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Two Cases of Cervical Cancer

Cervical Cancer During Pregnancy

Dr. Pranali Kamat presents two cases of cancer that she learned a lot from.

Even in the 21st century, many cases of cancer don’t have a complete cure. Radiation and chemotherapy which are considered the most effective treatments, have serious side effects. Many times, the side effects of cancer treatments are worse than the actual sufferings from cancer. Offering quality of life to the patient is an important part of managing cancer cases.

I was fortunate to be able to treat a few cases of cancer in my practice. These cases make me believe that Homeopathy is an equally effective yet gentle mode for cancer patients. Homeopathic medicines increase the natural resistance of the body, making it able to fight against the disease. It offers curative as well as a palliative treatment depending on the individual case.

Here I will share my two cases of cancer of the cervix (Homeopathy Treatment for Cervical Cancer), which is the third most common cancer among women. Both these ladies were suffering from high grade malignancy and started treatment at a later stage of the disease.

Case 1

I met this cancer patient in Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital, Mumbai (India) while she was waiting to go for radiotherapy. I was shocked when I saw her, not because she developed cancer but from her helpless condition. Until a few months back I used to work with her at a social organization. She was our support worker, and a very enthusiastic, loving and vivacious lady. She was a farmer but also was serving as a political leader in her village. She was a courageous and hardworking lady. But now this 50 years young lady was looking like she was 70. She had lost more than 25 lbs and looked skeletal.

She was lying on a bench covered with a blanket and had no strength to sit up or to talk. When I went near to her, she started weeping.  I couldn’t stop my own tears because I was remembering her calling my name loudly and hugging me and greeting me every time we met. She always used to talk enthusiastically about her activities and farming. But now she hardly could whisper a few words in my ears.

After talking to her son and going through her reports, I came to know that she was diagnosed with cancer of the cervix at stage IIIB. The cancer involved the cervix, the whole of vagina, posterior wall of urinary bladder and anterior wall of the rectum. She was on radiotherapy and already finished 15 radiations out of 26.

In spite of radiations, she was growing worse. For a few months she was suffering from vaginal bleeding in the form of big and very offensive blood clots every day. She had severe burning pains while urinating and diarrhea every day. She had severe burning pains in the va-gina and peri-anal region after passing urine or stools. The burning was so much that, it used to compel her to sit for a long time after passing stools or urine. During nighttime, the burning used to aggravate so much that she wanted to take all clothes from her body. Still, the burning was persistent. She was sleepless day and night because of severe burning pains all over. In spite of severe burning pains she was chilly+++ and thirstless. Her appetite went down remarkably so that she could hardly eat anything. She was very much prostrated and the weakness was getting worse day by day. She was not able to talk or walk. Uttering a few words used to leave her breathless. She was very much depressed and was weeping constantly. Her son said that more than cancer, the side effects of radiation were killing his mother. The doctors were expecting her to live for another few months after completing radiation. Her son was thinking that she will die even before completing the radiation.

When I repertorized all her symptoms using Kent’s repertory, ‘Kreosotum’ was the remedy that came up, covering all her symptoms. Kreosotum is a well known remedy for cancerous affections. It is suitable for lean persons and old women in their post climacteric diseases. Profuse, acrid, hot, foul discharges, burning like fire and great debility with miserable feeling are the keynote indications of this remedy.

I suggested she take a single dose of Kreosotum 200C in between two radiations.

Kreosotum worked like a miracle on her. She started feeling better the next day after the remedy. Her energy level increased and burning of the body became less. She was able to sleep and eat well. Kreosotum cured her from side effects of radiation and also increased her resistance power.  She was able to do the radiotherapy without many side effects.  When I met her six weeks after starting homeopathic medicines, I saw that she had gained weight. There was no sign of depression on her face. She was as happy and energetic as she was before developing cancer.

I treated this lady with homeopathy for another 8 months. Meanwhile she didn’t receive any other treatment for cancer. She hardly had any complaints until one week before she died. She was actively working till the end.

This was the first time I used homeopathy along with radiotherapy. This case taught me a lot. The homeopathic medicine increased her tolerance towards radiation and cured her of its side effects. It improved her health, minimized her suffering and improved her quality of life.  I realized that homeopathic treatment can be started at any stage of the cancer. Depending upon the situation, the aim of the treatment will be curative or palliative.

