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Treatment of Psoriasis with a Nosode in a Man of 21

Written by Kavita R. Chandak

Dr. Kavita shares a case of Psoriasis in a man age 21, who was suffering since the past 10 years and was rapidly cured with homeopathy.

A 21year old man visited me on May 15, 2018 with a complaint of psoriasis that started 10 years ago. Big patches were observable on his abdomen, elbow joints and legs. No burning. He has been obese since childhood. He had been prescribed steroids.

He was born by Cesarean section due to his large head. He suffered from cerebral palsy at birth. He is left-handed. He said the right side of his body is weak. In childhood, he frequently visited a pediatrician for cough, cold and fever. He started talking at the age of 2 years.  He likes spicy food. No constipation or any issue related to urine and sweat.

He is quite introverted and never asks for anything. Academically good and has a  Masters in mathematics. He was not too much concerned about the psoriasis. His mother said that they moved to China for one year when he was 10 years old. There he used to go for swimming class in school once in a week. She observed the first patch at that time.

H/O Mother: She induced abortion in first pregnancy as it took place with copper IUD.

Patient is her second child.

At 3rd pregnancy she delivered a child who died in 2 days. She could never conceive later on.

Patient is the single child.

On observation I found severe gynecomastia.

Rubrics considered were:

Nat. Mur, Nux vomica, Sulphur, Bryonia, Phosphorus, Lachesis, Calcarea Carb, and Antim crud came up.

According to his constitution, his not being concerned regarding his disease and  that he came for treatment just because his mother wanted, made me to think about Calcarea and Silicea. Ultimately two remedies from the same group.

Is it so simple? Were these remedies really going to provide cure? Am I addressing the root cause of the disease? This prescription may provide palliation but not cure.

Addressing the superficial layer, the skin, in dealing with psoriasis is not sufficient.

The ‘root cause’ behind psoriasis needs to be addressed.

In this case, his mother has a syphilitic tendency and the patient himself has hormonal imbalance. The mother had a copper IUD a few years before this pregnancy; but still her vitality must have some foreign imprints during her second conception. This child grew with that.

Diseases are not only caused by substances like bacteria, viruses, fungi, toxic matters, etc., as is the main belief in conventional medicine. An energetic field can cause an imprint in a person. When born, his vital energy carried this imprint. He failed in learning to talk at an appropriate age. As his parents were obese, he was also.

The endocrine is the first layer in order of importance to health, hence removal of the disease imprint and balancing organs should be the first step. In this case disturbances happened at the endocrine level. Bell’s palsy, is characterised by muscle weakness that causes one half of the face to droop. In cases of congenital Bell’s palsy the reason can be any injury during labour or, the imprint of stress on the mother’s immune system can damage the 7th cranial nerve which cause facial paralysis. It might have been considered a neurological imbalance, and can commonly arise from hormonal imbalance.

Journey of Disease-   Bell’s palsy

Delayed speech


Gynaecomastia (cannot be observed in childhood)


In such cases we may need nosodes and sarcodes. Nosode therapy is a very direct method for removing the energetic imprints that a disease has left on a patient.

To stimulate specific organ systems, we need sarcodes, which help in balancing the secretion of hormones. They are especially useful when an organ is damaged or functioning at a low energy level.


Medorrhinum 10M given in aqua potency on 15th May 2018. Medorrhinum, though the king of anti sycotic remedies, covers all the miasms. It was prescribed because it rectifies the obscure metabolic defects in the mother when her children come in for infantile death one after another as mentioned by Dr. Ghosh. Also, the patient the hormonal issue gynaecomastia which falls under the sycotic miasm.

Comments on selection of remedy

A nosode is required:

  1. a) To open up a case where there are indications for many medicines, but none of them shows a clear picture.
  2. b) To remove miasmatic blockage in chronic cases.
  3. C) Never been well since: When the patient experienced the whole disorder after some specific illness or state, however long ago. In this case the family moving to China and his being never well since.

Why 10M dose?

When any nosode is prescribed as a case opener, a higher potency is used. The nosode has pathogenetic origin which helps to remove negative effects on the immune system.  Also, it helps a homeopath to get the real picture hidden behind the surface symptoms. Everything in this world, plant, animal or mineral carries its individual essence, which is its identity. By the process of dilution and succussion we liberate their unique individual powers, which are used as medicine. As we go higher in potency, we get increasingly more energy.

Low potency can be used when a nosode is applied as an intercurrent anti- miasmatic remedy to support the constitutional remedy.

JULY 2018- Same dose repeated.

August 2018–  Agaricus Mus  10m aqua given.

I could have prescribed Phosphorus which came up in 3rd position, but his personality and constitution did not match phosphorus. The other differential remedies Pulsatilla and Silicea were not prescribed as Pulsatilla does not cover delayed milestones and Silicea has no ailments from abuse of allopathic remedies.

Every coin has two sides. Agaricus has boundless energy on one hand but they feel powerless, nervous and silent on the other hand. I wanted a remedy which would cover the present scenario as well the origin of disease. Agaricus is a fungus, which usually grows on unhealthy organisms. In this case his mother had an unhealthy uterus. It is useful when a child has delayed milestones and when there is a history of taking many allopathic medicines. Agaricus covers obesity as well as Bell’s Palsy.

October 2018– Patient was much better. The psoriatic spots reduced in size; itching was better but recovery was slow. There was slight reduction in gynaecomastia. He was advised to consider the surgeon’s opinion, as it was a fatty gynaecomastia.

December 2018Agaricus mus 10 M repeated.

February 2019– Recovery good but slow.

Rx: Thyroidinum  200 one dose at every 25 days for 2 months was prescribed.

Indications: Thyroidinum is a remedy to be considered in case of arrested development in children as it has a regulatory influence on the mechanism of the organs of nutrition, growth and development. Thyroidinum in low potency is useful in distressing itching of psoriasis (Dr. Scholtz.). Sarcodes work as a catalyst and speed up the recovery.

May 2019– Only small patches left on elbow.

July 2019– I cannot find a single spot on his abdomen!

 Take away-

I could have prescribed the remedy that came from the totality, which would have e provided temporary relief. Being homeopaths, it is our duty to provide permanent relief, hence we need to follow the below strategy.

  • Focus on the reason the patient came to visit you.
  • Check his timeline.
  • Collect the history, see the exposure to toxins
  • Remove the molecular imprint from the vitality with nosode and antimiasmatic remedies
  • Prescribe a constitutional remedy.
  • Support the particular organ which has been imbalanced, using a sarcode.

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