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Rheumatoid Arthritis in a Woman of 34

Dr. Krishan Bhushan Jaiswal presents a case of rheumatoid arthritis in a woman of 34. Revengeful, suffocation in closed room, edema when lowers leg hangs down and rigid joints were symptoms indicating the simillimum.

Female –  34 years

Chief complaints – She suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis (Homeopathy for Rheumatoid Arthritis) for 5 years before seeking treatment. She was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism 6 months before coming to me.

Rigidness of all joints

Pain in toes and finger joints

Pain aggravating from least motion and after rising in morning

Pain ameliorated after continued motion

Oedema (Homeopathy for Oedema) in lower leg after hanging down

Extreme weakness

Fainting with headache in vertex region

Heaviness in lower abdomen – aggravating during menses

Sleeplessness at night but drowsiness during daytime

Appetite diminished

All complaints aggravating in a crowd and in a closed room

Suffocation during bathing. Cannot tolerate water on head from shower during headache.

Thermal -_ambithermal  – Sensitive to extremes of cold and heat

Mind  –  Irritable  –  aggravating during menses

Cannot bear any comment about their social status

Very sensitive to opinion of others.


Medicine given:  Pulsatilla 30 one dose

In this case I gave Pulsatilla after considering:


Suffocation in closed room

Wants care

Rigidness of joints

Oedema in lower leg after hanging

After one month and three doses of Pulsatilla 30

Oedema of leg is gone

Rigidness of joints very much improved

TSH went to the normal range 3.4 from 6.2

I continued the case with placebo.

After one month the oedema with pain returned. She reported that she took paracetamol 500mg for fever three days ago, and after that the swellings and pain  came back. I then gave her Camphor 30 one dose due to effects of allopathic medicine.

After 15 days she had improvement in swellings and pain. Then I gave one more dose of Pulsatilla 30. After one month her symptoms of swelling and pain were gone.  Her serum RA is also normal.

About the author

Krishan Bhushan Jaiswal

Dr. Krishan Bhushan Jaiswal lives in Kanpur and has been practicing homeopathy since 2010. Along with his classical teachings he has been learning under the guidance of Dr. Prafull Vijayakar and Dr. Amarsinha Nikam.

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