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Sequelae in Suspected COVID-19 in a Woman of 47

Written by Dhriti Mehra

Homeopath Dhriti Mehra shares a case of sequelae after suspected COVID-19 in a woman of 47. COVID-19 nosode and Ozonum 10M, along with organ remedies restored health.

July 4th 2020 – First consultation Summary 

In the middle of March to early April this woman of 47 felt ill. She was not tested for COVID19, but she called the NHS, described her symptoms and they told her to treat it like flu. No one contacted her and she was too sick to contact them. She was off work for 2.5 weeks, and ill feeling dragged on for 6 weeks. She has not been well since.

“Not well 100% since COVID. Body needs to normalise itself.”  “Get exhausted quicker. Have to push myself to a brisk walk. After a 1.5 hour walk need a whole day to recover, whereas before no recovery time needed.

Energy levels 90% reduced since COVID.  Feel more down in mood than usual.  Physical energy 60% now. Mental energy 40% now. I can’t concentrate like before and attention span is not the same.  60% capacity for anything new. Ability to focus is scattered. Don’t want to talk to anyone.”

“I sleep for longer but am tired when I wake up. Before I felt good on less sleep and liked to snooze but did not need it. Now it doesn’t even help.  I was irritated during consultation as I’m too tired to think to answer questions.”

March 2020 :  “It started with brother and Mum getting COVID, slightly different symptoms. I realised something was wrong when I couldn’t carry water up the stairs. I was crying as it felt too heavy. Breathing not right. Could not concentrate, needed to sleep. Could not stand to cook. Couldn’t eat.”

“I felt like in a fog.  Level between alive and dead. Did not feel like I was on Earth.

No smell no taste.  No desire to eat. Quarter of a cheese sandwich took 30 minutes, forcing myself to eat. Fruit was easier.  Two weeks like this. Had to sit on the floor of the shower and I thought I was going to faint. Slowly energy levels improved.  I realised how much weight I had lost, 10lbs in 2 weeks.”

May 20 : I noticed my hair falling out at the roots. Balls of hair falling out.

Now:  “Slight dry cough. Hard to breathe. Hard to speak as not enough breath. Still feel like in a fog.  If did not have to work I’d would be in bed until at least 11am.  Get irritated easily. Leave me alone. Don’t ask me to do anything. Better alone, doing nothing. “

4th July 2020:  Prescription:   1 dose of JPV* nosode 200 per week. (*JPV is a homeopathic remedy made from a different untested suspected COVID19 case from which a sample was taken.)

Also:  Ozonum 10M, 3 times a day for a week.  Liver 6C, once daily for a week. 

15th July 2020: Phone check in. 

Before I did not want to talk to people, now I want to talk to people and do things.

Breathing 8.5/10. Vitality 9/10. Sleep 9/10. Concentration 7/10. Focus 7/10.

Significant improvement after first week of being on the remedies.

15th July 2020 Prescription:    JPV Nosode 200C once a week. 

Ozonum10M one daily 

Liver 6C one daily. 

8th August 2020. In the last week I feel energy levels are getting back to normal, to before I got sick, and I want to do more. Appetite good and feel like eating. Focus and concentration really good now, not 100% but 9/10. Picking up new things quickly again and getting focused on what I am doing.  Sleep is good now, sleeping less because of the heat.  Generally feeling better. Feeling stronger in myself.

8th August 2020 Prescription.   Ozonum 10M once a week. 

Lung 9C daily for 2 weeks and then one every two weeks. 

12th September

Good, just busy. Exercising every day. Getting back into routine. Focus and concentration back to normal. Breathing better, feeling stronger again, can exercise daily and feel fine.  Hair stopped falling out.

12th September 2020 Prescription:   No remedy.

To be in touch if needed, as she feels she is back to herself.

October 2020: quick phone check in. All is well.

No remedy.

Reasons for remedies and potencies: 

JPV Nosode 200C as these were very severe after-effects continuing 3 months later.

Ozonum: Total lack of energy, drained and exhausted physically mentally and emotionally. Can’t cope with people talking to her or asking her to do anything. Low mood. Irritable and angry. Could sleep all the time. Difficulty breathing. Have to slow down and focus, cannot take deep breaths. 10M due to the severity of the symptoms and the total lack of energy.

Liver 6c: to support detoxing any remnants of illness and healing of the liver.

Lung 9c: To help the healing of the respiratory tract.

About the author

Dhriti Mehra

Dhriti Mehra was born in the UK, grew up abroad, returning to the UK at age 16. The holistic way of looking at the body and disease has resonated with her since she was a child. At 27 years old, terrible sinusitis put her in bed. Due to the awful pain she took 3 courses of antibiotics, only to relapse repeatedly. A friend suggested a homoeopath and within a week, she was well with no relapses. This inspired Dhriti to become a homeopath, as she felt that no one should suffer unnecessarily. Dhriti graduated in 2005 from the University of Westminster with BSc(Hons) Health Sciences: Homeopathy 2.1. At the same time, she studied with the Scandinavian School of Shamanic Studies. Dhriti’s Shamanic counselling practice has evolved into Intuitive Guidance. Today, Dhriti practises homeopathy, Intuitive Guidance and teaches children meditation in South West London and online. Dhriti is registered with the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths.

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