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TB Lymphadenitis in a Woman of 20

Written by Mafkhar Baig

Dr. Mafkhar Baig shares a case of TB Lymphadenitis in a Woman of 20. Fever with chills around 10pm, thirst at frequent intervals and fear of disease were among the symptoms leading to the simillimum.

This is a case of TB lymphadenitis which is the most common form of extrapulmonary tuberculosis. With a previous history of TB, a positive Mantoux test and evening rise of temperature, the patient was destined to go for surgery and Akt treatment before her sister suggested she consult me. Her sister who had got rid of her anti-epileptic medicines under my treatment, had strong faith in homoeopathy.

This young lady age 20, consulted me in October 2018. She was more worried for the enlarged growth as someone told her that it could be cancer. At the same time, she was anxious about her elder sister’s condition, whether it could relapse.

On asking why she’s so worried about her sister’s health, she said she’s the only earning member of their family as they didn’t have any brother. One thing I observed in her during those 30 minutes of case taking, was that she was right at the edge of her seat and after showing her past investigation reports she took at least five minutes to arrange them in sequence.

Presenting complaints:

Painless lymphadenopathy in the neck region for the last 3 months

Fever with slight chills around 10pm which lasts till 12pm for the last 4 months

Gets tired easily

Past history:

Suffered from TB 4 years ago and had taken Akt treatment

Personal history (only positive findings):

Thirst – ++

Appetite – wanting with weight loss

Thermals – Chilly

Desires – Fatty foods

Menses – Scanty

Physical make up: Thin with tendency to weight loss.

Family History: Father had TB 10 years ago

Investigation: Mantoux +ve

Mentals observed:  Fear of disease, fastidiousness (arranging her reports in a proper manner), anxiety for her sister.

Totality considered for Prescribing

1) Fear of disease

2) Fastidiousness

3) Anxiety, others for

4) Financial insecurity

5) Fever with chills around 10pm

6) Desires Fatty foods

7) Thirst at frequent intervals

8) Thermals – Chilly

9) General weakness

On the basis of totality Arsenicum alb 30 was prescribed. After the first follow up      (Nov 2018) no change was seen. I increased the potency to 200 and in the second follow up (Dec 2018) the patient said her problem had increased (see image 2).

It was a bad sign for her but a good sign for me as the nodule which was widely spread (image 1) had become intact in one place (image 2). Now it was time to just wait and watch when it breaks opens.

After 2 weeks a vent was formed, and Silicea 6x and Calcarea sulph 6x were used to hasten the process. There was discharge for almost two months. The swelling had reduced markedly but the fever was still there.

During this period the patient was only on biochemic medicines like Calc sulph, Silicea and Ferr phos.

By the grace of Almighty she was relieved in all her sufferings within 6 months.


Image 1


Image 2

About the author

Mafkhar Baig

Dr. Mafkhar Baig completed BHMS from A. M. Shaikh Homeopathic Medical College (Karnataka), M.D (Hom) Gold medalist in Organon of Medicine (Pune). He has been practising in Mumbai for the last 12 years. He is Managing Director at Aarish Academy of Alternative Therapy (Thane). Dr. Baig is Editor of the monthly health magazine "SEHATNAMA". He is attached to peripheral OPD’s in Dhule and Malegaon. Website-


  • Brilliant case Dr Mafkhar sir. I had a similar experience with a 55 yr old patient with tubercular lymphadenitis which formed a sinus and discharging along with potts spine. It took almost 1 year to be healed properly but I had faith in homeopathy and the patient also showed patience which I believe is crucial in such cases. Your case is an eye opener for those who are skeptical about action of homoeopathy in TB cases. Thanks a lot sir.

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