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Sialolithiasis in a Woman of 30

Drs. Sharma Bhawani Shankar and Gaur Shruti Sharma share a case of sialolithiasis in a woman of 30. The simillimum resulted in removal of symptoms within nine days.


Sialolithiasis is observed in the oral region and is caused by the development of a calculus in the salivary gland or duct. This is a case of a 30-year old female patient who came with the complaints of pain on left side of her tongue and swelling below the tongue for the last two years.

(fig 1)

Fig 1

The patient has been on allopathic treatment since then. The ENT specialist advised that she get an operation. Pain increases while opening the mouth and during meal time and lasts for a short duration and subsides on its own after meals. She also experienced difficulty in opening her mouth. She also complained of mouth ulcers for the last month.

Intraoral examination revealed a swelling in the sublingual region.

Radiograph fig 2

Past history:

No history of major illness in the past.

Family history:

Father – Renal stone

Mother – nil

Grandfather – nil

Grandmother – nil

Physical generals –

Appetite – adequate, takes meals two times a day, 2 chappatis at a time.

Thirst – increased for large quantity of water at long intervals

Aversion – not so specific

Desire –not so specific

Urine – normal in frequency and quantity

Stool –regular and normal

Perspiration – normal

Thermal –neither chilly nor hot patient

Sleep –sound

Dreams – can’t remember

Menstrual history – regular 4-5 days/30days, no odor, no stain

Obstetric history – 2FTND


She reported having a weak memory. She forgets where she has kept the things.

She desires company. She can’t remain alone.

Physical examination –

Weight – 55 kg

Pulse – 80/min

Temperature – 980F

Blood pressure – 110/70mmHg

Systemic examination –



Skin –NAD

Respi.- NAD

G.I.T. – NAD

Analysis and evaluation of symptoms

Mental generals –

Desire for company

Weak memory

Physical generals-

Thirst – increased for large quantity at long interval

Particulars –

Pain on the left side of tongue

Swelling below the tongue

Difficulty in opening the mouth

Mouth ulcers

Totality of symptoms –

  1. Desire for company
  2. Weak memory
  3. Thirst – increased for large quantity at long interval
  4. Pain on the left side of tongue
  5. Swelling below the tongue
  6. Difficulty in opening the mouth
  7. Mouth ulcers

Repertory selected – synthesis repertory from RADAR software

Process of repertorization – total addition process

Remedy selected – after repertorization, Arsenicum album scored the highest rank, covering her mental and physical generals.

First Prescription – (4/2/19)

Arsenic alb. 30/ 1 dose

Rubrum 30/B.D. for 7 days

On seventh day (11/2/19), patient came to the clinic saying that the stone had dissolved and no more pain or pus discharge is there. (fig. 3)

Fig. 3

Discussion: From the repertorization, Arsenicum alb. and Lachesis came up as prominent remedies. Considering her mental generals and her physical generals Arsenicum was selected as the simillimum.

Conclusion : This case affirms the effectiveness of a single dose and the reportorial approach on the basis of totality of symptoms.


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Bhawani Shankar Sharma

Dr. Sharma Bhawani Shankar, MD Part 1, M.N. Homeopathic Medical College and Research Institute, Bikaner.

About the author

Shruti Gaur

Dr. Shruti Gaur, MD Scholar Part II, M.N. Homeopathic Medical College and Research Institute, Bikaner.

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