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Some Short Cases

Written by K. V. Natarajan

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My son fell ill with high fever and creeping chill. He was at Hyderabad. After 4 days in the same condition he came to Madras. On arrival, for the symptoms of high fever, predominant chilliness, parched lips and thirst for large quantity of water I gave BRYONIA in 200th potency. It cleared all symptoms. He was in need of immediate help for the exhaustion and he was admitted in a nearby hospital and kept on drips. However he did not have fever and accompanying symptoms. He was taking regular meals and otherwise also normal. The Doctor for his own curiosity, had taken blood for test because of the history of continued high fever. He did not discharge him waiting for the test report. Next morning he got stunned when the report showed Typhoid Positive! To be specially noted is that even while typhoid virus was in him, he had been cured fully. And also to note that bacteria are not disease cause, but only results.

1985: Another such case
My wife had an attack of jaundice with all its accompanying symptoms. Gave Phosphorous 200 one dose. She could get up and attend normal household. Yet she was yellow in colour all over her body, including her gray hair, and she was passing urine brick colour. That means even while she has not recovered clinically she had regained her strength, which means her normalcy IS attained. We can safely infer that the jaundice virus was yet in her body while she is cured of jaundice.

Something wonderful happened while she was getting cured. We went to a Mantrik to get cleared of jaundice symptoms. He gestured with a bunch of neem leaves as if he was bringing something from her body to put into a tumbler of water, which was fetched from the tap there. After about 15 minutes of such action he asked me to take the water home and keep the tumbler of water closed till brought to his home next day. Next day when he opened the tumbler to our astonishment the water was in such colour as the urine she passed. Day by day the colour of the urine as well as the water was fading little by little and on eighth day the water and her urine colour came to normal. Having been cured by Homoeopathy the colour would have come to normal by itself in due course; yet colour of the water in the tumbler getting changed without adding anything was definitely something astonishing. At the best, this process would have quickened the cure and the reduction in the yellowness.

Chest Pains:

My father-in-law aged more than 80. Admitted to hospital for chest pain. Declared by doctors to have had a mild heart attack. Pulse reigning more than 130. Doctors said that he was in very bad shape and might require more than a month to recover. They had prescribed pills, to be taken twice daily and one pill to be kept ready in his shirt pocket for an emergency.

High pulse rate suggested STROPHANTHUS 6 and it reduced pulse rate as well as chest pain soon. However, exhaustion with weakness continued. Doctors discharged him the next day, finding pulse coming down to near normal and advising bed rest for a month along with the pills prescribed.

Homoeopathy must do better. I went into books. I know my father-in-law to be a chronic patient of cold due to tonsillitis, the cold coming down and settling in the chest. One of the chief remedies is KALI IODUM. At his age, I preferred to give lower potency and in its 30th potency he regained his strength. After 2 or 3 repetitions he got the strength to the extent of fetching water from the tap and taking it to the first floor. No further medication was required, homoeopathy or otherwise. Of course, his chronic cold is there now. Isn’t it a wonder that the medicine for cold can work in his heart condition too! Homoeopathy sees diseases individually.

A similar case. A man takes a pill morning and evening with a pill in his pocket. Yet he got pain even walking 50 yards. This man, nearing 70, preferred to continue with his life without undergoing a bypass surgery. He came to me. His history was that he was getting fever with joint pains and severe chills once in 3 or 4 months. English medicines (antibiotics) would cure fever in a week. I knew this cure (suppression) would have been worsening his heart trouble. Again joints pain settling in (suppressed to) chest : CACTUS GRANDIFLORUS. In its 30th potency, he could walk more than a kilometre without getting chest pain. However, his recurring fever was not cured. He was not prepared to take the risk of getting back the fever and getting cured. However, when he was out of town, he got a fever and he took antibiotic pills. Soon he got back the chest pain in its original form and had to again take and keep the pills for chest pain. How true are the principles of Homoeopathy and how beyond doubt they are proved in this case!

