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Testicular Pain and Polyp on Right Kidney

Written by Silvana nienaber

Testicular Pain and Polyp on Right Kidney by Silvana Nienaber

40-year-old male patient came to see me in March 2021, for what he believed to be a bladder infection.  I had previously seen this patient in 2018 for lateral epicodytis. All his current symptoms started on December 9th. Initial symptoms were pain and irritation in the urethra worse during urination.  He had a telephonic consult with a general practitioner who prescribed a 3 day course of antibiotic as well as an anti-inflammatory.

On the 16th of December the symptoms worsened and he had additional symptoms of severe testicular pain which was also aggravated by urination.  There was also pain in the lower abdomen and abdominal distention.  Another 3-day course of antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory was prescribed.

All symptoms got progressively worse and he went to see a urologist on the 30th of December.  The urologist did a urinalysis, urethral swab as well as blood test.  Infection and STI’s were ruled out.  The urologist prescribed Tramacet and Zoloft believing that the symptoms were due to anxiety.  Symptoms only reduced by about 5%.

At the beginning of March, the patient was still in pain and discomfort.  The urologist requested an ultrasound which showed a polyp on the right kidney and a rectal exam was performed – NAD.  The patient was told to continue with the above medication.

The patient, however, decided to stop all medication as he did not enjoy the way the Zoloft was making him feel and the Tramacet was causing constipation and he did not feel that the medication was making enough of a difference to warrant the continuation and he decided to come and see me.

When the patient came to see me, middle of March, he presented with the following symptoms:

  • Despondent
  • Helpless
  • Extremely restless due to discomfort
  • Patient seemed to be almost embarrassed about his condition and asked while telling me his symptoms, “does anyone else have access to my file?”
  • Total lack of libido
  • Withdrawn
  • Abdominal discomfort and distention
  • Suprapubic pain and discomfort.
  • Testicular pain and tenderness
  • Urethral irritation which was worse during urination
  • Increased frequency in urination during the day- has desire to urinate every 20 minutes.
  • Wakes up every 2 hours during the night to urinate with increased urgency
  • Constant feeling like there is urine in the urethra even immediately after urination

I decided to prescribe the following:  Rx: Nux Vomica 200ch

Mitte: III pulv

Sign: 1 pulv om

The reason for choosing Nux Vomica was the sensitivity to his discomfort  together with his restlessness.  I confirmed the remedy by using the following rubrics:

  • Abdomen, distention, tympanic
  • Abdomen, flatulence, lower abdomen
  • Bladder, urination, incomplete
  • Bladder, urination, frequent
  • Urethra, pain, urination during aggravates
  • Male genitalia, aching
  • Mind restless

I asked the patient to contact me 1 week later and let me know about his symptoms. 1 week later the patient reported a 50% improvement in his symptoms and wanted more of the “magic medicine”

Rx: Sat Lac (on the medicine label I wrote Nux Vomica 200ch)

Mitte: III pulv

Sign: 1 pulv om

I asked him to contact me one week later and let me know about his symptoms.

One week later he reported that he was still doing much better than at the initial consultation but, no further improvement occurred.

Rx: Nux Vomica M

Mitte: I pulv

Sign: stat

Asked the patient to contact me 2 weeks later.

2 weeks later patient reported further improvement.

  • The abdominal and supra pubic distention and discomfort was almost gone.
  • The frequent need for urination had subsided.
  • Feeling much better within himself and not as hopeless with his condition.
  • He now had faith in Homoeopathy and me.
  • To me he seemed to be less irritable and restless.
  • His libido started coming back which he was very excited about.
  • He wanted more of the same medication and stronger.
  • Now that he had faith in homoeopathy and the treatment, I explained how homoeopathy works and that I would like to wait. He agreed.

3 weeks later (7 weeks after the initial consult) patient reported that his symptoms had further improved but he was not 100% and he was still experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Urethral irritation during urination
  • Some supra pubic discomfort
  • Sensation as if there was urine in the urethra
  • And on an emotional level still not 100% “my spark is not back yet”

I decided to take another look at the case. During our initial consult in 2018, he told me that he was adopted at birth. He did not want to go into how that made him feel or share further details with me, except, that as soon as he could, age 18, he left home and had not been in touch with the adoptive family or siblings since.  He does not like that part of his life and does not want to discuss it.

He is a perfectionist.

My case notes from initial consultation in 2018:  Everything about him looks perfect. Dresses impeccably. Makes sure that he stands out.  Not a hair is out of place.  Highly complementary. I feel like he is giving me what he thinks I want to hear.  Wants to be liked.

Looking at the notes from our first consultation and how he was presenting during our latest consultations I decided on the following script. I also looked at the following rubrics to confirm my remedy:

  • Urethra, Urine, remained, after urination, as if some
  • Urethra, Urine, fossa navicularis, as if urine in
  • Urethra, sensation of a
  • Urethra, Dropping from, sensation of

Rx: Thuja M

Mitte: I pulv

Sign: stat

1 week later all physical symptoms gone.  Libido back and better than ever.

I did not prescribe anything.

2 weeks later I received a message “My sparkle is back. Thank you”

July 12th Contacted patient this morning to enquire on how he is feeling.

He said he was stressed due to the current violence and situation due to protests that are taking place in South Africa, but all symptoms that he initially consulted me with have not returned.

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Silvana nienaber

Dr. Silvana Nienaber Graduated from Durban Institute of Technology in South Africa (now called Durban University of Technology) in 2005 and has been in private practice in Durban ever since. She lectures on two subjects in the homoeopathic department at the Durban University of Technology and is also a clinician doing clinical supervision for the final year homoeopathy students.

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