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Revisiting: What Remedy Is Bobby Rydell? (Another Famous Person Quiz)

We just lost ’60’s teen idol, Bobby Rydell. Did you guess his constitutional remedy? Scroll down for the answer.

Hello, Mom.

Hello, Miss Shana!  And Happy Birthday!  (OMG! I haven’t wrapped your presents yet!)

I guess I should get started on my announcements if I can stop getting distracted by my package that came in the mail.

What package?

“What package,” she says!  You know, the VHS tapes I ordered from ebay?  The Bob Dylan tape, because it had James Taylor on it, and the two other tapes, because they had James Taylor on it?

I’m sorry I asked!

Let’s just say I found some cool stuff on ebay as usual.  But Anyway, congratulations on your award!

What award?

You know, the awards Dr. B gave out!

Which awards are you talking about???

The Lifetime Achievement Award!!!

Oh, right……….

Mom, everybody knows about the award by now!  Can we possibly move on to the Death Report?

Wait a minute, I haven’t given my acceptance speech yet!  Ahem! It all started in a 5,000 watt radio station in Fresno, California….”

Give me that!  This is Ted Baxter’s acceptance speech from “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”!

How did that get in here?  OK, I’m ready now.  Ahem!  December 7th, 1941.  A date that will live in infamy!

Alright, Mom, that’s it!  I have a very important Death Report to get to.  And by the way, that was FDR’s speech after the bombing of Pearl Harbor!

What was that doing here???

Now; as I was saying, the Death Report….

Someone died???

Who hasn’t died!  I wish I could say that the Death Report would be easy to swallow this month, but I can’t.  Sadly, “Sesame Street” lost original cast member, Emilio Delgado (known for playing Maria’s husband, Luis) at 81.

Here is a tribute video that the official Sesame Street youtube channel put together on Luis.  One thing every fan of the show remembers is when Maria and Luis got married in 1988 but that aired before I was born.

Too bad you couldn’t have gotten here sooner.


We also lost an original member of The Funk Brothers, guitarist Joe Messina.

Robert White and Joe Messina


You might want to explain who The Funk Brothers were.

They were the Motown studio band!  Joe was recruited by label owner, Berry Gordy, in 1959 out of the Jazz Clubs in Detroit.  The Funk Brothers played on hundreds of hit records.  Joe played on pretty much all the Motown hits such as “Dancing in the Street”, “I Can’t Help Myself”, and, of course, “My Girl” by The Temptations:

Joe was 93.

We also lost an iconic comedian—Gilbert Gottfried.

Say it isn’t so!  He was so funny!  He was known for his very loud, obnoxious and annoying voice! Here he is retelling a presumed “conversation” he had with Herman Melville, author of Moby Dick. He said he recommended putting a white whale in the book who bites off the leg of a sea captain, and Melville presumably replied, “What, this huge whale the size of an airport only bites off one tiny leg of this tiny little ship’s captain?  I guess he wasn’t very hungry that day; and then what, how does the captain get rescued?  The other sailors jump in and rescue him?  And perform surgery on his leg without even so much as a Kindergarten education?”  And Gilbert says, “Look, I can’t write the whole book for you!”

Here it is:


So listen, this video was really a set-up for the next video, which is a clip from John Oliver’s show “Last Week Tonight” wherein John says, “Have you noticed that no one has ever heard Jared Kushner speak?  What does he sound like?  Well, luckily, we came across this piece of film….”



Yes, that was Gilbert Gottfried voicing over Jared Kushner!  (Jared Kushner is Trump’s son-in-law!) Ha-ha! Gilbert Gottfried was 67.  He will be missed.

Mom, we lost your blue-eyed soul brother from South Philly, Bobby Rydell, to pneumonia at 79.  He died in Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia.

Oh no!  This is a disaster!


Of all those “Elvis clones” from the 1960’s, he was the only one who had any talent!  He could sing and dance…. In fact, he landed the leading role in the classic movie-musical, “Bye Bye Birdie”!

I want you to watch these 2 videos and tell me what his constitutional remedy is.  Notice how light he is on his feet, he’s almost lighter than air!

The name of this song is “Good Time Baby”.

My chick’s dynamite, it’s kicks every night, good time baby, let’s go crazy!


And the next one is “Swingin’ School”:


If you can figure out his constitution, write to me at [email protected] and tell me what you think it is, the answer will be in the May ezine.

That’s it for now, Bye-Bye Bobby!







OK, everybody, welcome back!  How did we do this time?  It appears that Lori D  has arrived first with the answer!

