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Some Short Excerpts From My Successful Cases

Written by Annalisa Percy

Homeopath Annalisa Percy shares case summaries for eight of her successful cases. Migraine, multiple sclerosis, cancer and bulimia are among the conditions treated.

All patients and/or their owners provided consent for the use of their details with names withheld.

1. A Case of Migraine -– Mrs G. December 2019 to March 2020

This lovely 84 year-old lady is consulting primarily for her migraines. She has always experienced Ocular Migraines (visual). Quite often she experiences a very bright light flashing, just prior to a migraine starting.

Sometimes it lasts a bit longer like an after image and other times she describes it as a narrowing of her visual field with floaters moving from the edge of her vision bilaterally and obliterating her central vision for from 20 minutes to an hour.

The floaters are black, pink, blue, green and “orangey” like firelight. The pain typically descends as the visual disturbances recede. It is like a band of pressure that is sometimes worse on the left but more often on the right.

She occasionally gets nausea and sour water brash concomitantly and will sometimes vomit if she tries to drink water. She knows dehydration can make migraines worse but finds it a challenge when nauseated. Sometimes she gets the visual disturbances without pain as well. These are almost more distressing since they render her almost blind for 20 minutes up to 2 hours.


She first noticed migraines when pregnant, especially the second pregnancy (50 yeas ago). The migraines have increased recently and she thinks it may be due to her glaucoma surgeries that decrease intraocular pressure, and aging (changes in hormones).

Other health history includes

4 Trabeculectomy surgeries and 2 cataract surgeries over a period of 15 years.

Osteoporosis (medical dx) and Osteoarthritis in hips. Cholescystectomy 2013.

Psoriasis appears occasionally – none now. Hip pain from osteoarthritis. Sciatic involvement – exercise and warm applications help. Small (size of thumbprint) to med. ( size of palm) lipomas on her hips and buttocks. Raynauds syndrome -> loses circulation in fingers with characteristic blue/purple discoloration. Decreased circulation to feet with discoloration and mild swelling.

Her feet can become hot and sweaty and burning in summer but are cold in winter. She gets broken capillaries to her lower legs and varicosities that sit close to the surface of her skin. Last year she hit her ankle on something and it bled for a long time (2 days slow bleed).

Mrs G. has a small frame, normal to slightly underweight, is fairly active, walks 1 to 2 km per day and cleans her own house. Lives alone but has an active social life and family connections. She describes herself as social, but independent, loves travel and reading (she points out she is reading Russian history and documentaries not novels. She says there is always something more to learn.

She hates going to see a doctor “Why would I waste the time ? I am fine.”

Medications; none

Vitamins and Supplements; many

Fish oil, vit D/K, greens powder, collagen, lutein, C0Q10, gingko

Diet; she eats very carefully since her gall bladder surgery, lots of fish, chicken, cooked green veg, fruits in season, kefir, occasional bread from a local bakery. Does not eat sweets, does not eat salt (told not to by MD – glaucoma and BP related) Likes juicy foods and some dairy and enjoys a glass of wine with her meals.

Remedy given was Phosphorus 200ch in water   2 pellets in 3 oz dropper bottle, 5 drops under the tongue after 5 to 10 succussions. Daily dose for a week then report back to the homeopath (student ).

I chose a higher potency d/t her current vitality and healthy level of hygiene.

Follow up – 1 month later, many improvements.

  • Migraines decreased in severity
  • Raynauds S&S decreased and appears that circulation improved overall
  • Better energy
  • No further bleeding and feet are becoming a normal colour.
  • Lipomas decreased in size and itchy skin feeling.

After this patient asked me if we could do something else for her continued migraines, albeit less severe. I considered anew – her eye and headache S&S, and she received a dose of Iris Versicolour 200ch.

As we see below Iris V covers only some of her main headache specific symptoms that relate to her eyes, but in a high grade. The Materia Medica confirmed Iris to be a suitable choice.

To date she has not had any further Migraines …not one!

