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Revisiting: Would You Be Sad If I Hung Myself?

Revisiting: Would You Be Sad If I Hung Myself? 1

Homeopathy cures a psychiatric case, were you able to guess the remedy?

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 Hello!  Is anybody here today to solve this quiz for us? 

Hello dear Dr. Elaine and Shana.  Was Janelle Lachesis?  Here are the rubrics I chose: 

  1. abandoned
  2. fear of ghosts
  3. suicidal depression
  4. holds a grudge
  5. malicious, desire to injure someone
  6. mistakes in calculating
  7. hatred feelings



Hi Salma, you came very close!  Your second choice was right!  I wasn’t able to copy and paste your chart for some reason, but, you came up with Lachesis, Stramonium and Pulsatilla.  Here’s where I think you went off.  First of all, there’s no mention of Janelle being afraid of ghosts.  She may well have been, but, we weren’t given that information.  Secondly, you’ve included rubrics that I believe were side-effects of her anti-depressant and, therefore, we can’t use them: desire for suicide and desire to injure someone.

 So, here’s the part of the case where I believe the remedy is revealed:

 “For over ten years she had been clingy and always begged me to sleep with her until she fell asleep.  She needed a night light on and the door open.  Lately, she had developed a weird laugh although it wasn’t scary or anything, just kind of loud and forced. … This remedy state can come on after a fright and there had been several….”

 So, this is the unmistakable picture of Stramonium

Fear of being alone in the dark, must sleep with a light on, needs company.  So, you hear this and already you’re suspecting Stramonium, BUT, this “loud laughter” is very peculiar, very telling!  Plus, the use of the word “weird”.  For the most part, only the “insane” remedies have this “loud laughter”!  Belladonna, Hyoscyamus and Stramonium.  And you add the word “forcible” to it, and you remember (hopefully) that Stramonium has “forcible” stuttering, and you might think, “Hey!  Maybe this ‘forcibleness’ is a theme of Stramonium!” 

Then, if you look back at the rest of the case, you can say, “Does Stramonium have claustrophobia?  Yes!  Does it have dilated pupils?  Yes!  Does it have ailments from fright?  Yes!  Does it have delusion that she’s been deserted or abandoned?  Yes!  And you realize it covers pretty much the whole case!  But the loud laughter is KEY, because it’s very peculiar, very characteristic, and the remedy would have to cover that; and luckily, that’s a small rubric with only 8 remedies in it, with only 3 in either bold or italics.

Now, your “mistakes in calculating” rubric that you chose, I think that’s actually “ailments from vaccination”; so, we can’t use it.  Now, before anyone becomes outraged that I said that… according to the CDC, 1 out of 6 children in this country has a learning disability; so, we now have to look at things like not being able to do math as “common”!  And what are all children getting, commonly?  Vaccinated!  And what are in vaccines?  Neurotoxins, like Mercury and Aluminum. 

Why is the pharmaceutical industry doing this to our families and children?  I don’t know, maybe someone should ask them to explain the inexplicable ingredients in vaccines, why they contain MSG, formaldehyde and other bizarre ingredients like mercury!  The bottom line is, when you’re taking a case, you have to factor in side effects of drugs because so many people are on them; you can’t just automatically assume that every symptom is part of the constitutional case.

Yes now I can see Sramonium suits all.  I should have read it more carefully. 

And not only that, but the mother has delusions there is a man out on the balcony at night, and that someone is following her on the bus!  And Janelle’s other grandmother watches horror movies all day–in the dark!  So, the whole family is showing signs of Stramonium!  Thanks for voting, Salma!

Is anybody else here today?


Hello Elaine and Shana,

Hi Miroslav and Jitka!

we send our regular posts to your quiz.

Miroslav says: “The remedy in this case is Stramonium.“

The main topic is fear,  so first of all I thought about Stramonium:

Eyes, pupils, dilated

Mind, claustrophobia

 Mind, kill, desire

 Mind, kill, desire,  with knife

 Phatak MM: he wants to kill himself and others

 Mind, fear, darkness

So I would guess  this remedy – Stramonium


 Jitka says:  “Arsenicum alb.“

 When I first read your quiz, I was thinking about  Stramonium (fear – darkness, claustrophobia, ghosts) and Alumina – fear of knives, the desire to kill with a knife.