Wife of a pointsman.
An active lady of 50. But since about 2 years past could not do any work due to pain in her left chest with a feeling of heart jumping. Hospital treatment results in bed rest for a month or more. She was also getting worse. A dose of IODUM 200 (symptom of heart jumping) immediately reduced the pain, and repetition of 2 or 3 times completely cured her heart pain. Remedy is selected for the individuality of her pain. Homoeopathy never fails, whatever be the part of the body. At this point, I shall suggest to the general public that they can approach a good Homoeopath, even at the time of waiting for an operation date, for a cardiac cure by oral medicine. It should be noted Homoeopathy medicines bring the parts affected to normalcy and do not merely hide the symptoms or benumb the parts.

Mental Illnesses

I do not have any knowledge of the intricacies of the complicated inner parts of the brain nor I am educated in psychiatry. Yet the following will prove how perfectly the remedies work when the patients’ vital forces also are taken for treatment.

A man of 35 could not complete M.B.B.S at his age due to mental illness. He imagined that two people talking together meant indignation against him. He behaved very violently on this against them, inside or outside the house. Hence he was kept under captivity with frequent sedatives.

Why this unusual behaviour? I talked to him personally. He does not show anything wrong in personal conversation. He told in a very confident tone that others were criticizing about his shrunken thighs. He was very sure about the thinning of his thighs. Actually, he was of a well-built body and his thighs were very fatty. That meant he has the delusion of shrunken thighs. Yes, Homoeopathy is there for peculiar symptoms! The correct remedy is SABADILLA and its 200th potency made him behave normal. He could move out freely without any delusion and he actually told me how normal he felt. However, he could not be completely cured since his father did not believe in his restoration, since psychiatrists could not do it, and he is being kept in captivity! Failure can be by one who is not treated too! If only Allopaths recognise the immense power of Homoeopathy many, many, cases of psychic conditions may be cured by oral drugs.

1994: Depression
Depression is approached in its broadest sense without taking the cause for depression. And as such very little medicine with voluminous psychological advice are given. Of course, sedatives are there for any mental ill-condition

A mechanical engineer placed in a high position in a manufacturing unit at Madras got fed up with the paltry remuneration in India and decided to go to Dubai. His parents were also partly responsible since they used to compare him with his elder brother in the U.S. His already depressed mind by the indignation of his parents got further damaged by the bad treatment meted out at Dubai. He had also not earned such a huge sum, as he desired though he brought more than 5 Lakhs. On his return to India, he became totally useless, with total prostration and without inclination to any work and he was fretful with anything and everything. Surely it is the lady who had to face the brunt. Psychiatrists, counsellors etc could not do anything except giving sedatives, which only made his prostration more severe.

Then entered Homoeopathy. His main difficulty was that he did not earn as much as he desired or in other words he felt the loss of money. The right remedy is ARNICA and its one dose of 200th potency brought him active. He could go out to the temple and park with children only for short while daily. However, he was not relieved of depression fully. He was not confident about working and contacting people. For prostration of mind, the remedy is PHOSPHOROUS. In its 1000th potency what a stunning change! The next morning he went to his friend’s factory and in a few days he applied for a senior level post in a big manufacturing unit and he is in charge of production in a multinational unit. It is Homoeopathy alone, that can do such wonderful cures! His wife later told that he was really more active mentally as well as physically as never before.

A lady neighbour of my brother in Bangalore. Normally a very active lady engaged in multifarious activities was completely prostrated without any apparent illness. Doctors decided it to be depression and were kept under sedatives. On enquiries I found she was dejected on a flimsy happening and a single dose of Phosphorus 200 made her totally all right to become as active as she used to be. This was done only on the phone conversation and I have not so far met her.

In the above two cases of depression, the patients were left on sedatives by Allopathy and of course with a long course of advice on how to behave. Both were cleared of their mental difficulties by single doses of Phosphorous because Homoeopathy relied on the vital forces instead of the physical changes in the brain.

