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Homeopathic Tips on Diabetes

Written by Ami Shah

Diabetes can be very well managed with Homeopathy. Here are some tips on how to look at any case of Diabetes, including which symptoms should be given importance for selecting the remedy. We may not completely stop anti-diabetic drugs and insulin, but can definitely reduce their dosage.

Diabetes can be very well managed with Homeopathy. Here are some tips on how to look at any case of Diabetes, including which symptoms should be given importance for selecting the remedy. My experience in managing these cases has taught me that when the prescription is made on characteristic associated complaints and concomitant symptoms, as well as blood sugar level and other symptoms related to the pathology, one can see overall improvement in general health and mental state. We may not completely stop anti-diabetic drugs and insulin, but can definitely reduce their dosage. Here are some case examples:

Case 1:
Diabetes with joint pains. Severe aching pains in joints. Sore, lame, bruised feeling all over the body. Bed feels too hard. Keeps tossing and turning in bed in search of a soft place. < slightest touch, pressure, motion, jar. Aversion to being approached by any one for the fear of being touched and of pain. Arnica montana 30 ameliorated joint pains and also showed improvement in blood sugar level.

Case 2:
Diabetes with urticaria. Severe urticaria all over the body with severe itching, burning, stinging. Skin looks fiery red with edematous swelling. Urticarial eruption on tongue, palate causing difficult speech and difficulty in swallowing. Marked periodicity of complaints. Urticaria appears sharp at midnight and lasts until 4 a.m. Urticaria < 12.00 a.m. – 4 a.m. +++ , < daily same time. Chronic stye on eye lids; neither healing nor suppurating.
Urtica urens 30 showed great improvement in blood sugar level. Insulin doses were reduced to very minimum quantity. Urticaria went away slowly and permanently with a number of doses from 30 to 1M.
Other symptoms of sharp, shooting, darting, cramps in legs due to neuritis were also cured. The patient gained weight from 46 kgs. to 56kgs. which he had lost in last 4 years due to Diabetes. Sleep got better. Insulin doses were reduced to minimum. Styes disappeared over time.

Case 3:
Diabetes with Vaso-vagal syncope. Frequent syncope attacks with long-lasting unconsciousness (up to 20 minutes). Fainting < doing upper body heavy exercise in gym +++. Cannot exercise for more than 20 minutes. Immediately starts feeling giddy and has to lie down. > after lying for 10-15 minutes. Test of vaso-vagal syncope was positive. Laurocerasus 30 brought high blood sugar under control. High blood pressure became normal. Frequent fainting episodes ceased. General well being improved, including sleep and weakness disappeared. Anti-diabetic tablets were reduced to half.

Case 4:
Diabetes with Cervical spondylosis, Frozen shoulder and Carpal tunnel syndrome. Cervical spondylosis with early degenerative changes and osteophytes in C4, C5. Pain starts from nape and radiates up to occiput and down to right upper limb to ring finger, with tingling and numbness. Pain in wrist joint. Occasional burning in right shoulder joint. Pain, burning < cold and damp temperature +++; < cold and damp weather +++; < combing the hair, wearing shirt +++. > warm formentation + thickening, drying and peeling of left foot sole skin from walking bare foot on damp ground when doing gardening Warts on face and neck. Dulcamara 200 daily two doses for a week. In one week pain in nape and occiput were cured completely.
Right shoulder movement > 50%. Shoulder movements became more free. And range of motion improved considerably. Pain in wrist and ring finger was cured completely. Blood sugar and blood pressure came into normal range. Anti-diabetic tablets doses were reduced to half.

Case 5:
DM type 1 with chronic constipation and impotency. Severe constipation. No desire for stool for days with extremely offensive flatus. Offensive odor of stool and very bad odor from mouth. Desire to uncover the legs while sleeping. Desire for fast fanning and strong air-conditioning. This patient did very well on Sulphur 30 with relief of constipation and cure of impotency. There was also cessation of malodorous stool and flatus as well as the foetor. Sulphur thus opened the case for a second prescription which worked for the blood sugar.

Case 6: DM type 1 with impotency. A very small remedy called Origanum marjorana showed good effect in controlling high blood sugar level and impotency in a young patient of DM type 1. History of very high sexual desire, lot of sexual fantasies, excessive self abuse and the key note symptom of the drug, impulse to run, led me to this small but wonderful remedy. The patient also reported having better concentration, focus and interest in his work after this remedy.

I have found remedies like Saccharum officinale, Helonias and Caladium, Coca are also effective when symptoms indicate. Very careful assessment of the case with regular monitoring of blood sugar is required as patients tend to develop hypoglycemia as the secondary remedy reaction. Dosage of anti-diabetic drugs and insulin should be tapered off very carefully. When considerable overall improvement is seen, the homeopathic remedy should be stopped and should not be repeated as long as previous dose is working.

About the author

Ami Shah

Dr. Ami Shah is a qualified and experienced homeopath from Mumbai, India. She has a B.H.M.S. degree in homeopathy and has been practicing classical homeopathy in India and abroad for the last 10 years. She believes in treating patients using classical homeopathic principles, considering each and every patient as a unique individual and treating them with a holistic approach. Dr. Shah provides an online face-to-face clinical consult for those who cannot travel.


  • Dr.Ami Shah’s article is very illustrative. She has dealt with exhaustively in the treatment of Diabetic. She deserves appreciation. May I request her to bring lights on the treatment of Chronic urticaria which is very difficult to treat with homeopathy also as three or four classical homeopaths failed miserably to treat the Chronic urticaria patient. In fact my forty years of experience is getting shattered.

  • Dr Ami,
    I read with much interest your TIPS ON DIABETES which will be much helpful to homoeopaths like me who have read your article,Thanks doctor for your tips in clear terms.

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