Frankly, Jitka, I felt that the depression and desire to kill were side effects from the drugs the hospital put her on.

Then I realized a remedy should be on the list of remedies for syphilitic miasm.  I found only incomplete lists of remedies for syphilitic miasm, but it probably concerns the most important remedies of this destructive miasm.

 Syphylitic miasm – Kent: . SYPHILIS : Arg-m., Ars-i., ars-s-f., ars., asaf., Aur-m-n., Aur-m., Aur., bad., benz-ac., calc-i., calc-s., carb-an., carb-v., cinnb., clem., con., cor-r., crot-h., fl-ac., guai., hep., iod., kali-ar., kali-bi., kali-chl., Kali-i., Kali-s., lach., led., Merc-c., Merc-i-f., Merc-i-r., Merc., mez., Nit-ac., petr., ph-ac., phos., Phyt., sars., Sil., staph., Still., sul-i., sulph., Syph., thuj.

 Syphylitic miasm – Murphy:  Merc, ars, Aur, fl. acid, kali iod, Lach, nitr. acid, Syphilinum

 I  searched in Murphy for rubrics that are, in my opinion,  suitable for this case, and to my surprise, Arsenicum is present in everyone and moreover Arsenicum is listed among the main remedies of syphilitic miasm.  Although I am not entirely convinced that this is the right remedy for all three generations of women who have been mentioned in the case, I  don´t know to confirm something else.  I thought that I ´m not going to guess this difficult case, but at last I can´t lose anything with this my doubtful attempt. 

 Hats down in front of Linda for how excellently she has managed harmonizing the health of her family members.

 In this country, we say, “Hats off”.  There’s a song by Del Shannon called

 “Hats Off To Larry”.  (Maybe I’ll play it at the end.)

 Selected rubrics: (Murphy)

 Mind: Depression, children, in: abrot, ars AUR calc. Carc caust lach lyc NAT m. Rhus t, sulph

 Mind: depression, girls before puberty:  ars calc.p, hell, ign lach nat. m. pulse, sep.

 Mind: Depression, does not want to talk: Arg N, ars, cact, Nat M. nitr. acid ph-acid pulse stann ver.

 Mind: Suicide depression: knife with: alum, ars, bell, calc, hyosc, merc, nux v, stram

 Mind: Suicidal depression: hang himself: ARS, aur, bell, carb.v., hell, nats., ter.,

 Mind: Kill, knife with: alum, ars, hep, hyos, chin, lyc, lyss, merc ,, nux, v. salary, stram.

 Mind: Learning handycapped, study, reading, learning with difficulty: Agar, Agn, anac, ars, bar. c, calc, cal.p, carc, …. lyc, merc, … phosp., … thuj

 MIND: Fear, darkness, from: (many remedies): ars (2)

 Well, Jitka, Miroslav was right–it’s Stramonium!  Fear of the dark, needs a night light, needs company, eyes dilated, claustrophobia, etc… then there’s the grandmother, making them watch horror movies all day (ailments from fright) and the mother with her delusions about being followed and men are on the balcony at night, etc.; so, you can take the whole family together and gather symptoms from them to augment your case because very often remedy pictures are passed down from one generation to the next!

 Hi Elaine and Shana!

 Hi Maria!

 For this month’s quiz I will vote for Stramonium, even Nux-v seems a good idea too because of the drugs she is taking.  If I am wrong I will try again.

 You’re not wrong, so don’t try again!

 P.S 1 My regards to the lady that fought so bravely with homeopathy!

 P.S 2 My search in repertory showed Belladonna in the rubrics I was interested in.  But I am totally missing the mental picture of this remedy.

 What do you mean?  You’re missing the mental picture of Stramonium? 

 No, Belladonna!  Sooooo, I am kindly asking if you could enlighten us, like the Medorrhinum “Tidbits”?

 Hmm…  You know, Belladonna doesn’t get prescribed too often for its mental picture, unless the person, or animal, has rabies.  But, OK, let’s talk about Belladonna for a second.  Belladonna we usually give based on the physical symptoms.  Blood usually rushes to some area, like the head, and there’s throbbing and heat.  The result is that the hands and feet are cold. 

