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Tonsillolith in a Man of 64

Written by Neha Smart, Jolly Khan

Drs. Neha Smart and Jolly Khan present a case of tonsillolith in a Man of 64. Claustrophobia and craving sweets were among the symptoms leading to the simillimum.


A tonsillolith is a calcification that develops in or around the tonsil’s crypts. They are primarily calcium deposits, but they occasionally contain mixtures of other mineral salts. Both sexes and all age groups can develop them.

Mouth odour, feeling of a foreign body, recurrent sore throat, dysphagia, and occasionally ear ache are common symptoms. One such tonsillolith instance, involving a 64-year-old man who had been unwell for six years, was successfully treated in around three months with a single individualized homoeopathic remedy.

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Clinically, tonsilloliths show up as a white or yellowish hard object inside the tonsillar crypt, but deep-located calculi can also manifest clinically as an enlarged tonsil or a firm mass that can be felt when touched. If left untreated, the condition can progress to abscess formation, ulceration, and pneumonia.

Tonsilloliths may show clinically as either symptomatic or asymptomatic, and they are frequently discovered by chance on a pantogram or a straightforward X-ray. It might be difficult to diagnose since hard and soft tissue features are frequently superimposed on such radiography pictures.

Homoeopathically, Tonsil stone can be classified as chronic miasmatic disease (sycotic) according to Hahnemannian classification. Hence the approach in such cases will be based on individualisation.

Following is a case of Tonsillolith in a 64 -year- old man treated successfully with homoeopathy. His informed consent was taken.


A 64-year-old man with halitosis and a sense of a foreign body presented to the clinic with these main concerns, which were later determined to be the symptoms of a tonsillolith or tonsil stone. Further investigation revealed that he also occasionally experienced tinnitus and had post-nasal discharge, particularly in the right side of his throat.

His dysphagia, which is worse after consuming dairy products, was another complaint. It was particularly bad on the right side with a feeling of “something being stuck.” He had previously seen an ENT doctor, who had recommended surgery.

Location: Mouth and Throat.

Sensation: stuck, pricking

Modalities : < swallowing especially right side, < dairy products.

Concomitant: nil.

Associated complaints: K/C/O of hypertension and on medication.

Past history: Recurrent URTI < change of weather

Small polyp in the urinary bladder at the age of 19yrs.

Typhoid at the age of 35years.

Family history: Father had myocardial infarction at the age of 56yrs and expired of dementia at the age of 76yrs.

H/o of hypertension – uncle and first cousins.

Personal history-


  • Appetite : n
  • Cravings: Tea+ Gathiya, Kathiayawadi (Gujarati food), cheese++,fish/chicken. Seasoned, medium spicy.
  • Desires pomegranate.
  • Aversions: nil
  • Thirst – Less but just to moisten mouth
  • Bowels : n
  • Urine: n
  • Perspiration: – + instantly < humid weather. On groins < sweat – uses nycil powder once applied quadriderm ointment last year.
  • Thermals : both extremes +
  • Sleep: disturbed – tosses about in sleep.

Mental history: The patient runs a plant with 500 workers and is a professional engineer. He is meticulous and demands order. He enjoys music and has been playing the guitar for many years. He experiences performance anxiety, a dread of small spaces, a fear of heights, and a fear of looking down.

He is unable to go scuba diving or into caves. He remarried after losing his first wife to breast cancer at a young age. He worries about the future of his son, a musician in his own right. He is also concerned about the future of his business and the succession plan. He is a gregarious individual who enjoys interacting with friends and family. He enjoys adventure and travels extensively by road.

Diagnosis: Tonsillolith/ Tonsil stone

Repertorisation : Rubric selection:

As per repertorisation and according to Jan Scholtens book on elements, Argentum Nitricum 200 one dose was prescribed on first consultation.

 First Prescription: 5th March 2022: ARG-N 200 one dose + SL twice a day for 1month

1st Follow-up: Patient feels overall better.

Halitosis better

Sensation of pricking in throat is also better

Tonsil stone – same

Prescription: SL twice a day – 1month

2nd Follow up: Pt continues to feel much better.

Pricking pain better and halitosis –nil

Tonsil stone – reduced in size by more than 70%.

While on homoeopathic treatment, patient continued to have dairy products, which was an aggravating factor earlier, but could now tolerate it better.

3rd Follow up : No new symptoms. Patient continues to be better.



BEFORE                                                   AFTER

CONCLUSION: Homoeopathy was successful in treating this chronic sycotic pathology using a single individualised constitutional medicine over a short span of time.


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Neha Smart

Dr. Neha Smart has been a practicing homoeopath practising for 15yrs. She graduated from Pune University. She also did a course in Predictive Homeopathy - SCPH and SCPH PLUS (Mumbai) under the guidance of Dr. Prafull Vijayakar. She studied with Dr. Batras Health Clinic in Bangalore for three years and then started her practice in Vadodara, Gujarat. She is connected with ‘DISHA Special School and AUTISM Centre” and had treated autism and learning disabilities. She has had success with psoriasis, lichen planus, uterine fibroids and hormonal disorders. She has successfully treated dogs and cats for various conditions including malignancies.

About the author

Jolly Khan

Dr. Jolly Khan has been in practice since 2019. She is currently pursuing her M.D in Practice of Medicine from Baroda Homoeopathic Medical College, Gujarat, India. She is also a mental health counsellor who offers patients therapies such as REBT,CBT,NPL along with homeopathy. During has given presentations on the role of homeopathy in treating mental disorders.
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