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A Staphysagriya Case

Written by Kushala N. Salian

Dr. Kushala Salian finds a remedy for abdominal complaints that were triggered by suppressed anger.

Mr. A. J Age 23yrs     Education BCom


Occupation: Working in private firm in sales dept.

Living in rental apartment with a senior citizen “Bapu” as a paying guest with whom he has formed a father/son relationship.

Father- age 58, now retired

Mother –age 48, housewife

1 E sister age 25,

1 Y brother, 21,


Since 6 months he has frequent fullness of abdomen, Gas++

Heavy body

Trembling < excited when in anger++


Pulling in hands and legs++

Stools watery (3-4) with pain in abdomen at times <over eating

P/H– Malaria 2006

App-Good   – Craves -Spicy++,apple, banana, salty++

Thirsty++ 5-6 lit /day

Perspiration –on back, offensive++, stains yellow+


Sleep-sound, only disturbed when thinks of health and whether he will get well or not.

Life space-

Mr A J, 23 yrs came with an uncle in whose house he is staying as a PG since 1 yr. They are both from the same city and formed a bond of father/ son relationship.

From childhood he has faced a lot of hardships. When young his father would beat him without reason with hot spatula. That anger towards his father he carries till today. He wanted to leave his father and go away some place. When he thinks of all this he feels like slapping his father. His father was frustrated with his own problems which he displaced onto the patient. He could not leave his parents as people will say” he left his parents.”

There was no bonding between parents and children. They never thought about the childrens’ education or career or their future. They all grew up with their own thinking and in their own way. If he now compares his relation with Bapu, he feels there is fatherly care, understanding . His family has never supported him from childhood and he had to face all hardships on his own, struggle on his own,”kisi ko kisi se lena dena nahi hai. He gets so angry that he wants to walk out with baggage. There was a time when there was not proper food, clothes, and he gets angry at his father for not providing . Now at this age, his dad can’t give him the things he wanted in childhood.

He has been sick with stomach complaints ,weakness and headache. He feels depressed and wants to commit suicide, as he feels in spite of so many doctors he is not alright. He scolds Bapu for not directing him to the right doctor. When well he will laugh, play and eat a lot. He is short tempered. He is a very straight forward person. He wants to achieve something in life, work in a good company, have a good post.


A/F Anger suppressed

A/f Abuse physical

Excitable easily

Anger contradiction from

Trembling <anger with

Injustice cannot support

Anxiety health


Ambitious much

Desire spicy

Perspiration offensive

Perspiration stain yellow

Rx Nux vomica 200 one dose

Follow up-

From Oct 2010 to August 2012 ,he would come frequently with gastric complaints, at times with headaches, bodyaches and lots of stress with anger feelings towards his family and subordinates. He could not tolerate any contradiction. He wanted people to behave as he wanted them to. He found a place to vent his frustrations and would visit frequently to PP clinic.

His anxiety about health is very marked. He gets very scared when unwell, hopes it’s nothing major. He seems like a hypochondriac, all the time complaining. His symptoms were functional.

Nux vomica 200,later 1 M was given in infrequent doses.

Review in September 2012

Hyperaciditity continues

He was feeling lonely, felt he had no one to support him. He keeps his problems to himself. He was pondering deeply about his life ,the hardships he had to go through, his father’s beatings, their acceptance of him only if he provides money to them and looks after their needs. He dwells on his family not being supportive and caring and the wrongs he underwent through for no fault of his own. There is anger and sadness in his thoughts .A lot of thoughts go on in his mind as to why he is suffering. There is no bonding between siblings , everything is “matlabli”, which he does not like

He thinks of colleagues with less ability who have higher positions than he does. HIs thoughts trouble him and he has become a loner without a friend with whom he can share his personal thoughts. He expects his parents to change in time but they don’t. If he has to get some work done, he will fight, quarrel,, abuse, threaten and get his way.

He is trying to find his answers in religion as to why he is suffering so much. He wants to find out about God, his existence, his power, where the soul goes after death. He has read a lot of religious books, trying to find answers.