A neighbour at Madras reported the continual crying of his child. Must carry it all day and night. Father and mother were managing by taking turns being on duty. Doctors did not find anything wrong with the child. A blood boil on the head was cured by penicillin in the child’s first 6 months. No further inquiry is necessary. A dose of NUX VOMICA 200 in a watery solution made the child sleep in 15 minutes. I did not have any report again. The inflammation had rested in the brain and made the child fretful.

A child of 4 years and more. She did not sit or stand. To move she used to roll on her body (Angaprathakshinam). This is what her grandfather told her. I am not a neurologist nor psychiatrist. The doctors’ opinion was that the child did not have the sense of imitation. That means her brain is affected. A child could not have any emotional upset. Such conditions existed from infanthood. On enquiry, it was known that the child did not weep for 24 hrs after birth. The delivery, which was normal, took place in the cold season of November month. Shock not by emotion is ARNICA. A dose of the remedy and wait for 3 months, the child slowly recovered, walked and even ran. The pleasure and satisfaction of the parents have no words to explain.

(1) 2001
A neighbour lady. Severe pain at sacrum. Cannot sit on the floor. Must sit only on the chair besides wearing a tight hip belt. The pain was increasing slowly for 10 years and with painkillers, she does not get any relief. On enquiries, it was found she was orthodoxy and religious and she was doing all household work herself and being a little higher than average lady she had to lean much during sweeping and a dose of Bellis P. did the wonder and in a week’s time, she is much better without much pain.

(2) 1969: Inflammation or ulceration of alimentary canal
SM, a friend. Doctors told gastric ulcer not ripe enough for an operation. Allopathy pills did not help to reduce pains, which occurred every day by midnight. Enquiries revealed that he has been in the habit of drinking non-boiled milk from his boyhood and also enough of milk products. There was enough cattle wealth to supply milk, being a landowner.
Even milk can become a troublemaker when taken in excess. This is also in accordance with Homoeopathy principle. That night I asked him not to take milk. SM was all in his joy the next morning. He had only mild pain, that too for a little while. I gave him PULSATILLA 200 for ill effects of milk. He had pain later one day since he had taken buttermilk pudding, which I had advised him not to take. A repetition of the remedy completely cured him. The fact must be noted that the lab. Tests have only revealed the existing condition and not the cause.
A similar gastric pain due to excessive milk was also cured by PULSATILLA.

(3) 1968: One of the incurables.
A boy of 8. Could not go to school nor play. The reason is bone T.B. A small vent at the exterior of the right thigh through which water was oozing continuously. If he jumps or runs the hole will get blocked. Swelling at the place, fever etc., and Hospitalisation for 15 days and convalescence for a month. Boy of 8 could not be controlled. Suffering from 5th year. DROSERA 6 tallied and by one dose the vent closed and no water came out. Parents feared that it may lead to fever etc. But nothing happened and the boy slowly got confidence and began to play and being low potency repeated thrice and the boy got cured perfectly and attended school. Homoeopathy even while curing raises vital forces without any aid of substitutions for health.

(4) 1975: Piles or falling of anus?
Wife of a pointsman. Admitted to hospital for bleeding from the anus. Could not pass the stool. Was being treated for piles. But enquiries revealed a long history of intermittent diarrhoea. Hence gave IGNATIA 6 for falling of anus and in 3 doses she became perfect and never to return.

