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Two Cases: Wet Eczema and Chronic Depression

Dr. Bhuvaneswari Jayashankar shares two cases, wet eczema in a man of 57 and chronic depression on a man of 41.

Case I – Wet Ezcema

A male aged 57 years came to me six months ago with the complaints of itching, black discoloration, watery discharge and sometimes bleeds in his right leg below the knee towards ankle in lateral aspect. He had this for the last two years. He had been treated with allopathy and ayurveda, including topical applications, with no relief.   Aggravation in winter and night: scratching leads to burning, offensive discharge.


Sleep – In the later part of night his sleep is disturbed by thoughts.

Thirst – thirsty

Thermal – chilly

Appetite – normal

Food –  desires  nonveg especially meat, hot food.

Perspiration – Sweats profusely all over the body, offensive.

Urine – normal

Stool – + constipation on eating nonveg,  offensive.


Jaundice at the age of 18 years. Typhoid at 35 years -treated with allopathy


Married for 35 years; mother died due to MI, father died due to alcoholic cirrhosis. One elder brother, known diabetic. One son and one daughter. Both are married. Patient is known hypertensive – taking allopathic drugs


Short tempered. At the age of 38 he was cheated by his close friend. He took revenge on him. From that he started having suicidal impulses. When he gets depressed or sees sharp instruments, he has the impulse to kill others or himself. He doesn’t talk much, looks dull, lethargic, not active, very slow in his work, no interest in anything. Business minded, self-centered, anxiety about disease. Loathing of life, confused thoughts.

Prescription: Merc. sol 30 single dose with placebo for 3 months. Then Merc .sol 200 given with placebo for 1 month.  Then Merc sol 1M.

Follow up: Anxiety reduced, sleep normal, no suicidal impulse, skin almost cured. No discharge, stool normal, sweat not offensive, lack of courage improved, more energetic.

Reason For Selection : Chilly, offensive discharge, right sided problem, lack of interest, dull, lethargic, guilty feelings, suicidal/ homicidal impulses on seeing sharp objects, loathing of life, irritable, short tempered, offensive sweat, sleep disturbed later in the night, confusion of ideas, desire hot foods, meat.

CASE II  Chronic Depression

Presenting Complaint: A male aged 41 years came to me a few months back with the complaint of chronic depression for the last 5 years. He was taking allopathic drugs with no relief.  He complained of nonstop irrelevant talking, insomnia, loathing of life.,

Insomnia:  Sleeps only 2 – 3 hours, especially in day time. Thermal – hot person.

Thirsty, sweats profusely all over the body, offensive perspiration.  Doesn’t like to bathe. He’s lazy.

Urine:  normal, stool –normal and after every meal.

Appetite normal, but can’t tolerate hunger. Desires warm foods, milk.

Past History:  Bronchitis at the age of 14. Typhoid at the age of 35 -treated by homoeopathy. Used Ayurvedic treatment for depression.

Family history:  mother – hypertension, father – diabetic

1 younger brother married.

Personal history: He studied engineering, average in studies and worked at a software company for 12 years. Left job and now doing his own business.

Exciting cause – Depression after loss of job, but now he has overcome the worry of not having a job. Loquacious, self praises – said that he has the most super brain in the world and he will be millionaire within a few years. Wants to make money.

Won’t allow others to talk. Can’t show love to family members. He works on his own with lots of imagination, don’t agree with others’ ideas.  Very cautious eating food. Always plans prior to going out, taking water, glasses, cap, pen, paper, torch, umbrella.

Loves animals.  Married for 9 years – son and daughter. His wife is domineering.

Constitution:  round face with bald head, receding hair line in front, old looking and sharp features, tall, stooping.

Remedy SelectedBaryta Sulph 200 single dose with placebo for 2 months,

Follow Up – started sleeping, reduced talking, stool normal, stopped flights of imagination, started showing affection with family members

Baryta Sulph 1M every three days for 15 days –  Patient was completely normal within 5 months. Within one month of taking the remedy he started sleeping well at night. His delusions were ameliorated. He stopped irrelevant talking and stopped boasting. He returned to his job and started behaving lovingly love to his family members. Essentially, he took responsibility as head of the family. Also, his hair started growing.

Reason for Remedy Selection: Hot, thirsty, offensive discharge, desires milk, aversion to bathing, baldness, front receding hair line, premature old look, loquacious, dull intellect, lives in his imagination, praises himself, loves animals, doesn’t love family members, sleepless nights, clouding of thoughts, confused mind, passing stool at every meal

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Bhuvaneswari Jayashankar

Dr. Bhuvaneswari Jayashankar graduated Government Homoeopathic college in Tamilnadu in 2006 and has been practicing Homoeopathy for the last thirteen years. She has had her own clinic in n Chengalpattu near Chennai city in Tamilnadu, India, for the last 4 years.

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