Hi Elaine and Shana (wish I was 30 again)!!

Well, hey, who doesn’t?  Actually, I wish I was 32.  30 wasn’t so great.  Did you find a new rhyme for your name, since you can no longer be “Lori D from NYC”?

Ok, I’m going with your suggestion of “Lori D from P.A.Z.”  I think you nailed it.


At least for now, until I move again!!  Bahahaha!

I’m still not clear on why you moved to Phoenix in the first place.

So, here’s a little recap of my living situation. Yes, I’m still at the Smoker’s Corner Complex in Phoenix, AZ.

It sounds enticing!

They would not allow me to get out of my lease without a legal battle, so I moved into a different unit which is still noisy but not as smokey.

My lease is up on July 12th so you can rest assured that I will be outta there and soon!

Not sure I even want to keep living in Phoenix.  I think everyone left their respective cities during the pandemic and moved here so now the rent and home prices are sky-high.

I’m paying way too much money for rent in a crap neighborhood and frankly, I was living less expensively in NYC.

No way!  Good heavens!

I did get my windshield fixed and did not even have to go anywhere.  This van comes right to your car and fixes it there…very convenient.

At least there’s some good news.

The drivers here make New York look like a stroll down easy street.

No way!  You’ve got to be kidding!!!  Remind me to stay out of Phoenix.

I have seen more car crashes with vehicles ending up upside down then I would like to admit.


So many people run red lights here!  Which I’m suspecting may be the reason that someone ends up upside down in the middle of the intersection.  I’m not sure but maybe it has something to do with the DRY heat of 100 degrees.  Once the temp goes up to 115, I’ll let you know if there are more accidents.  On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being I’m losing my mind out here, I’m at a solid 5.  Well, that’s all I can say about that.

I attended The Hahnemann Global Event and took a lot of classes for those 3 days.  I hope others were able to attend.  Great topics, great teachers…I know my constitutional remedy is definitely in the Tubercular miasm.

Now on to dreamy Bobby Rydell. (R.I.P.)

Dreamy is right!

Thanks for including the videos.  My constitutional suggestion would be Phosphorus.

Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding!!!!!

He appeared tall and thin with long limbs, stylish, artistic, and creative, and with being a ’60’s teen idol, I would say he liked to be the center of attention and probably liked to be around people.

I agree with everything you said: tall, thin, stylish, artistic, center of attention…and I would add: long face, symmetrical features, bright smile, bright eyes (Phosphorus is light), lighter than air (his feet seemed to not touch the ground).

He did pass away from pneumonia and Phosphorus does have a weakness of the lungs.

I was wondering if anyone would take that as a clue–and you did!  Yes, Phosphorus is our main remedy for pneumonia and bronchitis.

So, Phosphorus is my final answer.

Well, I couldn’t have said it better! 


Who else is here?  Is Maria here from Greece? 

Hi Elaine and Shana!

Hi Maria!

First I have to say that “Sway” is a favourite of mine, an absolute masterpiece!

No way!  Really???  OMG!  I was afraid no one, and I do mean NO ONE, would know who Bobby Rydell was but me and Shana!  By the way, if anyone is interested, his real name is Robert Louis Ridarelli.

About the remedy now:  Physically I noticed his mouth and it reminded me of Bailey’s book (Homeopathic Psychology) where he writes that it is characteristic of Phosphorus.  (He says that Mick Jagger and Julia Roberts also have this kind of mouth).

I will have to look that up!

He is sensual in his moves, expressive, lively.

Add to that “warm” and “engaging”.

He is thin also.

So is his face, he has a long face–AND, symmetrical features, which also seems to be a trademark of Phosphorus.  They are characteristically Tall, Thin and “Beautiful”.

So overall I think Phosphorus would fit.  Phosphorus is also a 4 in the pneumonia rubric.

YES!!!!  Exactly!  Excellent!!!!!

In the Mind chapter, Murphy has a rubric “Lightness, feeling of” with Phosphorus in it 🙂

Wonderful!  Perfect!

If I am wrong I will try again 😀

You are not wrong so don’t try again!


Hi Elaine,

Oh look!  It’s Krista from Nebraska!

Thank you for this fun quiz.  I actually had never heard of Bobby Rydell.

I must be getting old.

But he is quite talented!

Yes, very!  And you’ve never seen “Bye Bye Birdie” either?  It’s a classic!

I started by looking up dancing in the repertory and saw several options.  I honed in a bit by looking at loves to ( dance ) and singing and dancing.  This led me to choose Hyoscyamus.