Case #2  Multiple Sclerosis, Ongoing – Man of 34 – May 2019 to Present

Chief Complaints

This 34 year- old presented with several issues:

  • Urinary incontinence & frequency
  • Spastic, and/or Tonic muscle cramping and pain (with parasthesias) to all extremities.
  • Physical Mobility reduced – uses walker & WC
  • Blurry vision/vision loss – legally blind
  • Foggy brain
  • Anhidrosis

A man of few words – his symptoms were at first very general to MS. The only etiology he could think of was heat…his first visual issues occurred after playing baseball in the summer. The only “Never Well Since” he could come close to was scarlet fever as a child. He did of course have the usual vaccines but remembers nothing of any ill effects.

Rx #1 Causticum 200ch 5 drops daily 3 weeks

After 3 days he told me his incontinence was under control

His legs were less tight albeit still cramping/spasming.

His sleep was improved

Duration; 3 weeks with gradually fewer changes, and some mild regression. (incontinence)

Rx #2 Causticum 1M x 4 days

Aggravations -> urinary frequency and increased burning.

Cost to patient -> too high …incontinence too distressing ….

Return to Causticum 200ch Symptoms resolved within 2 days.

Rx#3 Belladonna 30ch -> following the NWS scarlet fever possibility. No visible effect.

Rx #4 Conium 200ch -> spasticity decreasing and urinary patterns normalizing.  Less upper body pain & cramping

Rx #5 Gelsemium Q1-> decreased weakness after exercise, quasi post ictal spastic tonic movements. Further improvements in urinary patterns & sensations.  Clear ROS at 4 weeks with subsequent re evaluation of case. Improvements remain thus case taken on remainder of symptoms.

Rx#6 Bowel Nosode Proteus 200ch : ability to sweat returns.

Rx#7 Agaricus Q1-> decrease in leg cramps, brain feels clearer, more energy. Again a ROS signal a new remedy.  The progression continues with past improvements holding steady for the most part as we continue treatment.

RX #8 Plumbum 200ch -> current Tx – feeling good enough to go out and clean up yard !! More energy and less pain, somewhat less cramping.  Added PRN remedy: Arnica cream for legs after exercise to help with soreness from cramping + exercise.

Case #3 Disappearing Tumour A brief review May 2018 to Present

This lady has a convoluted history but fairly simple chief complaints

  • Address her immunity and help her body recover from radiation therapy
  • Possibly prevent cancer returning!

Rx #1 Gemmotherapy: Viscum Album after radiation treatment

  • No side effects from radiation …surgeon could not disguise his surprise.

Rx # 2 Lycopodium 200 ch : 2 hour aggravation – renal colic, ?stone passed after which she felt very well.

Rx # 3 Nux -Vomica  200ch– constipation and incisional abdominal pain resolved.

Rx # 4 Sepia 200ch – no effect

Rx#5 Nat – M 200ch – depression lifted, usual seasonal affective disorder did not occur.

As of the last CT the tumour is GONE….

Case #4 Bulimia: September 2019 to February 2020

A very difficult history – A mix of past abuse and physical symptoms.

Rx # 1 Thuja 200ch: Felt more “herself.” Better energy, no further ammonia in nose and urinary patterns improved, better sense of reality.

Not much change in binging, and after a few months, she had a cycle of extreme irritability, headaches and intermittent constipation.

Rx # 2 Nux Vomica 200ch : After 2 doses was less disposed to binge and felt less irritated and not as drawn to coffee and comfort foods.  She recognises this will be a lifelong progression but now feels as if she might be able to manage with homeopathic help. She was seen as a distance patient and will continue to seek homeopathic help as needed.

Case 5 – Acute Case of a Soldier December 2019 to March 2020

  • After an acute on chronic shoulder injury possibly complicated by chronic radiculopathy.

Rx # 1 Bryonia 30ch: Right shoulder pain resolved. Numbness decreasing and function returning. At first follow up 1 week later his only complaint was that he felt like he had residual nerve damage but the pain was gone.

Rx# 2 Hypericum 200ch: seemed to work synergistically with faster resolution of numbness and tingling. Problem resolved at 1 month.

Problem # 2) Headache and diarrhea concomitant fear of getting Covid-19.

Rx # 2:  Ars Alb 200ch -> complete resolution overnight after one dose!