(5) 1995
An old lady suffered from constipation. Can pass stool only by standing, that too with great difficulty even if the stool was soft. She was being treated for piles suggesting an operation. The patient hesitated due to old age. She came to me in desperate condition. Enquiries revealed it was falling of anus due to heavy household strains and travels having a big family and children at different places. A dose of RUTA 200 made her all right only to be repeated once when she undertook a long travel

(6) 1995: Sunstroke.
A near relative. Suddenly developed diarrhoea and vomiting. Attended a reception the previous night. Might be food poisoning. Admitted to hospital. Being treated for food poisoning. Even after 4 days he was not better though vomiting stopped, the loose motion was yet there; very weak with whispering voice; total prostration. I was informed. I went to the hospital where I saw his bald head red and his face also the same. Normally a fair person. For touch the head was hot. It struck me to be a case of a summer complaint. The hospital atmosphere was not conducive to give Homoeopathy remedy. In two days he was discharged from the hospital and then I sent NATRUM CARB 200 one dose. Almost instantaneous was the effect; he got cleared of sick feeling and slowly gained strength. The next day he could revert to his daily routine. A week later the remedy had to be repeated when he reported, while he felt otherwise normal, he could not read paper getting tired easily

(7) 1995
Another relative. Went on a tour to Konark during May in severe summer. After going out one day he became extremely tired. Leaving him at the room others strolled for two days and returned to Madras. Doctors declared it to be a stroke. Treatment did not give relief and his right side got paralysed with loss of speech. Then I was informed. When I visited him his head was yet hot. GELSEMIUM 200 one dose made him better and repetition daily for 3 days brought him almost normal. Heat in the head came down, regained strength in extremities little by little and speech also improved much all at a time. This process is very enjoyable to watch. Such cures give the greatest confidence and belief in the system i.e. in the principle. Even while getting cured, gaining strength without any supportive medicine can be found probably in this system alone.

(8) 1996: Allergy
Allergy is a term attributed to any disease where either the so-called germ causing the disease cannot be removed or when there is no germ found apparently. From Homoeopathic angle, the way the invisible i.e. vital force is affected has not been taken into consideration.

A M.B.B.S Doctor who had his places to attend distributed all over the city, the distances to be covered by only two-wheeler, due to his family condition. HE had an unmanageable allergy. Early morning when he opens the front doors when the open cool air touches his face, HE commences sneezing, nose running, pain at the antrum sinus etc. An English tablet will mitigate the suffering after two hours. However he would be totally unfit for mental concentration, which affected his profession greatly. Sinus trouble is well controlled almost as a specific by Biochemic CALCAREA FLOUR and CALCAREA PHOS. In their 6th potency, he was much better. Not only his sufferings came down, BUT mentally too he became active. That is Homoeopathic cure. After long and persistent enquiries came out the fact that he had suffered in his childhood croup for a length of time. His sufferings are traced. A dose of PHOSPHORUS 200 made him fit every way and now he is a Doctor practising in Dubai. He thanks me profusely for my help, though it is the power of Homoeopathy that helped him so quick. His wife also a M.B.B.S had a migraine and it is under control by NATRUM MUR daily doses. She does not find time to discuss further.

(9) 1993
Though not allergic, cases of respiratory trouble, which were treated as bronchial asthma because they had breathing trouble, are interesting to know. A lady of 25, unmarried, was taking regular pills for asthma. However her sufferings had nothing to do with her bronchi. She could take ice cream in any season and was taking a head bath in cold water almost daily which did not affect her. Her total trouble was there, only when she walked or goes up the stairs, even for 2 steps. A dose of ARSENIC ALBUM 200 brought her daily suffering to rare occurrences. And a repetition of 2 or 3 times completely relieved and 5 years later now she is married with a child. How? Because Homoeopathy took her suffering in its form and not as a disease. Probably she had an allergy from strains!

(10) 1985
Daughter of br-in-law. Was being treated for asthma. The same type of medicine as for asthma. Initially, I failed because normal asthma connected remedies did not work. One night I could witness her suffering. She did not have any phlegm, no cough; but she was gasping for breath, probably due to spasmodic closure of the windpipe while inhaling. A dose of BROMIUM relieved her of the difficulty, not to trouble her to date. Here the symptom prevails and not disease named, with its generalised difficulties.

