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Sebaceous Cyst Lasting 16 years Cured Rapidly with Homeopathy

Nov  Manickham

Doctor S. Arul Manickam presents a case of sebaceous cyst that had persisted for 16 years.

A patient came with complaint of a large swelling in his head for 16 years. He was referred by his friend who advised him to take treatment.  I surgeon had advised an operation.   His hair fell out in that area of his head so the swelling was visible. He said his eye was very hot and burning. Laughingly he told me that everyone asks what the swelling is.


MIND – DELUSIONS, imaginations – fire – sees


MIND – HIDE – things, desire to

MIND – LAUGHING – general – talking, when

MIND – SMILING – general





Burning in the eye 50% better

2 months after

Body heat reduced

Eye burning better

No changes in swelling but itching in the swelling


6 months after

Complaining on and off  of feeling body heat, eye burning


Bell 30 1d

7 months after

Swelling in head opened and thick pus like material comes out. Swelling is flexible with pus coming out.


8 ½ month after

Swelling completely gone.

He said that a lot of thick white material comes out from the swelling.


The mental state of the patient in every case is very important for a prescription. His present state exactly fit with Belladonna.  The predominant persisting mental state is directly connected with the present illness. If we prescribe based on the mental state we can confirm the remedy by allowing the patient to sit 10-15 minutes. The patient will exhibit the changes in a short time which will confirm the remedial action. If the mental state is clear cut, whatever may be the pathology the remedy will clear the case.


Before Treatment


During Treatment


After Treatment

About the author

Dr.S. Arul Manickam

Dr. S. Arulmanickam BHMS, DFN, DGC. Homoeopathic consultant, Velumathi Homoeo Clinic, Police street, marakadai, lakshmangudi, Tiruvarur DT, pin 614102, TN, Cell 9843134564. He graduated with degrees in homeopathy, food and nutrition and guidance and counselling. He practices according to the true classical principles and methods of Hahnemann.


  • I don’t know how you did it! I agree that the concomitant of eye, burning sensation was a great clue, but there are nearly 300 remedies listed under “Eyes, burning”. I agree it’s peculiar that he laughs while telling his story; but, why not pick, “Laughs over serious matters” or any of the many other rubrics that might pertain to what he was doing? You didn’t tell us the KIND of laugh; Belladonna has loud laughing, annoying laughing, excessive laughing, sardonic laughing, paroxysmal laughing, hysterical laughing, spasmodic laughing–it’s not ordinary laughter, in other words. A lot of people laugh out of nervousness, like Nat-mur or Lycopodium; so, if you could tell us what it was about the laughter you found peculiar or inappropriate, that might help us understand your choice. “Desire to hide things”? What things was he hiding? “Delusions he sees fire”? When did he say that?
    “Frivolous”? I’m not sure why you picked that. “Smiling”? Is that so unusual? Maybe he’s just friendly, like Phosphorus? Or was it more like “Grinning”? Basically, I would like to have seen a lot more information, a fuller explanation for your choice of Belladonna.

    • I think that this touches the “essence” of the case: when you have seen several cases resolved with Belladonna you recognize (know again) the state as a whole. If there are strong indications for the physical symptoms to confirm, then you are sure of your remedy.

    • not serious about his problem even he had a large swelling from last 16 years (frivolous),laughing,smiling while talking is observed on the spot while he delivering his complaints.all other variety of laughing is also the other side of belladonna here i interrupted as frivolous laughing.he used to hide his swelling with his hair(hide things desire to).here i considered only The predominant persisting mental state based on sehgal school of interrupting the mind rubric by simple ordinary expression of patient word converted into mind rubric. it is mere meter reading not more than that.

  • Thank you for a clearly presented and informative case. The timeline was particularly helpful to me as this is what I struggle with the most.

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