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The Splinter Under The Nail

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Written by Elaine Lewis

Can a homeopathic remedy expel a splinter?

Pictorial proof that homeopathy works!


So here it is, folks, the reason we’re here today.  It’s pretty self-explanatory, but I’ll let my friend Claire tell you about it since it’s her finger we’re looking at!


A couple days ago (May 3, 2013), I was closing some curtains by pulling them with my hands, and my index finger bumped the window frame which is unpainted wood and a splinter got stuck under my nail bed!

Ouch!  I hate it when that happens!

Very painful.  Also, very inaccessible; there was no tip sticking out that I could pull at with the tweezers!

Yikes!  Your average person would have literally been stuck with this thing for the rest of their life.

My nail is short; I figured that maybe as my nail grew out, it will loosen the splinter, but I didn’t know for sure if it would.  As you can probably guess, I took Silica.

Silica 6X

This is what Silica is known for–the “surgical” dislodging of… things!

By the time I started Silica, it had been in my nail bed for 2-3 days.



I kept telling myself to do something about it!  But I had other things to do, so I did not deal with it right away; plus I initially figured, well, maybe in a couple weeks when my nail grows out more, the splinter will come with it?

How long did it take for the pain to stop after the initial incident?

By day 3, I wasn’t really feeling pain at all.

Did the pain decrease gradually over two days?

Yes, it did.  If I squeezed or pressed my fingertip, it hurt, but in daily use I was not feeling any pain; so, I felt splinter pain on the first day.  No great pain on day-2 and 3.   

OK, so now it’s day-3, and…

I made an RSB (Remedy Solution Bottle–a fancy way of saying a spring water bottle with some Silica 6x tablets dropped in it) and was taking succussed sips of it (and by that I mean succussing my spring water bottle before each dose; “succuss” means “hit” or “pound” the bottle five times on the palm of your opposite hand, which raises the potency each time you take it), hoping, perhaps, to stimulate my tissues to push it out, as this is what Silica claims to be able to do.  I hoped to at least be able to grab it and pull it out the rest of the way with tweezers.

That night, I was vaguely aware, while sleeping, of my fingertip throbbing and hurting and I thought it was so weird because it had not hurt earlier.  I hoped that what I was feeling was the splinter moving.

The next morning, the splinter was more visible.   I continued taking several sips of silica, succussing the bottle five times before each dose.  On the morning of May 6th, I sterilized a needle and attempted to grab the splinter with it but no luck.  I couldn’t even contact the tip of the splinter with the needle.  The kids and I were outside all day, from 2 to 6 in the evening, picking flowers and leaves, I hadn’t given a thought to the splinter since that morning.  When I came back in the house, I looked down at my nail, and the splinter was GONE!!!!!!

Splinter in Finger Nail

All you can see there is a little white spot where I tried to go in with the needle.  The splinter must have popped out while I was outside!  Let me just be clear that all the pictures you see were taken on day-4!

What?  I just assumed that the first picture was taken on day-one.

No, Elaine; on day-one it was hardly visible!  The visibility of it on day-four is a testament to Silica bringing it to the surface. 

And it wasn’t until day three that you started dosing; so, all this happened in one day?  That is truly amazing!

I am just sort of amazed that Silica can make a body literally push something out!

And it was only a 6X (a very low potency)!  Wow!  Claire, in what time interval was the splinter “there” and then “not there”?

May 6th:

11 am took pictures 1 and 2.
Took two sip doses of Silica between 10-2.
2-6 went outside with kids.
6 pm– noticed it was gone.

So it was definitely in my finger at 2 when I went outside, and it was gone when I came back inside at 6.  Four hours but I don’t know exactly when it came out.

To be clear, you actually began dosing the day before; so, you dosed for a 24 hour period, it’s safe to say.  Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, and we’ve got three of them!  Show this to your friends, folks!  Thanks for helping us document the efficacy of homeopathy, Claire!  Well done! 

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

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Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
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  • silica is proved to be a wonderful remedy for such cases which involved splinter in the nail. we are able to know this wonderful remedy by the live experience.


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