(11) Traumatic field. In Homoeopathy physical injuries get a cure unimaginably quick filling up any damaged tissues in their original form. There are remedies to work at the innermost recesses of the body so that the cure is perfect without chances of suppuration.
Let us see

My daughter Rajeswari, already seen under encephalitis. After she recovered to the extent of moving within the house she complained of numbness at parts lain on, for which remedy is SILICEA. But it is also a remedy to remove foreign bodies inside. When I gave the remedy for numbness, pus, blood, septic tissues all came out from near the bottommost vertebra creating a deep wound of 3 cm dia and more than 2 cm depth with a very bad odour. She had not yet gained sensibility in those areas. During the 15 or 20 days of sickbed, there should have been bedsore within. Such a big wound got filled in a week without further pus formation or anything with the help of CALENDULA AND HAMAMELIS the former for tissue making and the latter for stopping bleeding and normalising the damaged blood vessels. Besides these remedies, I also used a good amount of KALI PHOS and FERRUM PHOS, the former for tissue building and the latter for building the damaged blood vessels. Though the deep wound got filled in a week there was continuous oozing of water through a very small vent refusing to heel. So there should be some other portion, which had not been healed by these remedies. It struck me that at the bottom of the deep wound there appeared a white part, which I took initially as some portion of pus, but it should have been the bone inside. A wound on the periosteum was cured by a single dose of ACID FLUOR 30. And the oozing stopped. Along with the above remedies I gave particularly for bedsore CHINA to remove the burning which she began to report on getting sensation at those parts. These cures took place in my house without any anti-biotic or extensive dressing,

(12) 1975
Wife of a pointsman aged 35. Marriage at 15 years, first delivery at 17 years. Since then could walk placing feet closely on one another. Cannot walk 200 mts continuously. She was walking normally previously. I could not trace the cause for a very long time. After 6 months of relentless enquiring came the truth. When she was 8 years old, while going on the road tossing a coin and catching she fell down hip dislocated. Hospitalisation made her walk. But there should have been adjacent nerves and ligaments damaged and they had not been cured. Though it is a presumption, the cure effected by Homoeopathy remedy proves it to be a fact. Connecting her age and physical condition with lax fibre and also long years past, I gave CALCAREA CARB 200 one dose, which made her fit to fetch water from well who could not even pour water from one hand onto the other previously. Though it appears unbelievable, persons who come to know of the innate strength and power of Homeopathy will not have any doubt on such wonders.

(13) 1992
A neighbour at Hyderabad. While going to office driving a car was thrown out of the car 20′ away by a lorry side- on collision at a road junction. Unconscious he was admitted in a hospital. Regained conscience in a week and was discharged from hospital after 3 months. But his left eye pupil had been drawn to the left end. Doctors opined at best the pupil could be fixed at the centre. He could have sight straight in front. In that situation, my daughter phoned for my help if any. The remedy for any physical illness due to a fall is ARNICA. A dose in 200th potency made the pupil moveable and repeated thrice in 15 days the eye came normal with former vision since he did not have any other inner injury.
Here I can explain why I stress more importance to Homoeopathy and not me. I was at Madras. I did not know what sort of injury or anything there. I simply relied, for good too, on the efficacy of the remedy whatever be the nature and the part affected. That is Homoeopathy. This does not mean in any way the system is blindfolded or speculative. It is more scientific and perfect so that the remedies, if carefully selected, cannot be stopped in working by anything.

(14) 1967
My second son was five years old then. At a small village. By the side of the railway quarters, a grass field was available and my very docile cow had been allowed for grazing. It was tied to a lengthy rope. When my boy tried to pull the cow to take it home, it was just trying to reach the grass. It shook its head. Its horns had grown sideways and the sharp edge of the horn pierced through his left armpit. The animal in its attempt to drop him down, shaking further, actually inserted the horn further into his body making an injury of more than an inch. I was on duty at the station. My first son of 9 separated him from the animal, applied Homoeopathic remedies and explained the whole thing as above. I do not have anything to do further. It is the business of the remedies since my son had already done what I should do; the bleeding had stopped and the boy had slept. A nearby LMP doctor who visited my house at that time cautioned to take the boy immediately to a nearby town for dressing and injection, but for which such a deep injury would get suppurated and it would not heal. However next morning the doctor could not believe his eyes since the wound had by then filled and there was a slight thin red line to identify the injured place. By repeated applications, my first boy had already learnt the remedies for traumatic conditions. It is Homoeopathic. NOT much talent is required. Even a boy of 9 could do it!

