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Revisiting: Whats Up, Diana Ross?

Written by Elaine Lewis

Elaine gives the answer to last month’s quiz and spotlights The Supremes!

Does anybody remember last month’s quiz?  Here it is again with the answer to follow:


And now, I bring you, the fabulous, and grandiose…Miss Kelly Young!!!!!!  This time it’s a friend of Kelly’s that needs our help.

Thank you.  I am once again honored to be here.

Around 2 pm last weekend…

Pardon me if I interrupt, but, 2 PM last weekend?  What kind of a “time” is that?

I’m so sorry.  Around 2:03 last weekend…a friend of mine stopped by to visit.  It was obvious she was uncomfortable so I asked, “What’s up ‘Mary’?  It looks like your leg is bothering you.”

Excuse me, do you mean Mary Wilson of The Supremes?

Mary Wilson of The Supremes has died, aged 76 - UNCUT


Well, Kelly, when you say “Mary”, what else am I supposed to think?  

OK, I will try to come up with a name that won’t remind you of anyone!  Let me start again.  Around 2:03 last weekend, a friend of mine stopped by to visit.  It was obvious she was uncomfortable so I said, “What’s up, ‘Diana’?”   How’s that?

Um… Let me think.  Diana…  Does that name remind me of anyone???  No.  OK, continue!

“What’s up, ‘Diana’?” I said.  I saw her rubbing her left outer thigh.  She said, “Oh, I have sciatica and it’s really acting up the last couple days.  I was up pacing the floor around 2:00 this morning!”  (She’s up and down in the chair as we speak.)  “It really hurt first thing this morning, but feels a little better right now.”

Elaine, could you stop humming?  It’s really annoying!

Was I humming?

Yes, you’re humming!

I had noooo idea!

OK.  So, later on I phoned to set up a time to exchange our children back to their respective homes and I asked how she felt.  “Better, I’ve been sitting on the heating pad and stretching it out, it helps to rub it too.”

A little while later she showed up to pick up/drop off kids and said, “I feel so out of it and kinda foggy.  I have this really bad headache.”

When I went to her house to retrieve yet another child, she was in the bathroom and didn’t know I had come in.  She yelled down to her husband, “I’m in here again!”

I asked how she was doing and she said, “The headache is still pretty bad and it extends down my neck, in the back.” She still had the leg pain and was acting a bit “spacey.”

I gave her a remedy and she took 3 doses of _______________30c before bed and one the next morning.  She said she slept really well and much of the pain was gone by morning.  The next day she was almost completely pain free, and there you have it–another happy customer!

Elaine?  Elaine are you listening?????

…How can Mary tell me what to do when she’s lost her love so true?

and Flo, she don’t know, that the boy she loves is a Romeo…


….I listened once to my friends’ advice but it’s not gonna happen twice

Cuz all advice ever got me was many long and sleepless nights


I got him back in my arms again, right by my side….


I got him back in my arms again, so satisfied


Aaaah!  Dr. B!!!!!!!!!  OK,I give up!  if you know the remedy (or the song Elaine is singing, for that matter) write to her at [email protected] and the answer will be in next month’s ezine.  Yeesh!


So how did we do with last month’s quiz?  It saddens me to think, that the state homeopathy is in today, has reached the point where no one knows “Back In My Arms Again” by Diana Ross and the Supremes!  (Except for Ute Seebauer from Canada, who wrote the following):

The remedy is Rhus-tox.  Sciatica, > warm applications, rubbing, continued motion

< at night

Headache and neck trouble

She took 3 doses of  RHUS-T 30c before bed and one the next morning.

The song Elaine was humming however isn’t Rhus, it’s “Ross”

DIANA ROSS & The Supremes – “Back in My Arms Again”

Have a great day.  “All day long I hear my telephone ring, friends calling giving their advice…..”

Ute Seebauer


You go, girl!   And good for Sherill who also guessed “Back In My Arms Again”!  

Now, the rest of you…. Oy vey!  


But now for the quiz results!  Out of seventeen votes cast, an overwhelming 12 of you got the right answer, which, of course, was Rhus tox!

Here’s what some of you had to say (note: “<” means worse,  “>” means better):


No I don’t know the name of the song, but I think the remedy that covers it best —
sciatica > walking/motion (eliminative)
sciatica > pressure
sciatica > warmth
brain fag
copious urine
headache -> back
< morning
< night
……is Rhus-tox.
Love & peace,
Karen Wehrstein


I feel the Diana Ross Rx is Rhus-t. because of:
the restlessness ; aggravation at night; Better for heat; Sensorium becomes
cloudy (spacey); Stiffness of nape of neck; headache in occiput; better for
strechting out limbs; better for motion.  Thanks for the exercises!  



Dear Elaine,

This case is a good opportunity to use Boenninghausen Therapeutishes Taschenbuch for repertorisation. I have worked hard to be capable of using it in German (its original langage) as no good translation does exist in English.

After taking into account the following information (corresponding to 6 rubrics)

Localisation: outer thigh, left lower limb

Sensation: what kind of pain ?

Modality: amel. becoming warm, amel. extending the limb

Concommitant: corporeal restlessness agg. at night after midnight

I would suggest RHUS TOX as the best medicine. NUX VOM comes second from the repertorisation but affects more the right lower limb and would not tolerate such moving about. ARS which would come to the mind spontaneously (restlessness agg 2 a.m.) is clearly farther in the list with only 4 rubrics covered. Moreover would we not expect an ARS patient to be anxious with the restlessness ?



Hi Elaine
I would have given Rhus Tox
The woman was restless, continuously moving, better for heat, rubbing,
stretching and changing position
Mati H Fuller


Since I don’t recognize the song, I’ll submit my entry of Rhus Tox:

Restlessness, dazed mind, left-sided sciatica

Better for heat, continued motion, rubbing, stretching out limbs

Worse after midnight, aggravated by rest

Thanks! I have been learning a lot from the ezine articles!



“Back in My Arms Again” by the Supremes…



It was a good guess, Sherill! You probably saw the restlessness, the amelioration from heat and worse around midnight and thought of Arsenicum…it’s not that it’s a bad guess, it’s that Rhus tox has more symptoms that match here, such as better from stretching, which is a big indicator for Rhus tox, as is better massage. Also, let me just say that although Arsenicum and Rhus tox have restlessness in common, Rhus tox is actually better from moving whereas Arsenicum has a psychological restlessness and isn’t necessarily better for all the moving, pacing, tossing and turning, etc.


Hi dearesst Elaine!

Hi Nooshin!

How I missed You!

You were gone?

We were moving house and that is the reason why I couldn’t write sooner and why I’m in a hurry now!!!!

You’re moving the house?  Was it in the wrong place?  Don’t they play The Supremes in Iran?

The remedy is: RHUS TOXICODENDRON (rhus-tox.)

because we have :

restlessness [I was up pacing the floor …,she’s up and down in the chair]

left sided symptoms,


<beginning to move, night, morning on waking (all indicate < rest)

> warm applications,


>massage [ Rubbing her left outer thigh]

and we have a concomitant:

headache : it is surely because of cervical stiffness [extends down my neck, in the back]

Thank you again Elaine for being there and helping us to think better. Say hello to all dear Hpathies!! Lots of love and a big hug,

Nooshin Azadi


OK, so congratulations go out to Dr. Manuel Monasterio, Jayashree, Nooshin Azadi, Brooks, Mati Fuller, Michel, LJ, Karen Wehrstein, Ravi Narayan, our friend Anonymous, and Totally Cool

Ute Seebauer!!!!!!  

See you back here next time!



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