Then I looked at Imitates and that confirmed for me that HYOS is my guess. I also learned a new vocabulary word- mimicry.

Right next to Imitates in the repertory it said mimicry and I didn’t know what that meant.  Here is the definition – The act or art of imitating someone or something typically in order to entertain or ridicule.

I always learn new things through the process of your quizzes.  Did I get the answer right ?

I don’t think so.  Krista, there’s one thing you have to know about Hyoscyamus –they’re insane!  Here’s the rubric.  “Mind: insanity, madness, behaves like a crazy person”.  Only 10 remedies with 3 in Bold: Hyoscyamus, Stramonium and Veratrum alb. 

Yeah, sure, Hyoscyamus loves to dance and sing, but, they do it shamelessly!  For example, Hyoscyamus is in Bold for “Mind: singing, obscene songs”!  They love being the center of attention but in a way that gets on everyone’s nerves!  They make fools out of themselves!!!!  They behave eccentrically, they dress eccentrically, behave inappropriately, laugh inappropriately–and loudly–they’re in your face, too close, always touching you…sometimes they even take their clothes off!  The rubric is “Mind: naked, wants to be” with only Hyoscyamus in Bold!

So listen, here was your mistake.  You went for his talent.  He sings and dances.  But this is very common, Krista.  Probably half the people in the world sing and dance, the question is, How?  How are they doing it?  What is the style, the manner?  Let’s make a list:

  1. He is light on his feet.
  2. He is confident, comfortable being center-stage.
  3. He is engaging, making good contact with his audience.
  4. He has an easy, big smile, his face lights up the room.
  5. He’s artistic.
  6. He’s tall and thin.
  7. He’s beautiful, like a fashion model.

Suspecting Phosphorus, as we all should be by now, we should turn to Philip Bailey’s Homeopathic Psychology and see what he has written about Phosphorus:

The appearance of the Phosphorus individual is often very beautiful.  The body is generally tall, thin and very lithe, being more flexible than most….  The limbs tend to be long and graceful, like those of a dancer….  The body is generally held in a very loose, relaxed manner, and tends to move with effortless grace. …

The facial features of Phosphorus are usually highly characteristic.  The most prominent features are the eyes…giving a most attractive appearance of innocence.  The complexion is usually very soft and smooth even in the men…. The face is angular rather than rounded and tends to be triangular with a pointed chin and a broad forehead.

The teeth are usually large and prominent.

The Shining Star

Phosphorus means the bearer of light. … The Phosphorus personality … tends to radiate joy and love unreservedly … sheer radiance.  … A joyous Phosphorus face is probably more moving and more uplifting than any other sight I can think of.  … When they smile, the effect is quite electric and irresistible. …

Of all the constitutional types, Phosphorus is the lightest emotionally. … buoyancy of spirit … an airy sprite … a very social animal … enjoys company … loves to share [himself] with others … playful … bouncy and chatty.  … Very often, Phosphorus appears like a golden child, sent from the heavens to add a little magic to the lacklustre world.  Because of their charm, they tend to be very popular … rather dramatic in their expressiveness and does nothing to hide their joy….

The majority of Phosphorus individuals are gifted artistically and many become poets, painters or dancers.  … Phosphorus avoids anything that will weigh them down. … Phosphorus men have the same lightness and sensitivity as the women.  … Phosphorus men are beautiful rather than handsome.

All Phosphorus people have an ethereal quality which makes one almost expect them to float. …

Phosphorus loves and accepts himself, as he loves and accepts most people he knows.


I think Philip Bailey nailed it!  So, yes, as you might have guessed by now, Bobby Rydell is a Phosphorus.

Thank you so much Elaine for teaching me more about Phosphorus.  I love to learn and grow in my understanding of remedies through your quizzes!

I’m glad I could be of help!  Oh look, the gang from Slovakia just pulled up!

Hello Elaine and Shana,

Hello Miroslav and Jitka!

We send our answers on the April quiz.

Miroslav votes: Phosphorus

As for the new quiz, the singer seems to me like Phosphorus, he really moves naturally lightly and and in a way he shines/radiates.  So I’m voting for this remedy.