(15) 1996
A millionaire businessman who used to be travelling by air on business purchased a high-cost foreign car. On arrival by ship, he took it to Bangalore to show to his sister. At the outskirts of Bangalore the driver of the car while avoiding a trespass, hit on a tree and the owner was thrown 10 mts away, breaking his thighbone.
Doctors, X-ray instruments etc came to his house. After 4 months bedridden, he yet could not place his left leg down. A dose of CALCAREA PHOS 200 assisted with CALCAREA PHOS 6x (the physical content of bones) made him slightly mobile and in a months’ time he was near normal, in that he did not have any pain for movement. Anyhow, I had asked him to contact me after 3 months. He neither came to me nor to the Doctors. After 3 months he began to feel pains and when X-ray was taken it showed a cloud over the broken bone. The doctors were astonished to see that bone broken into several pieces, in a person of 65 could so quickly get reunited. Repetition of the remedies for another month made him fully alright for him to again resume his business.

(16) 1999: Self
In a busy market, when I slipped on a damaged vegetable, my right leg was pushed away for a distance, while my left was static making me stoop down holding me on my hands. The result is that my right knee was not fixed but moved sideways independently. Slowly and carefully I moved to the car to return home. No orthopedists nearby. However, I had the Homoeopathy remedy tallied and secured in a different circumstance. Damage to nerves and ligaments by extension are RUTA. In about some hours I could walk without limping. When I reached an orthopedist the next day, he showed me, holding my leg hanging on his hands, how the bones at the joint gets separated due to the rupture of the ligament on the inner side of the knee. In his opinion, I was fortunate the ligament was not cut. Since there was no medicine for the damaged ligament, some exercises may improve in using the leg; I was advised not to sit on the floor, not to go up the stairs and walking must be for some days with a disabler’s walker, a month later only with a walking stick. Any slip may result in cutting the ligament, which is almost incurable, which will make me immobile. He was very serious and sincere in his advice, I being aged 70. Yes, the orthopedist’s work is over with suggesting the relevant exercises. Now comes the unequalled Homoeopathy. To the surprise of the Doctor I was walking a little with limping and I could do all the exercises without difficulty or pain, due to RUTA taken earlier. However, the ruptured ligament required some remedy for rebuilding. I went into books. The tissue remedies gave the help. KALI PHOS, FERRUM PHOS, MAG PHOS, SILICEA together daily four doses, 4 pills a dose made me walk freely and the separation at my knee vanished. Now I am able to use my leg as usual, Homoeopathy can cure even in a field Allopathy does not have anything to do.

(17) 1992: Ladies troubles
A neighbour lady of 43 with a history of profuse and continued bleeding during menstruation since puberty. This did not affect her routine up to 5 years back when the complaint reached unmanageable proportion with bleeding all through the month heavier also. A Steno in the central government office, she was not able to attend THE office safely. DGOs could not do anything.

Enquiries revealed: She had tubectomy operation done 2 years after second delivery. She had to be operated upon for another 2 times for septic conditions due to mismanagement in operation and totally she had to be under continuous antibiotic medication for more than 2 years. This process ended 6 years back. Simple inflammatory conditions due to heavy continuous medication have affected her already misbehaving part. A dose of NUX VOMICA 200 did the wonder. It stopped bleeding immediately. Anyhow the part was not a perfect one and therefore I had to repeat and also I had to use very high potency of 50M too. Certainly Homoeopathy sets the part right if correct remedy is given after painstaking relevant enquiries.

