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Semi Coma in a Man of 84

Dr. Usha Shah shares a case of a man of 84 suffering from dementia, hypertension, Parkinson’s and neurogenic bladder.  Considerable progress was made with a snake remedy.  


I visited an 84-year Indian man in November 2016 who had a diagnosis of semi- coma. His main complaints were severe dementia, not able to recognise anyone, aggressive if his legs were touched, disorientation, cellulitis of left leg, raised creatinine level of 2.6, rashes all over the body and a few bed sores. He was a known hypertensive, non-diabetic, known case of Parkinson’s affecting the left side mainly, suffered from neurogenic urinary bladder

Past history

  • Both the knee joints were surgically repaired.
  • Heart surgery had been done.
  • Two years ago, he had epilepsy in the night.
  • Last year he had status asthmaticus.
  • Haemorrhoids operated on.
  • For a few days he had rashes all over for which steroids were given.
  • Known case of left Cervical Spondylosis.

Physical Generals

  • He is tall and obese.
  • Cravings for sweets +++, ice creams, mangoes, musk melon, vegetables.
  • Aversion to spicy okra and cabbage.
  • Perspiration scanty.
  • Drinks less water.
  • He loves to sleep.
  • Sleeps on left side.
  • Jaw clenching during day time.
  • Mouth open during sleep.

Thermal Temperament

  • Very chilly patient.

Mental Temperament

His son gave a glimpse of his nature

  • Anger contradiction ++.
  • Dominating +++++.
  • Can be physically violent during his anger bouts.
  • Abusive in anger. Screaming in anger. Even in his semi-conscious state he abuses.
  • Has capacity to fight more than one person at a time.
  • Quarrelsome temperament when things don’t happen his way.
  • The patient is managing a community animal shelter.
  • Very social.
  • Miser, even for himself.
  • Daring and fearless.
  • Man of no vices
  • Very precise and particular about his work.
  • His schedule cannot be altered.
  • Likes to be appreciated and flattered.
  • Sharp memory even at this age.
  • Very successful businessman. He started from scratch and is now a big name in the community.
  • Since last few years he has committed himself to running and expanding the community animal shelter. The shelter was very small before he took over and he has expanded it a bigger enterprise. The community appreciated him for this effort. He was able to expand since he has good communication skills.
  • Before the illness he would travel alone and drive his own vehicle.


He was prescribed Lachesis 30 one dose every day for a week, based on the following

  • Left sided complains
  • Quarrelsomeness
  • Abusive and violent
  • Delirium violent
  • Delirium
  • Loquacious
  • Social
  • Egotism
  • Industrious
  • Ideas abundant
  • Recognize does not, his relatives
  • Speech incoherent
  • Suspicious
  • Touch aversion to being
  • Unconsciousness
  • Vivacious
  • Craving for sweets
  • Chilly patient
  • Sleeping on left side

Follow up after a week

  • He is sitting now
  • Talking to family members
  • Cellulitis is better

Follow up after two weeks

  • His appetite is less. He is vomiting.
  • Cellulitis is better, leg pain is better.
  • His creatinine level has reduced to 1.9 from 2.6.
  • Lachesis 30 bd for 3 days

Follow up after three weeks

  • His sensorium is completely better.
  • Cellulitis is better by 30%.
  • Bedsores are much better.
  • Complains of leg pain.
  • Lachesis 30 powder daily for one week.

Follow up after four weeks

  • Cellulitis is cured.
  • Bedsores are completely recovered.
  • Complaints of leg pain continue.
  • Neurogenic bladder symptoms remain the same.
  • There is no improvement in Parkinson’s.
  • Lachesis 30 powder daily for one week.
  • Since he had completely recovered from the main complaint of semi- coma and cellulitis, the family stopped the treatment after four weeks.

Follow up in June 2017

  • The patient came to my clinic for phlebitis of left leg.
  • Repeated Lachesis 30 frequent doses, but he was not better.
  • After two weeks I prescribed Lachesis 200 one dose per week for two weeks.
  • There was no improvement in Parkinson’s or neurogenic bladder.

Since March 2018 till March 2020

  • He follows up with me for minor complaints of either dry cough, shortness of breath, heel pain.
  • His Parkinson’s and neurogenic bladder symptoms have shown no improvement.
  • He gets better every time with Lachesis 200, one dose.
  • His mental faculties have recovered completely and he still continues his work at the community animal shelter with more vigour even at the age 88.

About the author

Usha Shah

Dr. Usha Shah, (BHMS), studied homeopathy at CMP Homeopathic Medical College, Mumbai. She has had an independent practice in Mumbai, India for the last 21 years and has successfully treated many serious chronic cases, including psoriasis, hypothyroidism, PCOD, nephrotic syndrome, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety neurosis and varicose ulcers.

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