Lack of love, care, nourishment, support in life

Feels Forsaken from family


Ambivalent relation with parents

Pent up anger and frustrations in life



Thoughts deep, profound


Religious affn , Q on meaning of life

Craving spicy++,salty++




Rx —   Natrum mur 1M to 10 M was given in infrequent doses from September 2012 to end of Dec 2013 with occasional doses of Nux vomica 1M,but his vexed state continued and also his functional complaints.

He was dissatisfied, angry at everything and was getting into arguments. He wanted people to work his way, think his way.

In early 2014 he got married with a divorcee of another caste .She wasdoing well for herself career wise. Her parents were only too happy. He went against his parents and married her in her hometown in Calcutta. He felt happy that he had found a companion to share. Within a short period of 3 months their marriage was breaking apart. His MIL had come to stay with them, and was interfering in their personal life. He was trembling in anger. They got divorced.

He used to come with lot of acutes of cold /cough

In March 2014 he came with chill with fever

Swelling in Lt jaw

Pain in lt jaw<hard chewing++, sour   > Movement of jaw

Diagnosis was Parotiditis

Rx— Staphysagria 200 one dose given.

His swelling in jaw reduced, app improved, sleep improved

He felt more relaxed, complaints subsided.

In past 1 year till date 2 doses of Staphysagria 1M have been given.

He comes less frequently for follow up. He still gets stressed out but can manage his life better. He is doing well in his career and looking for job options abroad after his divorce. He is no longer bothered about his divorce and wants to get over the issue on mutual consent. He wants to look forward in life. He needs respect and for him, prestige is more important than money. He is more of loner, though when in company he laughs, mixes well. He is still excitable but can manage his anger. It does not trouble him.

Totality retrospective:

A/F anger, vexation;suppressed from

A/F Abuse

Excitement, excitable, tendency

Anger; irascibility; tendency; contradiction from

Anger; irascibility , Tndency; trembling with

Anger; irascibility; tendency; trifles at

Injustice cannot support

Anxiety; health about

Anxiety; hypochondriacal

Forsaken feeling; beloved by his parents, wife, friends, feels is not being

Company; aversion to; agg; solitude fond of

Unfortunate feels

Thoughts tormenting

Dwells on past disagreeable occurrences


Ambition; much; ambitious


Reproaches others

Dicatorial; domineering; dogmatic; despotic

Conscientious about trifles


Inquisitive ; supernatural or spiritual matters about


Desires spices, condiments, piquant, highly seasoned food

Desires salt or salty food

Perspiration; odor offensive

Perspiration; Staining the linen yellow

Lyco 42/24;     Ars 35/18 ;   Staph 34/20 ;   Nat mur 34/18;   Sulph 33/21; Nux vom 32/18


I felt this patient’s main issue is sensitivity. He is sensitive and reactive to each and every life situation .The DD was between Nux vomica and Staphysagria. Here the family classification helped. The structure related to one issue in his life that something was missing so ruled out mineral kingdom.

So the difference was between Ranunculaceae and Loganiaceae.

Ranunculaceae has the main sensation of Vexed, excited easily, raw nerves

Morbidly sensitive

Many emotions

Irritability, excessive anger with ,grief, guilt, shock and annoyed, distressed, harassed.

Insulted, Dreams vexatious

Sharp, stitching, stabbing, stinging and sticking pains

Their active reaction of patient is…….

Nervous tension

Inner conflicts, many emotions excited together, one on top of the other


Outbursts, brooding, passionate

Tremors from emotions, tensions prolonged

Mental and physical connections or alternations, suppressed

Sensitive to trifles

Loganiaceae- Main sensation is Shocked, let down, disappointed, torn to pieces, shattered, ruined

Active reaction is they are beside themselves, excitable and go into convulsions

Staphysagria was better suited for the case.

About the author

Kushala N. Salian

Dr. Kushala N. Salian M.D (Hom) from Mumbai University has been practising classical homoeopathy for 22 years. She trained for five years with ICR (Institute of Clinical Research) run by Drs. Kumar and M .Dhawale. She has also attended seminars and online training courses with WWR, Basic Program and CME’s of Sensation method By Dr Rajan Sankaran and his team. Dr. Salian has a private practice and occasionally acts as a guest lecturer.

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