(18) 1995: 1st delivery caesarean 2nd normal.
My second daughter. She had a fall in her 8th year from a height of about 7′. During the 1st pregnancy monthly check-up, the Doctor opined that her uterus was tilted towards the back and though nothing to worry, it might affect normal delivery. Even otherwise her 1st delivery had to be caesarean since BP rose fast on pains coming. This is the background for our story. For tilting of uterus I had already given ARNICA combined with NATRUM SULPH. During monthly check-up for 2nd pregnancy Doctor did not find any tilting.

On completion of 8 months my daughter reported diminishing of movements of the fetus. Doctor suggested scans to know water level in the uterus. The water was only 70%. Doctor was worried over uterus getting dried before due date. However Homoeopathy is there. It is concerned only with symptoms Gave SEPIA 200. The baby began to move normally to the dismay of the Doctor. SEPIA made the child move normally with the depleted water level. SEPIA prevented further decrease in water level too

Five days before the due date, Doctor found the baby to be crosswise. A dose of PULSATILLA 200 made the child head down. The Doctor was curious about the changes FROM oral medication. She knew me as a Homoeopath. Yet she could not believe what was happening in front of her eyes. The next stage. Though the child was head down it had not fixed at the cervix since, as the Doctor told, the cervix was rigid to give in. A dose of CONIUM 200 made the part soft and the child got fixed. This time the Doctor really wondered how the cervix gets soft without the supply of hormones, which was, according to them, responsible for the softening of the part.

Herein come further wonders. 29th of Nov 1995. My daughter reported mild pain and she was admitted in the hospital. Time about 5 p.m. The doctor was sure of caesarean with the history of B.P. At 7.30. Yet pains were mild but B.P. began to rise. Nurse got worried. I wanted her to wait and went home. On referring books, NUX VOMICA suited for B.P. without apparent reason. A dose in 200th potency brought B.P. to normal at 8.15. P.m. Next time the Doctor visited at 11 p.m. She was very sure 0 % chance for normal delivery since on the one hand pains were very mild and on the other Os was rigid. Probably the former was because of the latter condition. No Doctor. No nurse with us since I had asked them to wait to avoid operation. The Doctor obliged yet wait only up to 3 a.m. Leaving my daughter under the care of my wife went home to refer books. I was at wits ends. However, when I connected mild pains and rigid Os, I got remedies but which I had given already. Short of experience. The remedies should have exhausted their work Hence I gave both the remedies SEPIA and GELSEMIUM combined at 12-45 a.m. In 15 mts. pains began to rise in waves. I woke the nurse up because my daughter got very severe pains. When the Doctor entered she was in great urge to send me out since she saw the child coming out while she entered. In quick move the delivery was effected normally at 1.20 a.m., on the bed itself since no time to take to the theatre. `
Yes! It did take place! What was declared having 0% chance for normal delivery by that Doctor of more than 30 years experience even 2 hrs. before, took place normally purely by Homoeopathy. I sternly believe if only DGOs give credence to the power of these remedies, which are very limited in numbers in this field, many caesareans may be avoided. .

I must specially place on record my sincere thanks to the Doctor for having allowed ME to give Homoeopathy remedies and for having waited at my request, but for which act of kindness, this fete could not have been done.

(19) Yet another sort of allergy affecting skin due to penicillin reaction.

My son a software engineer in Bangalore approached a Doctor for his throat irritation. Not taking precaution, prescribed penicillin tablets. Even the first pill created itching and by repetition on the next morning brought all troubles, itching, pain, irritation, red
patches etc making his appearance totally different and ugly. An injection by another Doctor only made matters worse by bringing on vomiting and retching. Only on the third day, I reached Bangalore. As already seen, allergy is not so difficult a case in Homoeopathy because it cures only the person and not a disease. For the available symptoms, RUMEX tallied and in its 30th potency repeated daily. My son came almost normal in 3 days, with remaining only bran like shedding of dead skin for a week or more, which kept him out of office. Even if it had been cured by Allopathy it would have taken 15 days to get cured and another 30 days for recuperation as told by an experienced person.