Case 2:

This lady at age 65 was diagnosed having high grade malignancy of the mouth of the uterus. She had complaints of post menopausal vaginal bleeding daily for the last 3-4 months. She had attained menopause about 18 years back. She also had white (sometimes purulent), painless but very offensive vaginal discharge, occasional abdominal pain, complete loss of appetite, sleeplessness (she slept for two hours a night), severe constipation with hard stools and severe burning at anus after stools. She complained that her anal region burned from inside and outside so much that even the touch of cloths was unbearable. She needed at least two napkins per day to take care of bleeding and white discharge. Her weight was less than 35kg. Because of her age, low weight and high grade malignancy, she was diagnosed unfit for chemotherapy, radiotherapy and for surgery. She was tired of suffering and used to pray for death.

By nature, this lady was very sympathetic, independent, courageous, hardworking and fastidious since her younger years. Her nature and mindset didn’t change even with the sufferings of cancer. She used to work as a maid and was working till she was diagnosed having cancer. With so much suffering she used to manage doing most of the house work. She was very fastidious about cleanliness and order. She used to postpone eating her lunch until she finished all house work. Sometimes she would take her lunch at 4pm, after taking care of all other routine work. She was unable to rest until the work was done completely. This otherwise very loving and caring lady, used to dictate to other family members about cleanliness. She used to wash her clothes on her own, as she was not satisfied the way others did it.

Rx:  A single dose of Arsenicum album 30C

Within 8 days after taking the Arsenicum, her constipation improved. Stools became soft with no burning after passing stools. Vaginal bleeding reduced gradually and stopped completely on the 5th day after taking Arsenicum.  The white vaginal discharge gradually became watery and reduced by 50% within a week of receiving the remedy. Her appetite and sleep also improved.

This old lady was receiving only homeopathic treatment for two years. Within a few weeks of starting treatment, her vaginal bleeding and offensive discharge stopped completely and reoccurred only occasionally. Her complaints of constipation, burning after stools, loss of appetite and sleeplessness also improved after a few weeks and she gained weight by 3-4 kg.

In these two years she never received any other remedy than Arsenicum album. Arsenicum album in 30C potency initially and in 200C potency later on was repeated as and when required. On an average she needed a dose in 7 to 10 weeks.

The aim of cancer treatment is to cure the patient and save life.  But in cases where complete cure of the cancer is not possible, treatment aims to control the disease and to keep the patient normal and comfortable as long as possible. The treatment of each patient is designed to suit an individual and depends on the age of the patient, stage and type of cancer and most importantly on totality of present symptoms.

In this particular case, the cancer had already attained a high grade. Because of old age, low weight and poor resistance power, complete regression of cancer tissue was impossible. Homeopathic medicines improved her quality of life. Symptomatically she was stable till the end. She never suffered from superadded infections or complications. She was never bedridden until 2 weeks before she died. Except for the last few weeks of her life, she was able to take care of her routine housework like cooking, cleaning etc. With homeopathic treatment she led an independent life.

This case gave me confidence that homeopathy can also be a stand-alone therapy for cancer. However, when used correctly, and in combination with necessary therapies, it can be an amazingly powerful tool for empowering someone.

About the author

Pranali Kamat

Pranali Kamat B.H.M.S, CCH, received her degree from the University of Mumbai and further trained with a seasoned homeopath in India. She ran her own clinic in Mumbai and now lives and practices in San Diego in the U.S., where she received CCH certification. She has expertise in both the private health and community health sectors. Dr. Kamat also received training in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and Counseling. She has treated ailments ranging from respiratory infections and ulcerative colitis to chronic renal failure. Visit Dr. Kamat at:


  • Your service to the humanity is great. I read your article on cancer treatment with great interest. I had come across two cases of cancer patients a female aged more than 70 years and a male of 75 years. They died with intolerable pain and sufferings. Had they approached me, I would have tried some homeo medicines according to their constitution profile. But they did not approach me .
    God bless you your noble service.

  • Thanks for presenting two cases of malignant disease. The followups of the cases prove that homeopathy is effective mode of treatment in some chronic and complicated cases. Had the medical investigation profiles of the cases been added it would be more scientific. Go ahead.

  • It is indeed amazing how just a few doses of the similimum cures even cancer. However, your description does not help others to simulate the example. It seems either magic, unscientific or at best a lot support needed to understand the pathways of cure. The key word ‘When symptoms agree’ seems like a smoke screen over proper scientific understanding. Your both cases could have survived much longer with support from nutritional therapies. Also I believe, the first case needed Medorrhinum high and the second Thuja followed by Syphlinum high. But credit to you and may you keep on curing cancer and all other chronic ailments.

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