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Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) Treated with Homeopathy and Clinical Diet

Written by Varsha Patel-Joshi

Dr. Varsha Patel-Joshi presents a case of rheumatoid arthritis treated with homeopathy and diet.

The human body is a complex network and the human mind can play a major role in defining any disease and its prognosis. The first step in treating RA is a correct case history. The patient should convey correctly his symptoms, the sensations, the type of pain and also the state of mind. It is very important to understand what has caused the current illness.

We know that rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease, where one’s own immune system starts attacking the healthy body cells. This starts due to certain trigger factors like stress, trauma, suppression of emotions and a lot of other factors which are still under research.

From the homeopathic perspective the disease can be categorized according to the miasmatic basis. Rheumatoid arthritis comes under the syphilitic miasm as it involves tissue destruction, deformity and finally death due to complications. So a correct anti-miasmatic homeopathic remedy, along with a proper diet regime will definitely help in arresting the disease and offer gentle rapid relief to the patient.

In order to achieve the desired result from the treatment, full cooperation is needed from the physician and the patient. The patient has to clearly explain his problems without analyzing what is important and what is not. The physician on his part should be a keen observer and make proper notes of the case history provided by the patient. The physician should not be biased and reach conclusions until the case is properly analyzed and evaluated.

We will discuss a case of Rheumatoid Arthritis that came to our Happy Livin centre.

A 55 years old woman came to our Happy Livin centre with complaints of severe pain and swelling in the joints for the last year. The complaints started with the swelling of the right elbow. The disease progressed to the ankles and the knees. Due to a high intake of painkillers, the patient experienced temporary relief of the pain but developed severe acidity.

The complaints are aggravated with movement, cold damp weather and getting up from the squatting position.

The patient also suffers from allergic rhinitis with constant sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes. She feels better with warm drinks. The complaints are worst in damp weather, after cold drinks and from dust.

Emotional nature:

She is very talkative by nature, very emotional and gets hurt very easily, weeping easily over trifles. She can forgive easily, but cannot forget the event. She is very religious and likes to go to temples and religious lectures. She loves music.

Her childhood was very good. She is very attached to her parents and sisters. She was teaching in the primary section in a school and left that after she got married.

After marriage she had lots of stress and didn’t get along with her In-laws. She had lots of financial stress as her husband did not have a permanent job. Her relations with her husband were cordial.

She has two children, a daughter and a son; both of them are very caring. They have worked hard and financed most of their studies. She is not very happy as both of them married out of their caste, but she has accepted it.

Personal history:

  • Diet: Non Vegetarian

  • Craves spicy food, salt

  • Aversion to sweets

  • Thermals: feels very hot, damp weather aggravates all her complaints, draft of air or direct fanning aggravates

  • Wants covers always but keeps her feet out of the covers due to burning of soles especially in summers

  • Sleep not refreshing as it is disturbed due to pain

  • She has religious dreams

  • She is usually constipated

  • Little or no perspiration

  • She had early menopause at the age of 35 years

Family history:

  • Father died of heart attack

  • 1 sister died of uterine cancer

  • 1 sister has high blood pressure and chicken guinea

  • Other sisters are healthy

  • 1 brother is healthy

Past history:

  • Typhoid

On examination:

  • She had pigmentation on the face

  • Swelling on the right hand with restricted movement of the fingers of the right hand

  • Blood pressure: 160/90 mm of Hg

  • Bilateral pitting edema

  • Cracking of knee joints

Patient was advised to get the following tests done

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

  • CBC, ESR

  • Serum Cholesterol

  • Uric acid


Patient was prescribed Natrum Sulph taking into consideration the following symptoms:

Craving for spicy food,

Craving for salt

Damp weather aggravates all her complaints

Draft of air or direct fanning aggravates

Weeping easily



Follow Up



First prescription

Natrum Sulph 30 c, 3 powders for a week


The Rheumatoid Arthritis test was positive (21.5 I.U.), serum Cholesterol was slightly high, ESR was high (80)
Patient reported that the pain in the right hand is less but the swelling is same. She has developed severe cold with sneezing, watery discharge from nose and eyes.

Natrum Sulph 30 c, 3 powders for a week


Patient is feeling better

Same medicine was repeated for 2 weeks
Happy Livin Clinical Diet Plan was given


Patient is feeling much better, pain only when she exerts. Little swelling still persists

No medicines she was under observation for 2 months


Pain is much better but swelling still persists. She has again developed allergic cold

Nat Sulph 30c, 3 powders


Patient reported that swelling is much better and she is not having much pain. But her allergic cold is still bothering her.

