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Temporal Glioma in a Man of 46

Written by Paramjot Saini

Dr. Paramjot Saini shares a case of temporal glioma in a man of 46. After surgery the tumor reappeared. Both chemotherapy and homeopathy were used to treat it.

Cancer is a destructive disease in which abnormal cells divide in an uncontrolled way and destroy the healthy body tissues. According to homeopathic philosophy, cancer is a syphilitic disease, although there is interplay of all the three miasms, namely Psora, Sycosis and Syphilis.

I gained experience treating cancer patients in a homoeopathic hospital where I treated many such patients. Some were cured and a few having a metastatic stage with low vitality were palliated so as to relieve them of their pain and sufferings.

I would like to share a case of a patient with a brain tumour from my own private practice successfully treated by homoeopathic medicines.

A male patient 46 years of age presented with a diagnosed case of right temporal glioma measuring 46 x 31mm with the following symptoms:
-Headache with vomiting since 2 months
– Convulsions since 2 months.
– Hypertension
– Restlessness in feet.

PAST HISTORY– H/O GLIOMA 1 month back for which surgery was done but this tumour reappeared in a span of 1 month.
H/O Piles for which surgery was done.
H/O Scabies 5 yrs back.

Her Mother. – Piles / Hypertension

PERSONAL HISTORY  –  Patient is working at cement company, veg. in diet.
Appetite – Increased since his illness.
Desires –  sweets
Aversion- nothing particular
Thirst –   diminished
Perspiration – scanty
Thermals –   Chilly since 1 year
Sleep – Normal. Sleeps on sides with knees flexed.  Salivation during sleep. Sleep disturbed by slightest noise.
Dreams- Nothing particular

MENTALS-   Conscientious, Communicative, Mild temperament, Affectionate,
Diligent.  Anger if obliged to answer same question. Indisposed to talk during anger. Offended easily. Aversion to responsibilities. Weeping> by consolation by close friends.
H/o Grief as he was blamed by his brother that he had grabbed money from joint taxi business. Family neglected him due to this accusation.
Loves reading, playing cricket.

– Ailments from Grief .
– Ailments from Indignation
– Brain Tumour
– Right Sided Affection
–  Thirst Diminished.

PrescriptionBelladonna 200 was given on 1.5.2014, three doses by which he felt more energetic. Appetite became normal, drowsiness better and there was no convulsive attack for one month. MRI was done after 1 month which showed reduction in size of the lesion from 46×31 mm to 20x16mm

FOLLOW UP    Patient was given placebo for a month as he was better. As his vitality improved, I gave him Carcinosin 1M on 15.6.2014, his constitutional medicine, on the basis of the following symptoms:
– Diligent
-Chilly Patient
-Loves reading
-Desires Sweets
Thirst Diminished.

Carcinosin really helped him as he didn’t have any convulsive attacks after Carcinosin, although he was also given an anti-epileptic drug initially by his allopathic doctor which I had withdrawn gradually.

He developed Hypertension later for which Carcinosin 1M was repeated on 8.3.17.

He developed eruptions on his legs after Carcinosin 1M which was a very good sign, so he was again kept on placebo.

MRI was done on 20.5.17 which showed no recurrence of lesion in the brain.

I want to mention that he also went through chemotherapy initially for a few months under pressure of his relatives due to which he had vomiting and weakness so Nux Vomica 200 was given twice in between, to control the side effects of chemotherapy.

Presently, this patient is fully cured so no Medicines are being given .He is leading a normal life and goes to his office daily.

Thus, I conclude that Carcinosin really cured that lesion preventing its recurrence although chemotherapy may have helped to reduce the size of the lesion.

I am also attaching the testimonial of this patient:

About the author

Paramjot Saini

Dr. Paramjot Saini, B.H.M.S has been practicing classical Homeopathy in Chandigarh since 1996. She started her clinical practice in a charitable dispensary in Sector- 24, Chandigarh where she served as a Medical officer for 10 yrs. Later she worked as a Research Assistant in the Cancer Research Cell in Dr. Castro's Homeopathic Research Center in Chandigarh where she treated cancer patients for 5years. Dr. Paramjot has had her own practice for the last two and a half years in Mohali.

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