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Treatment of an Underdeveloped Breast

Dr. Parinita Srivastava presents a case of an undeveloped breast in an eleven year old girl.


A girl aged 11 years came to me with her mother on 28th March 2015 with the complaint of one underdeveloped breast. Her right breast was completely flat and the left one was developing and measured 2 inches from base to nipple. She did not have any other complaint.

Constitution of the patient

  1. Physical make-up – She is a tall, fair complexioned, thin girl.
  2. Thermals – Affected by extremes of temperature, more towards hot.
  3. Thirst – Not much thirst. Saliva dribbles from corner of the mouth during  sleep.
  1. Perspiration – Scanty
  2. Stool – Normal
  3. Urine – Normal
  4. Menstruation – Has not started
  5. Food desire – Likes spicy food
  6. Mental make-up
  • She is a shy girl. All the questions were answered by her mother during case taking.
  • Her mother said that the girl cries very often at small issues but lifts up her mood easily.
  • The girl is quite adamant, soft-spoken, introverted, good in studies.
  • She feels suffocated in a closed room and wishes for open windows but covers herself with a blanket during sleep (because of her shy nature).
  1. Family history
  • Mother is healthy
  • Father has premature baldness
  • Elder sister has chill blains
  1. Past history – She had measles at 5 years of age. She was treated through allopathy.

Analysis of the Case

  1. Timidity
  2. Aversion to closed room.
  3. Weeping disposition.
  4. Dribbling of saliva during sleep
  5. Mild but stubborn.
  6. Reserved

Medication and Follow up

  1. 28/03/2015 – The girl portrayed a typical picture of Pulsatilla. She was given Pulsatilla 200 (single dose) followed by placebo for a month.
  1. 01/05/2015 – The right breast that was earlier completely flat was showing slight protuberance while the left breast still measured 2 inches. The dribbling of saliva had stopped. She was given placebo for a month.
  1. 07/06/2015 – The right breast became more conspicuous and measured 1 inch (from base of breast to the nipple). She was again given placebo for 2 months.
  1. 10/08/2015 – The right breast still measured 1 inch but the size of the left breast had increased by 0.5 inches and now measured 2.5 inches. I repeated Pulsatilla 200 (single dose) followed by placebo for a month.
  1. 15/09/2015 – The right breast now measured 2 inches and left measured 2.5 inches. Placebo was again given for a month.
  1. 10/11/2015 – The girl’s both breasts now measured almost the same size.

Treatment was thus discontinued.

  1. Currently – The girl still comes to me along with her mother and elder sister for her sister’s treatment. She is completely fine and both her breasts are now growing normally.
  1. This is a simple case which illustrates the efficacy of homeopathy in a seemingly unique case.

About the author

Parinita Srivastava

Dr. Parinita Srivastava graduated from the National Homeopathic Medical College Lucknow in 2011. She’s has had a private practice in Lucknow, India for the last five years. Prior to opening her current practice she assisted two senior consultant physicians for more than four years. Dr. Srivastava currently focuses especially on chronic ailments, gynecological and pediatric ailments.


  • Ridiculous!

    You did nothing, the girl is simply going through puberty and it’s NORMAL for breast size/growth to vary.

    Homeopaths have such a poor grasp of human biology they try to let their fake medicine take the credit for what is normal human development, laughable!

    • Dave, here’s the problem with your rant: the patient got better. Saying she would have gotten better “anyway” is just wishful thinking. And you conveniently overlook the other physical symptom in the case, the drooling in sleep. It stopped. No reason for drooling to stop just because of puberty. If you have such disdain for homeopathy, why did you take the trouble to subscribe to a homeopathy journal? Very strange!

      • “Dave, here’s the problem with your rant: the patient got better.”

        Elaine, here’s the problem with your response: the patient was a non-patient – she had nothing going wrong.

        This is homeopaths doing what homeopaths do: claiming credit for what nature does all by itself.

        • I always know one of James Randi’s trolls when I “see” one, they can’t refrain from cursing. Sorry a little thing like homeopathy upsets you so much that you lose all sense of civility and self-control. By the way, you “replied” without actually responding to my post. Why did the drooling in sleep stop, what does that have to do with puberty?

      • Like David said, she wasn’t ill, puberty is not an illness. Not only does homeopathy take credit for natural recovery, they invent illness where no illness exists.

        Homeopathy’s a quite despicable fraud.

        • “Homeopathy’s quite a despicable fraud,” and that’s why you took the trouble to subscribe to a homeopathy journal! No, I don’t think so. That’s not the reason people subscribe to this ezine. UNLESS they belong to a cult known as “Skeptics”, little trolls who sit at their computers night and day, combing the internet for alternative medicine sites and then let loose with vitriol in the comments section. Give my regards to James Randi and enjoy your check from Big Pharma. PS, we really don’t allow your types here; so, consider yourself lucky.

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