Jitka votes: Phosphorus

At first glance, Phosphorus came to my mind.  Bobby looked very airy and radiant, with a large mouth, a tall, slender, funnel chest (tubercular miasm), just as P. Bailey describes Phosphorus in his book.  But I couldn’t help to look into the Repertory.  In the rubrics Mind, dance and Mind, music ameliorates,  is prominent remedy: Tarentula.  On the contrary, in the rubric Music aggravates is mentioned Phosphorus in second degree. Also on Google, most sources also mentioned Tarentula as the most common remedy loving music and dancing.  But it didn’t go through my head that a spider could look so friendly!  Therefore, I re-read the Phosphorus chapter in Bailey’s book Homeopathic Psychology.  And there I was fascinated by the words (cit.) “Phophorus has something ethereal in him, we almost expect him to rise into the air”, “He is tall, slender and very flexible ….. he has long and graceful limbs like dancers … “he has a relaxed body and moves with natural charm” – just like Bobby has.  That’s why I’m choosing a constitution of Phosphorus for Bobby Rydell.  (By the way, I know the songs, but I’ve never seen the singer before.)

I’m so glad you know the songs!  Thanks for the great quotes from Bailey!  You are both right!!!!!  Jitka, thank goodness you went to Philip Bailey and saw a perfect match for Phosphorus!  Tarentula loves (a certain kind of) music and loves to dance but they are awkward, disharmonic and hurried!  It’s not a pretty sight!


Next we have Anne from Florida but originally from my neck of the woods!  Hi, Anne!

I met Bobby Rydell at our car dealership!!!

What???  No way!

Bobby Rydell came into our dealership because he bought car from us.  We all talked to him every time he came in.  He was so nice to everyone.

I believe it!

He seemed very laid back.  I Would pick Arsenicum for him because I thought he was a lot like me and my constitutional remedy is arsenicum (I think).

Sorry, Anne, not Arsenicum.  (Maybe you’re not Arsenicum!)  I would not describe Arsenicum as “laid back”.  Bailey describes them as “polite but aloof”…”emotionally distant”.

I think we might have time for one more answer. 


Hi Elaine! 👋

Hi Pam!

Is the answer to April’s quiz, Tarentula Hispanica?

A good guess but wrong.

The important thing is this, Pam.  A lot of people like to dance, the question is, how do they do it?  It so happens that Tarentula is very dis-rhythmic.  Awkward.  Herky-jerky.

Here’s what you should notice about Bobby Rydell that’s a clue to his remedy type, the Elements of the Case, as it were:

  1. Tall
  1. Thin
  1. Triangular face
  1. Big warm smile, big teeth, bright eyes
  1. Symmetrical features
  1. Good contact with others
  1. Center of attention agrees with him
  1. People-person
  1. Rhythmic, light
  1. Died of pneumonia

Now, compare him with another teen idol of sorts from the ’60’s, Bob Dylan.  Dylan doesn’t smile…

…doesn’t look at, engage with, his audience, doesn’t seem to care if they like him or not, acts like he thinks he’s probably better than they are, that he would just as soon they weren’t there; his hair is a mess, he sings very esoteric, ponderous, lengthy, inscrutable, self-indulgent songs that he writes himself.  He’s a Sulphur. 

In Murphy’s Rep, TARENT is listed in caps, under Mind: Dancing.

Yes, but they’re awkward.

It makes sense as spiders move quickly, and are very light-legged.  Bobby Rydell’s dance movements are also very quick, and as you said “airy/light”, as if floating — much like a spider!

In Morrison’s Desktop Guide, Tarentula is said to have a love of music and dancing, even wild dancing.

Yes!  You see?  There it is:  Wild dancing!  Maybe that remedy type would be best suited to heavy-metal music.  Here’s your idiot heavy-metal Tarentula style dancing:

That was VERY disturbing!!!!!

Tarentulas are very hurried, it also said.

Extremely.  Yes, hurried, wild and stupid!!!!  Does it fit Bobby Rydell at all???  No!

He seems to dance almost without thinking about it.  The music is really moving him, and his feet move widly and fast.

Not wildly.  Rhythmically, stylishly and artistically.

Yup!  My vote is for TARENTULA HISPANICA, Olé!

Oy vey!

Did I get one right….finally???? 🤔

Well….you found a remedy that liked to dance….. 

Is it Phosphorus?

Yes!!!!!  OK, everybody, it’s time to congratulate our 4 winners:

Lori D




Come on down!  You’re our April Quiz winners!

See you again next time!


Elaine Lewis, DHom, CHom

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  • I sure enjoyed watching the Temptations sing “My Girl.” I miss those days of good music. So fun to watch the videos of Bobby Rydell, too. Yes, he sure was light on his feet and had a good sense of rhythm, unlike those goofy Tarentula-h guys in the garage. Thanks for always enlightening us, and with humor, Elaine!

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