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Two Acute Cases: Coma after Severe Traumatic Brain Injury & Black Adder Snake Bite

Dr. Joachim-F. Grätz shares two acute cases – traumatic brain injury and black adder snake bite, demonstrating the effectiveness of well selected potentized remedies.

The still widespread agnostic worldview as well as orthodox medicine still accuse homeopathy of being based on suggestion and having something occult about it. One must believe in it! In the homoeopathic remedies is demonstrably “nothing more in it” (“healing with nothing”, as it is often so often called) and pure alcohol or milk sugar cannot work medicinally! –

From a purely chemical point of view, the enviers of homeopathy are (almost) even right: from a certain potency level, there is really not a single piece of matter of the original substance left in the remedy (purely mathematically from approx. 10-23, approximately the reciprocal value of Avogadro’s number).

And yet there is something in a homeopathically prepared remedy that makes it very different from pure alcohol or milk sugar: Energy! The concentrated “dynamic (spirit-like)” information of a certain dematerialized substance! And exactly this reflects the physical nature of the potentiation phenomenon.

Moreover, the power development of homeopathic medicines, especially of carefully selected high potencies, can be so overwhelming that these “nothings” even prevail against Cortisone administrations and similar immunosuppressive drugs!

The two small acute cases presented below speak volumes; they are meant to illustrate that you don’t have to believe in it after all:

  1. Coma after Severe Traumatic Brain Injury in a Child
  2. Condition after Snake Bite of a Black Adder in a Child

1. Coma after Severe Traumatic Brain Injury in a Child

A nurse I knew in the intensive care unit of a large accident hospital called me – after consultation with the attending physician – and asked for acute support regarding an approximately 8-year-old girl who had been in a coma on the ward for two weeks with the diagnosis of “severe craniocerebral trauma”.

During a mountain hike, she had fallen about 50 m down a scree field headfirst. Since then, she has not woken up. In addition to various bruises, detailed examinations revealed “minimal bleeding in the brain”.

All measures in the intensive care unit to bring the little one back to consciousness have failed so far. “Sometimes she has opened her eyes briefly, but the pupils remain quite fixed. Then she screams again, but doesn’t perceive anything.

She also says ‘yes’ and ‘I don’t know’ at times, but immediately falls back into involuntary deep sleep.” Several doses of Arnica 12X have had no effect so far.

Certainly Arnica was the right remedy; however, with such a magnitude of injury, little or nothing can be done with a 12X potency. I immediately ordered Arnica LM18 (Q18), of which the girl was to be given 3 drops twice a day (in the morning and in the evening) in a teaspoonful of water, carefully instilled with the help of a syringe (without a needle, of course) into the cheek pouch.

The whole thing initially for the duration of one week. In addition, I advised a single dose of Aconitum 30C, 5 globules to melt in the mouth, in order to better reduce the immense shock effect.

After only 12 hours, the girl regained her normal waking consciousness and cautiously opened her eyes to smile briefly at her worried mother who was constantly on guard at the side of the bed.

As the days passed, she was then able to recover quickly under Arnica LM18, to the amazement of the hospital staff involved, so that she was transferred to a normal ward until her final discharge.

Because of the severe traumatic brain injury and the many bruises, we agreed to continue Arnica LM18 at home for a few weeks, but only once every two days, and then gradually discontinue it over time.

This case shows once again clearly how intensively and quickly homeopathy – properly practiced and with the correctly selected potencies – can help. Quickly, permanently and without side effects; without head and brain operations, as can be read again and again in the newspapers these days (as of 2014/1) in the case of an internationally known, exceptional German athlete.

Here, too, one would be better advised not to perform any operations, not to put the poor patient into an artificial coma, but to administer Arnica together with Hypericum or Natrium sulfuricum and similar remedies in certain high potencies. Of course, only by an experienced therapist who also knows how to react appropriately to any reactions and intermediate states.