 The patient is hyper-sensitive, can’t stand light, noise, can’t stand to be jarred (bumped into) or touched or pressed; this is why it’s so well indicated for appendicitis. 

 There’s a high fever with a lot of dry heat.  The patient is like a radiator.  There’s redness.  Maybe the face is red, or the tonsils are red or the infected area is hot and red and possibly throbbing.  Maybe it’s a boil that’s bright red and very sensitive to touch or jarring.

 When a child has a Belladonna virus, the parent usually becomes frantic to do something fast!  The illness takes on the character of an emergency, something has to be done right away!  Maybe the child is screaming!  Maybe he’s crying, “Help me, help me!”  Belladonna children are not lying passively like Gelsemium, they’re very distressed.  When the mother feels this way, that something must be done quickly, the remedy is probably Belladonna. 

 A Belladonna patient is also thirstless.  High fever, sudden onset, no sweating, dry heat, thirstless, hypersensitive, cold feet, cold hands, distressed disposition, dilated pupils– that’s Belladonna.  Also, think of Belladonna in sunstroke.  I have a Belladonna quiz for you, a perfect picture of Belladonna:


Hey everybody, Vamsi’s in the house!!!!!

 Hi Elaine!  That was a fantastic quiz and an intriguing one of course.  I am not sure if I can “hit the bulls eye”, but would surely try it out.

 The elements of the case are as follows.

 Elements of the case (which I felt were most prominent )


  1. Miasmatic inheritance

 Meaning that we can make the mother’s and grandmother’s symptoms a part of the case, even though Janelle may not have them.  For instance, we can use, “Mind: delusions, pursued, thought he was”. 

  1. cluster of warts

I don’t think we can use that because the other homeopath got rid of them with some remedy.  Palladium? 

  1. Weak at logical stuff (math)

 Vamsi, I think we would attribute that to “ailments from vaccinations”.  According to the CDC, 1 in 6 children has a learning disability, making her inability to do math a “common” symptom!  And as you know, in homeopathy, we can’t use common symptoms in finding a remedy. 

  1. hatred towards dear ones

 No, she only hates her father, and that’s because her mother hates her father!  She’s just taking her cue from her mother. 

  1. fear factor (in-built due to scary movies)

 Call that “ailments from fright”. 

  1. self destruction (wants to hang myself)

Vamsi, I have a feeling that’s a side-effect of her antidepressant.  If you look up any antidepressant, Zoloft, for example, look at what it says under “side effects”: Aggressive reaction, suicidal thoughts and actions….

Rubrics I can list are :

 MIND – Confusion and weakness of memory

           Digust, Fear, Irritability,

           Mistakes : in calculating

SKIN – eruptions – syphylitic ( warts )

 Hate, terror, and fear reign covertly or overtly, the case and a sense of Self Destruction, which I feel would I go for SYPHILINUM.

 Elaine, if its wrong please let me know your thoughts and I would try again.

You know, unlike our other nosodes like Medorrhinum and Carcinosin, we hardly ever use Syphilinum!  This little girl–Janelle–has a very clear remedy picture–and so does her mother and grandmother!  Here’s what we have: fear of the dark, must have a light on, fear of being alone in the dark, can’t sleep alone.  Her mother thinks men are there who aren’t there!  And her mother watches horror movies all day–in the dark!!!!  This spells out clearly only one remedy: Stramonium! 

This is the spooky, scary remedy; the remedy for nightmares, night terrors.  There’s either a fear of the color black or anything dark and somber, or conversely, the person dresses all in black (and in the grandmother’s case, watches horror movies all day!) 

I have a Stramonium Quiz you might like to see where all the children in the house were Stramonium, but each one with a different piece of the remedy:

 Oh!  And I just found another one:


 So listen, let’s congratulate our two grand winners–Maria and Miroslav!  And as promised, for Jitka, here’s “Hat’s Off To Larry”:

 Hats off to Larry, he broke your heart, but you laughed at me when you said we must part, you told me lies, now it’s your turn to cry (cry cry) now that Larry said good-bye to you.

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

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