(20) 2004
A lady of about 21, working in a software out-sourcing company at Bangalore reported a sudden fall from her chair while working during the night. She became normal after few hours in the hospital. Loss of conscience only for a moment while falling. She had a similar occurrence about 6 months back. Doctors opined the fall was due to loss of haemoglobin reigning about 8. Further enquiries revealed that she had been a very active person having been taking part in athletic sports during secondary school and even had been a captain for the cricket team in college. With all that, haemoglobin is so low. Further enquiries revealed that she had been getting very tired after every event to take a rest at least for 15 minutes. She cannot sigh to take a full breath and she must lie for a while to get a proper breath.

She cannot do full breathing exercises also with only feeble and short breaths. It has been there 5 or 6 years to her knowledge. Then Doctors used to say that her both lungs were constricted and hence smaller than usual size. In their opinion breathing exercise may normalize in long run. But breathing exercises have not helped thus far. She cannot do full breathing exercise also with only feeble and short breath.”

Now Homoeopathy can help. A dose of CACTUS G. 30 repeated once after 10 days made the size of the lungs normal, tested by scanning. In 20 days her hemoglobin came to 12 of course, duly helped by Calcarea Phos 6X and Ferrum Phos 6X daily 4 doses with 2 pills of each every dose.

——— Forwarded message ———-
Date: 19-Dec-2006

Dear Sir,

My son who is an Engineering student in Kerala has been suffering from, “I don’t want this Institution”. He said his friends were speaking ill of him bouts of depression. The depression was caused due to the humiliation he had to face due to ragging and the resultant poor academic performance. He felt he was friendless and the whole College was inimical to him.   He even refused to go to the College saying all the time for no fault of his.

The problem was so acute I had to take him to a Psychiatrist who prescribed “Deanxit”.    The Dr. described his condition as “adjustment problem”. He was under medication for about three months. Though he was normal we could sense an uneasy calm in him. When the medicine was stopped the symptoms reappeared and we were forced to continue with the medicine again much against our wishes. He even started asking for the medicine, a sure sign of addiction!

In the meanwhile, being the son of a Homoeopath myself, I consulted a Professor of Government College of Homeopathy in Trivandrum who prescribed Ignatia 1M.   Though it gave some relief there was no satisfactory progress.  Scared of the Allopathic Medicines for this type of problems and not being satisfied with the progress made with Ignatia, I started searching the web.   Luckily I chanced upon your site and happened to read the “Musings on Mental Illness” by Dr. K.V. Natarajan. As the article contained the phone number I mustered enough courage and spoke to him on the phone detailing the symptoms and the treatment already taken. Before I could finish, the good Dr. told me “This is a case of self-indignation, Ignatia won’t work try Staphysgaria 200”. The confidence in his tone really impressed me. I am extremely happy to say that my son has shown tremendous progress. His concentration has improved and he is spending his days usefully without brooding. Only two doses were given with a gap of one week.

I write this to place on record my sincere gratitude to Dr. Natarajan and your site for giving me the opportunity to get in touch with him. Words fail me to thank the Dr. enough because but for him we would have had to continue with the Allopathic medicine without permanent cure. It also might have caused addiction.

May God give Dr. Natarajan many more years of good health to continue with his service to the ailing!

Homeopath,TNHC B7789
Dear Homeopathy Fraternity,
35, Chari Street, North Usman Road,
Tnagar, Chennai, 600017

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K. V. Natarajan

K. V. Natarajan
Homoeopath,TNHC B7789
Dear Homoeopathy Fraternity,
35, Chari Street, North Usman Road,
Tnagar, Chennai, 600017
Ph:044-42125712. 08025239396


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