2. Condition After Black Adder Snake Bite in a Child

The aunt of a seven-year-old boy reports that her nephew (who I know) was bitten by a snake and is now in hospital with “massive symptoms of poisoning”. “I have the feeling that the doctors there don’t know what else to do”, says the worried woman.

It was two bites of a black adder[1] into the child’s fingers. “A black adder, which is even more poisonous than the common adder,” the aunt assured me. The boy suffered from swellings all over his body.

It had started on the fingers; at first only around the bite site, about an hour after the bite; then in places on the neck, on the back, here and there on the body. “All over.” The therapy at the clinic consisted of cutting open these spots and “sucking them off”, as the young woman put it. However, she could not say more precisely. In this way, there have already been seven operations!

The current swellings on the back were blue, she said. “Swallowing is back now and so is talking”, said the distraught mother, who later consulted me directly from the hospital. Her son had received only liquid food for the first two days.

The boy was given Lachesis LM6 (Q6), one drop on a teaspoonful of water, three times a day (succuss the vial vigorously 10 times beforehand and don’t use a metal spoon).

Then I heard nothing from the two women for six days, even though we had agreed to report back right after the weekend to discuss how to proceed. (The consultation took place on a Friday afternoon).

It was not until Thursday that the longed-for call came from the boy’s aunt: He was doing well again. He had recovered quickly and was able to leave the hospital after just a few days! “Unbelievable how fast it all went! Thanks a million!”, the woman said.


For didactic reasons, I attached a repertorization to each of the two case studies for reference, although the prescriptions were spontaneous, i.e., without auxiliary means.


  • Grätz, Joachim-F., Gentle Medicine – The True Causes of Disease, Healing, and Health, 2021, Balboa Press, Bloomington, USA
  • Grätz, Joachim-F., Klassische Homöopathie für die junge Familie – Kinderwunsch, Schwangerschaftsbegleitung und Geburt, Kleinkindbetreuung, Entwicklungs­stö­rungen und Behinderungen, natürliche Entwicklung,
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[1]   Black adder: The adder is a medium-sized venomous snake of Eurasia from the viper family. The relatively rare, black-colored adder is quite often referred to as a hell adder (in German); in the past it was insulted and slain. – In young children, the bite of an adder/black adder is life-threatening. According to the Internet, a large swelling develops around the bite site. Due to nerve toxins, there may also be shortness of breath and heart problems, in addition to paralysis. Because of the blood replacing part of the secretion, it is possible that the area near the bite site looks bluish.

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Joachim-F Grätz

Dr. Joachim-F. Grätz, Germany, has been working very successfully as a classical homeopath for over 30 years, taking into account the so-called miasms (chronic basic diseases, disease behind the diseases) and is known far beyond the borders of Germany. The uniqueness of his form of therapy consists in his holistic worldview whereby he also integrates insights from dealing with other natural laws into his homeopathic thinking. This enables him to recognize the causal relationships of every illness and to treat them accordingly. – An extraordinarily successful practitioner, even with the most severe diseases.

Dr. Grätz studied homeopathy with the well-known German homeopath Dr. Otto Eichelberger in Munich, who was one of the first to take the miasms into account in therapy and who made the LM-potencies (Q-potencies) public in the German-speaking countries. He attended seminars of Gerhard Risch, Dr. Mohinder Singh Jus, Georgos Vithoulkas, Dr. Michael Barthel, Yves Laborde, Dr. Rajan Sankaran and Paul Herscu and got acquainted with different directions of homeopathy.

For a time Dr. Grätz was also a lecturer in classical homeopathy at various academies of naturopathy and homeopathy in Munich, Zurich, Köthen, Gauting, Salzburg, and Vienna, and also at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich for interested medical students. He wrote several books on cassical homeopathy and the miasms with a variety of impressive case studies, on the nature of potencies in acute and chronic homeopathy, and on vaccinations, and published a double DVD.

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