. to addict you to it so you’ll become a regular customer!  Stop eating corporate food!”  Well, that went over like a lead balloon!

You mean like CIA agents at Fidel Castro’s birthday party?

Yes, something like that!  Anyway, he said I made him so angry, he broke out in tonsillitis!

I hate it when that happens!  But, you have that effect on people, Mom…. Maybe we should add this to the Complete Repertory.


“Tonsillitis, Elaine agg.”

Hey, that’s a good idea….I’d become famous!  Start the case, Shana!

…rolling, and…speed!





1. Describe the complaint 

Suddenly I felt swollen throat, especially in the tonsils. Both sides. The right tonsil is a little more worst. Pain in tonsils when swallowing. I saw pus in both tonsils and a little redness. I also have fever with periodicity but I can’t tell for sure the pattern.


2. Etiology-

The only thing I can think of is the disappointment I felt when I read your email. I didn’t expect you to be judgemental, for example the part that said, “All you’re doing is supporting the Ruling Class by buying their food!” 

As I told you earlier, this is a layer, the layer makes me crave junk food.


3. Sensation-describe the pain or other feeling you have.

When I swallow the pain shoots in the right ear.


4. Appearance – anything remarkable? Red skin, droopy eyes, etc.?

My eyes looks like I was crying; wet and a bit reddish.


5. Location-where on the body is your complaint located?


Throat- tonsils.


6. Modalities –


Warm drinks and sleeping ameliorates, Worse from Cold air and cold drinks and on swallowing even my saliva.

7. Concomitants


Feel numbness in forehead, I am sweating.

8. Discharges


Thick saliva


9. Generals-


I feel numbness in head, I feel hot, Thirsty for warm drinks. I feel hunger but I cant eat because I feel bloated in abdomen. I want to be alone.


10. The mentals

I feel cheerful today. But not yesterday.


11. What have you been saying?


I wanna go home.


12. What are you doing?


I am sitting alone and watching tv or internet.


13. Describe your thirst and appetite


Thirsty, almost 15 glasses per day. I prefer warm drinks, not hot. I feel hunger but I cant eat, I feel bloated abdomen which never bothered my hunger before.


14. Fever?


37.5-38 Celsius. With periodicity but cant tell exactly the pattern.


15. Sweating?

I am sweating a lot especially in forehead, genitals, back.


16. Odors?




17. What is most striking, peculiar or identifying about your condition?


Lots of saliva, especially drooling during sleep.


18. Is there a diagnosis?


Tonsilitis. But I had them removed. It is happening often in a year since I had them removed. But the last two years it is happening almost every 2 months, especially when I am stressed or bothered big time for something.


19. Describe your energy


I have a very good energy. A bit of cheerful.


Get your answers in folks: [email protected], let me know what you think and the answer will be in next month’s ezine.

And now for an important announcement:


To commemorate this solemn occasion, we have Gary US Bonds singing, “School Is Out!” Go Gary!!!!

Gary US Bonds






Nux v.



So, first of all, after giving the remedy, our patient’s sister and famous Quiz-answerer, Maria, wrote to me and said…..

Well, you were right!

He took a sip and went to sleep.

That’s a really good sign! Is he still mad at me?

Not at all mad!!!

He was astonished too with the results!

He told his friends about it, that after all those years he finally is tonsilitis-free!

When he woke up he was 90% better. He went to his work and had a coffee. It started to relapse then,

I guess they’re not kidding about coffee being an antidote.

so he took another sip.

I hope he succussed first.

Yes 5 times.

Immediately, he felt better again!

He didn’t even have to dose every hour because with one sip it went very good!

Amazing, just amazing!  Well, now we’ve got another quiz case!

Yes!!! It will be a difficult quiz! And I will vote for mercury as I thought yesterday.

Hey!  Before repertorizing, I thought it was Mercury too!


Now here is my conversation with famous Quiz-answerer, Rajiv:

Dear Elaine,

The remedy seems to be Bryonia.


It has the chief complaint (though its only a 1 in Kent’s repertory)

Rajiv, please get Murphy’s Repertory!  Actually, I didn’t find Bryonia under tonsilitis.  I found it under “chronic tonsilitis” only.  And as a 1, as you said.  But it wasn’t in the tonsillitis rubric at all, which is a very bad start.

It has the modalities of warm drinks ameliorate; and rest ameliorates.

I thought “rest amel.” was too common a symptom to repertorize. “Rest aggravates” would have been of greater value if it were part of the case because that would have been peculiar.

It is also a very thirsty remedy.  But the extreme thirst for warm drinks which ameliorates separates it from other remedies like Phytolacca, Belladonna, Nux Vomica, Nitric Acid, Merc etc.  Also, the desire to be left alone seems to further support Bryonia.

Yes, but desire to be alone supports a lot of other remedies too.  What about the right-sidedness of the case?  What about his inclination to blame others?  (“Reproaches others”) Bryonia’s not there.  In fact, he even blamed his “layer”!

Arsenic also has amelioration from warm drinks and is very thirsty.  But it does not have excessive salivation.

Personally, I think the excessive salivation was due to the fact that he couldn’t swallow.

Bryonia has that. Vithoulkas says that Bryonia is a remedy with very dry mucous membranes.

Did he have dry mucus membranes?  I don’t remember seeing that.

and perhaps the excessive salivation is an effort by the vital force to compensate this dryness.  Also, Kent does not have Arsenic in the main rubric:

Pain, extending to ear, on swallowing

So my vote goes to Bryonia.  Am I right?

What about the bloating?  What does that make you think of?  Hmm….we have: right-sided complaints, bloating, blaming, better warm drinks, worse cold drinks, wants to be alone….what does this sound like?

Well!!  I am sure I really need Murphy’s Repertory.  I have already ordered it actually.  I shall get it shortly.

You will find it a breath of fresh air!

The way you presented the case towards the end of your mail, it sounds like Lycopodium now.

Indeed, it is Lycopodium!!!!!

I have not repertorized before telling you this.

Any way, its always great to learn from you and your quizzes.


So, yes, it IS Lycopodium and I had no idea until I repertorized!

So now it’s time to cheer for our winners:

Congratulations to Dr. Shorab Ibrahim from Sri Lanka and….Annonymous!

And thanks to Eva the Picklet, Maria and Katie for wishing Shana well in college!

Bye everybody, see you in September!  OMG!  “See You In September”!  I’ve been waiting all year to say that!  Here it is, by “The Happenings”:

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  • First of all CONGRATULATIONS to Shana for completing her High School Graduation and making you a proud mother.
    This article is truly extraordinary not only from Homeopathic point of view but literary as well. “You mean like CIA agents at Fidel Castro’s birthday party?” What analogy!
    The homeopathic analysis and treatment of the case is also wonderful. Thanks Elaine Lewis.

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