Nat Sulph 30c,

three doses

Happy Livin clinical diet is changed to assist the recovery from cold and prevent the recurrence


Patient is advised to get test done for Rheumatoid Arthritis, CBC, ESR, Serum Cholesterol

No Medicines


Mild pain in left knee, had an episode of severe cold, now better.
Investigations: platelet count low, Rheumatoid Arthritis test was negative

No medicines. Patient is under observation.


Based on the history provided by the patient, a constitutional remedy was prescribed which has helped the patient in getting sustained relief from the pain without any painkillers. In addition to this the vitality of the patient has increased and now she is also free from her allergic rhinitis.

Importanceof Clinical Diet:

Clinical diets are customized as per the nutritional status of the patient in order to correct the nutritional imbalance, thus improve the immunity of the patient. These clinical diets are designed according to the disease condition where the diet will give enough energy and also help relieve the symptoms and slow down the progress of the disease.

Weight management is important in treating Rheumatoid arthritis as excess weight will put undue pressure on the hip and the knee joints. Hence weight loss is essential to minimize the damage to these joints. It is observed that people who have rheumatoid arthritis may benefit from foods which are high in saturated fatty acids particularly the omega 3 fatty acids in flaxseeds. Omega 3 fatty acids helps abort the inflammatory process. Also saturated fatty acids have shown to improve the immunity in people suffering with RA. In rheumatoid arthritis foods that reduce the inflammatory process are advised, as they help reduce pain and inflammation around the joints thus limiting further destruction of the joints.

About the author

Varsha Patel-Joshi

Dr.Varsha Joshi B.H.M.S, MMedSc. has been practicing classical homeopathy and consulting in nutrition in Mumbai, India for the last nine years and also runs her global online consultation. She holds a BHMS and also has a Masters in nutrition from the University of Sheffield (UK). She has special expertise in weight management. Her other areas of interest include PCOS, Fibroadenoma of the breast and uterine fibroids. She has also focused on treating diabetes with homeopathy and Diet. Dr. Joshi also treats children with behavioral disorders and autistic spectrum disorder.


  • Its very surprising for me to read that RA factor become negative.What medical since said this is impossible.No way to be negative.Thanks

  • Thank you for this RA article! Where may I find a “clinical” diet???? I have Gout and arthritis.. and going to try Nat Sulph.. I am in my 80’s and do not “relish” living in a nursing home.. I totally believe in Homeopathy…
    Thank you again for this article and Hpathy …..

  • thank you Dr. varsha from this excellent article , but its follow up was vague.and emotional signs have few effect on prescription whereas in homeopathic treatments mind and emotional symptoms are the main symptoms.

  • @ Zia Ul Haq … The RA factor which turned negative was as per the Pathological report…Also the patient is doing much better overall.

    @ Betty : Kindly write you query to us on : [email protected] we will do our best to help you.Please do not self medicate as Homeopathy is a Individualized form of treatment.Thanks.

    @ HESHMAT RAMZANIFAR : Thanks for the compliment in the next cases we will include more detailed follow ups.You can write to us at [email protected] for more queries .Thanks.

  • I worked out the case with the whole case you presented. Nat Sulph comes no where in the picture.

    She is religious.- NO NAT SULPH
    She is talkative- No Nat sulph
    Constipated Habitual- No Nat sulph
    Sweets aversion to- No Nat sulph
    Craving Spicy food- No Nat sulph
    Draft of air agg- No Nat sulph
    Brooding- No Nat sulph
    Desire Salt- No Nat sulph
    Weeping easily- No Nat sulph

    I wonder how you worked out the case and selected NAT SULPH as similimum.

    And you say, RA factor came NIL by treating with NAT SULPH 30 a few doses!!

    I can only wonder.

    • Welcome. Wising you all happiness and success & happy life. Thanks for sharing your beautiful opinion. Would you please mail me some more information about rheumatoid arthritis, I feel proud.

  • Dear Chandran K.C,

    Greetings ! We referred the Synoptic Key of Materia medica by Boger where we took into consideration the following points besides what has been mentioned Rheumatic hydrogenoid constitution,Damp weather aggravates,Weeping,.Also she was better in a dry place.In Synthesis rep by F.Schyorens Nat sulph is covered under salt desires when we repertorized the case.Taking into consideration the above points we prescribed the remedy.

    On the doses part it is not mandatory that in chronic cases patients dont get relief even after few doses of the remedy we have mentioned what we experienced in this case.

    In the next cases we will present detailed analysis so there should be more clarity and the cases should be useful for Homeopathic students and practitioners.

    Thanks for reading the case any suggestions are welcome…


  • DEAR DR,

  • Hello Dr.

    The article said that RA is syphlitic whereas most documents refers RA to be sycotic. RA here seems to be of initial stage. Can u comment on this pls.

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