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Severe Tinnitus in a Man of 48

Homeopath Ingrid Frohne presents a case of severe tinnitus in a man of 48. Jealousy, ear noises on waking and hypochondriacal were among the symptoms leading to the simillimum.

Personal information
Male, 48 years old, at the time of the first anamnesis (2014)
Marital status: married, two children

Medical history
Psychotherapy since 2012
Tinnitus starts 2009 left ear
Disc prolapse 5th Cervical vertebrae 2007
House dust allergy 2004 – Desensitization the following 4 years
Dry and cracked finger joints because of house building 2002
Colonoscopy 1998 because of fear of colon cancer
Coccyx fistula 1994 – surgery 1995
Migraine during high school graduation periodically all 6 weeks: above right eye
Hip problems since studying in university 25 years ago (hip osteoarthritis)
Car accident – left ankle broken 1979 – one night unconsciousness

Family history one 4-year older sister
Mother – deep depression from the age of fifty, attempted suicide 2012
Father – very dominant, hard of hearing. Grandfather also hard of hearing

Initial homeopathic medical history Dec 2014
The patient reported severe tinnitus since 5 years. He had different conventional medical treatments by doctors and at hospital concerning the tinnitus in the last years without effect. After a long period of suffering the patient decided for homoeopathic treatment. Possible trigger was a stressful situation in his company and also a situation with his parents at the birthday of his son. Parents were never pleased with him.

Mental and emotional symptoms
– unhappy marriage” ebbing for 3 years”
– professional stress
Fears: existential fear, fear of change, afraid of making decisions, difficult because of personal responsibility, fear of failure, he describes himself as a hypochondriac
– likes to be 2nd ; he is not a  leader. Would like to have someone to lean on.
– he doesn’t like vacation; work is his solution.
– very jealous
– rush of thoughts; he can´t hear himself because of continuous thoughts

Physical symptoms
massive noises in the left ear like raindrops falling on a tent roof, like successive shots, cracking like bursting soap bubbles. Very sensitive to noise; running water provokes the sound of soap bubbles; a metallic noise in the night when waking up. Waking up at night from the noises in his ears
can’t have anything tight on the neck
can’t have anything tight on the stomach; always buys pants that are too big
it´s difficult to relax
no fever remembered, no acutes in the past

Noise agg, alcohol agg,, night agg, after sleep agg, and sleeps into aggr.  Lying right side agg, lying left side amel

Symptoms for repertorisation: 
MIND ­ ANXIETY ­ hypochondriacal 3
MIND ­ INDUSTRIOUS (inclination to work) 2
MIND ­ CONFIDENCE ­ want of self-confidence (low) ­ support, desires 2
MIND ­ RESTLESSNESS, nervousness 2
MIND ­ THOUGHTS ­ thoughtful 2
EAR ­ NOISES in ­ morning ­ waking, on 3
EAR ­ NOISES in ­ crackling      1
EAR ­ NOISES in ­ crashing       1
EAR ­ NOISES in ­ rain, sound of 1
EAR ­ NOISES in ­ snapping      1
SLEEP ­ WAKING ­ night ­ midnight ­ after ­ 03:00 2
SLEEP ­ WAKING ­ night ­ midnight ­ after ­ from 03:00 to 04:00  2
GENERALITIES ­ MORNING ­ waking, on  3
GENERALITIES ­ SLEEP ­ after ­ agg. 3
GENERALITIES ­ FOOD and DRINKS ­ alcoholic drinks ­ agg. 2
GENERALITIES ­ FOOD and DRINKS ­ beer ­ desire 1
GENERALITIES ­ LYING ­ side on ­ right ­ agg. 2

The prescription was based on the repertorisation and differentiation of several remedies. His symptoms showed a clear picture of Lachesis, but also symptoms of Nux vom and Lycopodium (which is complementary to Lachesis)

I decided for Lachesis C200 as the current layer because of some keynotes and other considerations.
Mind – Jealousy
Ear – Noises in – morning – waking, on
Mind – thoughts – thoughtful
Hearing – acute
Generalities – morning – waking, on
Generalities – Sleep – after – agg
Generalities – night, agg
Generalities – food and drinks – Alcoholic drinks, agg

And although he showed a relatively clear picture of Lachesis (current level) I decided for the potency C200 because of no acutes and no fever in the past; he couldn´t remember.

