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D: What is the stress of these programs?
P: Getting your board of directors to agree with your project and allow them to think as you would, that it’s a desirable project.

D: How do you feel in that situation?
P: I think I’m restless. If I’ve thought through this right, as thoroughly as I have then you have no choice Mr. Board of Directors. There’s an anxiety beforehand if that situation will be accepted. Anxiety from over preparation and going through this once or twice. It’s like a surgeon, giving this a once over. I would have loss of appetite, loss of sleep. I’d be quizzing myself, never ending and the kind I don’t think the chairman would ever think of it. It’s almost like being given an examination, but being given by me to myself.

D: How were you in examinations?
P: Very good. All the anxiety would make you think I’m scared of examinations, but I’m not scared.

D: Before examinations in school and college?
P: I would be tense, but not tense like I am now.

D: Any physical problems?
P: Yeah, maybe a need to go to the toilet.

D: So generally you’ve been fairly successful?
P: Yes successful. I’ve done a fairly good job and have seen that from my colleagues.

D: How are you with animals?
P: I’m good with animals. I’m not patient with people, but infinitely patient with children and animals.

D: With plants?
P: I like plants and greenery. If all of us plant just one tree, just one tree in a year, then our whole country would be green. So greening the country side…

D: About keeping things in order?
P: To me it’s important to have whatever you do done well. It’s an instinctual desire.

D: What do you expect from homeopathy?
P: First and foremost that this thing doesn’t grow anymore and if it can will reduce in size. If it can be shortened and made to grow away, outstanding. ( It should be brought under control, in the first place; and if there is that small chance of it being completely eradicated it will be perfect for him.) After this, to improve my quality of life and I will work very hard at this. If it can help me manage my sugar and my quality of health.

Further comments:

Incidentally, Arg-nit. is also one of twenty-six remedies mentioned for hemangioma.

The main theme of Argentum nitricum is performance in sudden danger or crisis. The feeling of the person is that he will be accepted only if he can perform in the time of a crisis; otherwise he stands despised and deserted.

In this case there was the compulsion to be perfect and to perform and accomplish, and his chief complaint could affect these. The performance and perfection were often required in situations which had to do with something new, and something dangerous, and in order to maintain his performance in these situations he needed to be in full control. That would give him the acknowledgment that he needed so he wouldn’t feel abandoned. As the reader will note all of this emerged in his case by just holding on to the chief complaint and going step by step from there.

His pathology is progressing gradually, but going higher and higher. His disturbance therefore is similar to the gradually ascending LM potencies. As explained above I started with LM 3.

The emotional symptoms are absolutely untrue. This is a very important lesson to be learned from this case. The word itself is misguiding often; it is the experience of it that is individual and relevant. When he describes being stabbed in the back as a box in the stomach it still isn’t deep enough. Nowhere else in the case did he say boxed. But when asked about the experience of it he says it is like gasping for air and the opposite of that for him is freedom. The fact, feeling, delusion/image are not enough; what the patient says has to be reduced to a sensation, to an experience. This is the true symptom.

Argentum nitricum 0/3 on 20.11.2001.

Feeling better
Swelling better.
Vision better.
Sleep good. Pleasant dreams, nice, good, interaction with people, thing are happening. Situations which would have been tense are quite pleasant. Good feeling, no tension. Enjoy the dream.

REMEDY: Argentum nitricum 0/4/1
Major reduction in size of swelling. MRI shows reduction in size by ninety percent.
The swelling is now just a small tissue onion-skin thin. ( Initial size: 3 ½ x 2 x1cm. Presently: 1x1cm. No thickness.)
Started getting better within four weeks. Pressure reduced, pain reduced, feeling well.
High energy level.
Reconciled with ex-wife, relationship improved.
Sleep better. Get up alert.
Pace and speed are the same.
Major presentations, proposals.
Lot in control.
Blood Sugar: 161/179 in Oct.2001. On hypoglycaemic agents.

REMEDY: Argentum nitricum 0/4.
Have cut hypoglycaemic agents down to half the dosage.
Feel a lot better.
Had been experiencing a burning sensation in the feet which is less.
Friendly with wife.
Planning a holiday. Anxiety and stress levels have reduced. What would make me very angry earlier no longer affects with the same intensity.
Anxiety before presentation is less. Still need to prepare till the last detail but it is much easier now. Earlier because I was hyper everyone around me would be hyper, and that would build up pressure.

REMEDY: Argentum nit. 0/6

17-09 -02:
(Comes very casually dressed.)
Been good.
Personal life, professional life.
Professionally things are good.
Personally spending lot of time together with wife.
Anxiety is much better.
Calmed down.
Things which manifested anger, don`t even realize that now. hort-tempered nature is much better. Calmer, earlier great need to be a perfectionist, otherwise blow up.Never had the patience. Now being more patient. In greater control of feelings, temper. It is not necessary that things have to be perfect.
After three years have taken leave. Otherwise would have been very guilty, anxious. Now am sitting at home, relaxed.

D: What difference has that made to you? (This is a question I usually put to the patients in follow ups. There is a pattern or a sensation or a delusion that is the disease. While it is there it affects and limits the patient. It’s disappearance/dilution should mean a step towards restoration of health and freedom.)
P: Calmer, peace. No anxiety. Don`t need to worry too much. Things are just happening.
Overall good feeling.
The burning of feet like stabs of pain below knee has diminished.
Frequency of pains is less.

REMEDY: Continue Argentum nit.0/6

Workload is more but taking it easier. There is not that much need to keep things in control or achieve.
REMEDY: Continue Argentum nit.0/6
The concept of the levels and this new approach to case taking have so far yielded for me and some of my colleagues, very encouraging results. We are able now to prescribe remedies we might never have otherwise used. But I would like to add that these ideas are continue to evolve and techniques continue to get more and more refined. It is a work in progress. As with An Insight Into Plants, I feel there are sufficient results to convince me that there is at least some truth in the idea and it has much potential. So long as we have failures, we need to look deeper, to look wider and to continue to evolve in our concepts and techniques. In this way we can hope for better and more definite results in our cherished and chosen task of restoring the sick to health.


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Rajan Sankaran

Rajan Sankaran, MD (Hom), FSHom (UK) is reputed to be a clear and original thinker and is best known for his path breaking concepts in Homoeopathy. His understanding of ‘disease as a delusion’ followed by his discovery of newer miasms, classification of diseased states into kingdoms and the seven levels of experience, brought in much more clarity into understanding diseased states. The Sensation method has now evolved into a more comprehensive and synergistic approach, which strongly advocates to encompass and integrate the old, classical and traditional approaches with the latest advances.

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