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Suspected Covid Case

Written by Elif Alin

Homeopath Elif Alın shares a case suspected of being COVID-19. Bryonia, Arsenicum, Rhus tox, Sulphur and Phosphorus were used at various times.

I share a suspected Covid case from Turkey.  The patient was our student in CHE (Center for Homeopathic Education) College in İstanbul. There is no curfew in Turkey and he was working until March 26th.

26th of March:  The doctor at his workplace prescribed antibiotic,expectorant, chest xray and and hemogram test. The patient phoned me and said he didn’t want to go to hospital, which he said was very risky, so we started to use homeopathy as a treatment

CASE – Male age 33


When he phoned me on 26th March, he said that he had burning pain in his throat for the last 3 days, dry cough with chest pain and left sided headache. He had taken Bry. 30 c last night and he had taken 3 doses up to that day but it didn’t help. He said the worst symptom was burning in his larynx.

Mild left sided headache. Dry cough with chest pain. Feels slightly weak and anxiou.s

I gave Arsenicum 30ch 4 doses in an hour.

1st Follow Up an hour later

Cough is less frequent, no chest pain

No burning pain in throat

Energy is better

Fever 38.5 celcius

Headache became more pronounced

I decided to give Bryonia even though he said that he took it first and it didn’t work. We started to collect information from the outbreak in Turkey. Bryonia seems one of the main remedies for the outbreak in our area.

I prescribed Bryonia 30 ch (the only potency he had)

Repeated every 10 minutes for 2 hours

2nd Follow Up 2 hours later

Fever changeable (down and up again)

Headache is better

Chest much better, no pain

Repeated BRY. 30 4 times until he fell asleep.


3rd Follow Up at 8 am

Feeling much better. He said that it’s like a miracle.

After Bryonia last night, no fever no headache.

Now there is post nasal discharge, thick, yellow. Relief blowing nose.

Cough with phlegm started.

His energy is good.

Bry. 3o repetead 3 times an hour

4th Follow Up 2 hours later

Nose discharge increased but clear rather then yellow

Cough with expectoration diminished

Energy is good

This was the first day that symptoms disappeared

Repetion of Bry. 30 2-3 doses

5th Follow Up at 5 pm

Nose discharge clear but obviously burning now. Smell diminished

Fever 37.2 Celcius

Back to Arsenicum  30 – repeated 4 times for 2 hours


Nose – smell lost – wanting

6th Follow Up at 7 pm

Burning discharge diminished.

Cough slightly more, mild burning pain in throat again.

Fever 37.2 degrees of Celcius

Back to main remedy BRY. Repeated 5 times for 2 hours

7th Follow Up at 10 pm

Nose discharge diminished

Desire for cold drinks

Cough diminished

Mucus diminished

Feel much better

Repeated BRY – 3 doses until he fell asleep.

I gave Lyc 30 one dose because it was suitable for symptom picture and I thought it might be his constituonal.


8th Follow Up at 8 am

Fever 38.3

No discharge, nose clear

Slight right sided headache from blowing nose

Smell diminished

9 am

Fever 37.6

Almost no headache after pilates

Feeling much better

Thick nasal discharge

Smell loss-wanting

Warm drinks amel.

Rubrics are

Nose discharge-thick

Nose- discharge yellowish green

Warm drinks amel

Motıon- amel

Smell diminished

I gave Hepar suphur 30 – repeated 4 times in an hour

9th Follow Up at 13:30

Nose discharge clear and diminished

Energy much better

Slight cough from post nasal catarrh

Fever 38.1

We generally observed that fever increased in the morning and at 6pm.

He observed cold hands before fever.

Motion amel.

Back to main remedy Bry 30 – Repetead 5 times in an hour

10th Folllow Up at 4 pm

Energy is good

Fever diminished

Nose catarrh

Repeated BRY. 30 – 4 doses an hour

At 6 pm

Feeling better

Repeated BRY. 30 – 4 doses in an hour

11th Follow Up at 7 pm

Much better no cough

Nose catarrh (he thought that catarrh got thicker with Bry.

8 pm

Kali-bich –  didn’t work for catarrh.

Fever slightly increased.

Back to BRY. 30 –  5 times in an hour


Nose stuffed-thick mucus

Fever 38 degreese celcius

Repetead Bry single dose



Feeling much better

Nose open, mucus diminished,

No Fever ( first 3 days was fever morning agg.)

Cough diminished

Repeated Bry 3 times untill 6 pm (agg time)


Fever 37.6

Loss of sense of smell

Nose discharge yellow

Bry. Single dose


He says after Bry. mucus increased and nose stuffed.

Fever 37.7

Smell loss wanting

Pulsatilla 30 2 times an hour



Nose open

Headache from nose blowing.