Prescription – December 2014 Lachesis 200 one dose

FU 1 February 2015 (7 weeks after Lach)

He reports a 60% improvement – the fear of the night vanished; amel in the night; he became much calmer feels less exhausted during the day

No prescription

FU 2 March 2015 (13 weeks after Lach)

He is feeling well; he no longer has very bad days

Noise is there in the morning, when he awakes but vanishes during the day. Noises in the ear are caused by external noise: running water, TV, brushing teeth.  But he reports “no comparison to before”, a 70% improvement concerning the tinnitus.

The left hip joint pain has agg.

No prescription

FU 3 May 2015 (21 weeks after Lach)

He reported that the physical complaints concerning the tinnitus vanished completely for 3 weeks. Then he visited a football match in the stadium. Three days later it relapsed almost completely. Almost the same symptoms as in the beginning. He was also drinking coffee again in the phase without symptoms. Additionally, a lot of work stress.

Prescription: I told him to stop coffee and wait to see if the symptoms get better again. If not, one more dose of Lachesis 200 would be required.

FU 4 July 2015 (28 weeks after Lach)

After waiver of coffee, the symptoms vanished again. Now he had a nearly 90% improvement of tinnitus. The left hip joint however still stayed worse, and he had a planned hip joint surgery.

After the last FU in July 2015, I didn´t see the patient again in my practice. I contacted him currently to write this publication.

Patient’s report in August 2021

He gave a good report. In October 2015 he underwent left hip joint surgery. He separated in the same year in a good way from his wife after a longstanding difficult relationship with her. He was relieved and moved into a new flat in 2016.  2019 right hip joint surgery (no complications after)

There was a relapse of tinnitus symptoms by about 10% when he was stressed with the job in between. He went to an ENT doctor, who recommended a Magnesium supplement. The symptoms went away and remain so. He never repeated the remedy in all these years.

This year he will marry his new partner, he told me happily.

About the author

Ingrid Frohne

Ingrid Frohne did a 2005 apprenticeship as alternative practitioner at Ars Curandi (Homeopathy Institute in Karlsruhe) and DURA MATER (medical training in Bellheim). 2005 health practitioner examination by the health department Karlsruhe. Worked in her own practice since 2006. 1998 training in classical homeopathy with Carl Classen, ars curandi (homeopathy training institute Karlsruhe) 2009 4-year study at the European Academy for Classical Homeopathy (EAKH) with diploma, George Vithoulkas in Fulda. Seminars at Prof. Dr. Alok Pareek, Eric van Woensel, Dr. rer. nat. Norbert Winter, Roland Methner. Member of the Association of Classic Homeopaths Germany since 2006


  • Thank you, Ingrid. Very interesting case. I do not understand the correlation between 200C “… because of no acutes and no fever in the past.” Can you explain further the correlation of a history of acutes and fever and 200C? Thank you, again.

    • Dear Mary,
      sorry for the late answer…
      Concerning on the model of Level of Health from George Vithoulkas I decided for the Potency C200..
      in group 3 you don´t see acutes with fever anymore. The patient could not remember anymore, so I prescribed careful. I classified him in the level 7…which shows light and seldom acutes. For patients in group 3 we prefer the Potency C200.

  • Dear Ingrid,
    Gluckwunsch an Sie. Congratulations on your accurate Lachesis prescription! As you know, tinnitus is very difficult to treat. You made a big difference in the well-being of your patient with homeopathic medicine.
    Bob Signore, DO, DiHom

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