Case #6 Charm – The Painful Spot – December 2019

Charm is an 8 year-old Dalmatian who came to me as a rescue and had a series of health problems due to her poor condition upon rescue. She had had orthopaedic surgery 4 months ago, and was previously diagnosed Lyme positive and prior to the episode below had been doing very well with her rehab.

Friday night she was very anxious, walking with her tail clamped and her back hunched…she whimpered when touched. She had trouble urinating and eliminating outside.  No appetite even for her favourite treats. Was incontinent in the house twice, due to back pain and being unable to tolerate the frigid outside temps ( -20 windchill).  She shook like a leaf after coming back in even with a heater and duvet on her.  Worse for cold, fearful and sudden onset

unbearable pain => Aconite 30ch

Slight improvement => Aconite 200ch

Next day she had difficulty urinating – seemed very painful and her urine was concentrated.

Urine -ve blood, +ve protein 3+, +ve leuks 1+ , ph 8 and sp.grav 1.015 ( slightly dehydrated for a dog)

She received Cantharis 30ch

Slightly improved again, and now able to urinate, still seeming sore in her back and very irritable, still distressed about going outside. In addition she seemed depressed – normally such a happy girl and she seemed as if something awful was happening inside…..still worse for touch, better for warmth, lying in bed and yet restless at night with pain intensifying overnight. Trembling when she was asked to move or go out and seeming to resent the sound of voices. (she would bark angrily- very unusual for her )

After doing much reading of the Materia Medica I decided on a remedy that has not been used much but has a great affinity for back pain, depression with anger and restlessness + trembling. It also has an affinity for bone pains and periosteum. Joints more painful from cold and wandering shifting pains in the back/legs. Kent noted it often increased the appetite first as an indication that the remedy was working.

Kent proved it and Clarke found it useful in cancer and syphilitic cases ( the spirochetes of Lyme and Syphilis are pathognomically similar) .

Aurum Arsenicum 200ch in a water dose.

Lo and behold she was back to herself in 10 minutes! She wanted to go out and was almost completely back to herself, no more trembling or sadness! She slept very well overnight and received another 2 doses (in water) of Aur. ars. 200ch when she seemed a little less happy. She was back to her usual happy self the day after.  Thanks to homœopathy Charm didn’t have to go into the ER Vet Clinic and is feeling well again!

  Case # 7 -The Rescued Dog No One Wanted  – February 2017

A friend of mine had a problem. She runs an animal rescue, and had recently accepted a white boxer male – and he was in such distress she was close to euthanizing him.  He was so itchy he was drawing blood everywhere, so anxious he shook all the time, so unhappy he whimpered non stop. He also had awful diarrhea that kept coming.

I perused my Materia Medica and came up with a remedy:

Arsenicum Album.  I had a 30ch on me and gave him 2 pellets which he took very gently.

My friend messaged me the next day – he was a completely different dog!

Stopped itching, diarrhea stopped, and CALM!  He never looked back – still is a happy boy who loves his rescue family.

One dose of Ars.Alb…… 

Case #8 The Whippet Who Fell Downstairs in November 2019

An older dog who had fallen downstairs and was now walking crookedly with his neck and spine seemingly “at odds” according to his owner.

She had already given Arnica 30ch so I had her give Arnica 200ch and said keep repeating this overnight.  He seemed better but still very sensitive in his spine

Rx -> Tellurium 200ch

Complete resolution of his spinal sensitivity and pain. The owner was astounded.

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Annalisa Percy

Annalisa Percy Rn, Hom, Dchm has a 25 year career as a registered nurse, working currently as a military RN in the Canadian Forces. She recently fulfilled her dream of graduating with honours from the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine. As a registered homeopath life may look different, but always the passion for helping people and nurturing each person’s best health goals are front and center.
She has always been a strong proponent of fitness for health and has been a triathlon and track coach and an equestrian competitor and coach. “My homœopathic journey started with my horses and dogs as a young Tellington Touch practitioner, and my passion and admiration for what Hahnemann taught us and what homœopathy can do increases everyday. Everything homœopathy fascinates and energizes me – I hope to give back to this wonderful field of knowledge through provings, research and case studies.”

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