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Severe Hair Loss in a Woman of 43

Drs. Juhi Malhotra and Gaurang Gaikwad present a case of hair loss in a woman of 43. Fear of failure, sensitivity to music and ailments from responsibility were rubrics that led to the simillimum.

The patient was a woman of 43 with complaints of severe hair loss (Homeopathy Treatment for Hair Loss) and bald patch and also white hair for the last year. She also had a cyst in the right ovary and was on hormonal injections for this.

 She had arrived in August, 2018.

How did it start? Was there any stress factor at the time when your complaints started?

Patient:  My office is my main stress. I am working there alone in my department since a year. There are not many colleagues or co-workers out there.

The entire department’s work was to be done by me. It was a big load for me; all the work that I had to do was way too much for me, but it was my responsibility.  The burden would be on one person. The recruits which were happening all over Maharashtra, everything would be on me. I had to do everything as it was a probation period. I need to complete my work on time. I just don’t like it when my work remains pending. I get very anxious if my work is not completed in the given time period. I just cannot deal with it.

I get angry easily. I need to control it as I can’t show it. Now everything is fine, as in my department is good now. I have many colleagues. Our work is distributed amongst all. Plus, I have got another department now. It’s the computer department, things are at ease here.

I have a lot of fear that I will not be able to complete a task. I will fail at completing things.

Desires for spicy food.

Sleep was sound and refreshing.


As she had a strong stress factor at the time of her complaints, taking her mind symptoms was most important in this case along with the generals.

I used the complete repertory and analyzed the case as follows:

Remedy given:

Aurum mur natronatum 1M – one dose every month

About Aurum mur natronatum:

  • It is a mineral remedy, basically a salt of Aurum Metallicum and Natrum muriaticum.
  • The main feeling of Aurum Mur Nat is a need to take up much responsibility and perform tasks which are beyond her capacity. In this,  it comes close to Carcinosin.
  • Also, in the Aurum Mur Natronatum patient there is a strong sense of guilt, as if she’s done something wrong.
  • Fear of failure and rejection (Murphy’s MM)

Follow up within 1 month

Hair fall has reduced even with her work stress

Initially she used to get very anxious regarding the work given to her. She had to complete her work in time and if not, her anxiety levels used to rise.

In the follow up she said that even with stress at work and the deadlines, her anxiety was not like before. She would get anxious a bit, but not like she used to get before her treatment started.

No dreams

Follow up after 10 months 

Alopecia better by 70 %

She now feels more relaxed

Weakness and low stamina which she would feel before is also significantly better

No Dreams

Fears and anxieties are also remarkably better

Case solved by Dr. Gaurang Gaikwad and Dr. Juhi Malhotra

About the author

Juhi Malhotra

Dr. Juhi Malhotra completed her BHMS in 2018 from LMF Homoeopathic Medical College, Chinchwad. She has also done the Master’s Program in Advanced Homoeopathy from The Other Song, International Academy of Advanced Homoeopathy. She has been working with Dr. Gaurang Gaikwad in his clinic at Dadar, Mumbai for the last year. She also has her personal practice at Matunga, Mumbai.

About the author

Gaurang Gaikwad

He has been working for ‘the other song’ academy and with Dr. Rajan Sankaran who has inspired and mentored him. He has worked on Dr. Sankaran’s books including Synergy in Homeopathy, Synergy Synopsis, From Similia to Synergy, and The Art of Follow Up. He has been working with Dr. Sankaran in his private clinic and also his own private clinic in Dadar, Shivaji Park, Mumbai. He has been closely associated with Dr Sunirmal Sarkar and compiled his book – Just You See on Dr. Sarkar’s experience. Dr. Gaikwad has been invited to Europe to teach classical homeopathy and repertory. He has done extensive clinical research in thyroid cases and written 6 books: Psyche of Homeopathy for Beginners, Homeopathic Approach on Thyroid Disorders, Art of Repertorisation, How to Use BBCR - Phatak’s Repertory, Understanding Mind Rubrics, MM of Nosodes and Sarcodes He is current working on 2 Books, on mind rubrics and how to use different repertories in practice.

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