Head sensitive-throbbing sensation,

Herpes come out around lips and nose

Energy is good

Rhus-tox 30 3 times in an hour


Rhus-tox worked very quick around lips – just  a few herpes around nostril

Energy is good

Fever 37.9

Repeat Rhus-tox 30 3 times in an hour


It worked very well

Headache almost dissapeared

Repeat Rhus-tox 3 times more


Head pain on coughing

Head pain while walking

Fever 38.3 degrees c.

Bry 3 times for hour

10 pm

Head pain is the same

Mild fever

Nose stuffed

Rhus tox 30 3 times an hour


Worked very well. Head is sensitive no more pain

Slight fever

Repeat Rhus-tox 30 3 times an hour


Feeling much better

No headache,

Head sensitive if rising sudden

catarrh diminished



Catarrh diminished

discharge diminished

head sensitive if rising suddenly


Fever 38 degreese celcius

head pain on coughing

head pain while walking

Phos 30 3 times in an hour


It worked very well for head pain

Fever 38 degreese (He said that’s definitely agg time) but feels OK

It worked for mucus as well, which diminished

Repetead Phos 30 3 times an hour


7 am

Sensitive top of head rising from the bed

10 am

No fever in the morning

He started to perspire from chest area and armpits

Slight headache come out (bending forward<) (rising from bed<)

Kali-c200 arrived and we used single dose

12 am

Almost no headache just sensitive rising on much better

Runny nose but nose is open-feels better


Mild itching on eyes

No headache

Slight cough

Fever 37.3 degrees celcius

İf FEVER increased Repeated Bry 3 times an hour

(6 pm fever increased and used Bry.)

9 pm

No fever

Occasional cough from motion

Repeat BRY.single dose


7 am


Feeling much better

Slightly sensitive head

Catarrh diminished

Nose open

Smells better

Repeat BRY single dose


Fever 37.6

Nose discharge light yellow

Slight headache temples

Repeated BRY single dose an hour later Kali-c single dose

6 pm

Nose discharge diminished

Feeling much better

8 pm

Fever 37.4 degreese celcius

Energy is well

Above the eyebrows sensitive

Top of the head sensitive

Repeated BRY 3 times an hour

10 pm

No fever

Feeling tired wants to sleep

DAY  9

9 AM

Feeling much better

No fever

Nose catarrh blowing eaisly green mucus

Slight cough

Phos 30. Single dose

10 am

Cough better

Cough Motion <

Phos 30. Single dose


Nose discharge increased after Phos.

Above the eyebrows sensitive

Repetead BRY.single dose

9 pm

Fever 37 degreese celcius

Today no agg.time

Feeling much better

Nose discharge diminished

No sensitivity of head

Repeated BRY. single dose


Much better

Slight nose discharge

Repetead Bry. single dose



Much better

No symptoms

Slight discharge from the nose

Repetead Bry. single dose

4 pm

Slight sensitivity above the eyelids

Smell slightly diminished it was very good in the morning

Repetead Bry. single dose

7 pm

After Bry. sensitivity above the eyes better but started again an hour ago

Pain started from temples extending to forehead (pressive feeling)

(cold application amel., pressure amel)

Slight discharge from the nose

Fever 37.3

Belladona 30 2 times an hour


Head pain and sensitivity above the eyes better (sensitive to touch)

Belladona 30.single dose


Head sensitivity much better

Nose catarrh much better

Belladona 30.single dose

DAY 11

9 am

He said Bell worked very well

Much better energy

Slight discharge from the nose

5 pm

sensitivity above the eyes

Repeated BELL.3 times an hour

DAY 12

10 am

Back to work

Energy is good

No symptoms

9 pm

No symptoms no fever

Well energy

Can I drink coffee?

DAY 13

No symptoms

1 dose Sulphur to close the case

DAY 14

No symptoms

About the author

Elif Alin

Elif Alın is Vice President of the Istanbul Homeopathy Association. She’s the director and co-founder of Organon Holistik Health Academy and directs the partnership with CHE London as the educational coordinator in Istanbul. She practices homeopathy and works as a lecturer in Istanbul.


  • Thank you for sharing -detailed, step by step example. Lucky patient with such doctor, following up am and pm- beautiful! Bless you and be safe .

  • DEAR DR,

    • thanks for your comments. Belladona worked very well for heaviness fo head( fulness one temple to another) with sudden movement, it was most disturbing symptoms at that moment and disaapperad with BELL. Best wishes to all of us

  • Dear doctor, case is very nicely described, but I don’t understand why you are using only 30c potency for a covid case? If you had used 200c/1M potencies case would have taken less time to recover. Don’t understand why homeopaths don’t want to try higher potencies which act quickly and cure faster. 30c is ok for babies.

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