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Two Sinus Cases

Written by Catherine Gowers

Homeopath Catherine Gowers shares two cases of sinus problems which were ameliorated by Calcarea Iodata.

 Case 1 – Dec 2021

Female, 49 years old.

Presenting Complaints:  Never been well since a sinus infection 2 years ago. Working in damp environment, sanding and redecorating. Had course of anti-biotics and nasal spray and did clear up the infection but never really went away.

Last 2 years – Constant mucous, constant throat clearing, post-nasal drip, pain in throat from clearing and dry cough. All day every day. Pain under eyes, maxillary sinus, sometimes takes pain relief. Feels exhausted from throat clearing.


< stuffy room, air conditioning in car

> after eating, while sleeping


Started feeling anxious after a house purchase four years ago. Got very anxious and never went away. Feels panicky, no reason, feeling it in chest – heart palpitations.  Worries about partner’s health, about money, how can they support themselves if something happens.

Modalities: > when occupied


Becoming irregular last 6 months. Having periods twice a month – happened a few times over past 6 months. Have had Fibroids for many years.

Pain – 10 = bad (7-8/10) Very heavy, bright red.

Modalities: > Heat, hot water bottle.

Sleep – unrefreshing


Introvert, detailed orientated. Likes to be in control, likes to feel safe. Likes own company. Happy being at home with partner.

Hobbies – Does crafts, making curtains, creative

Thermal reaction – hot patient

Energy Levels – 10 = Good

Physical energy – 2/10

Mental energy – 5/10

Overall wellbeing – 3/10

Food desires – Desires meat, sweet, spicy, hot food, hot drinks

Miasmatic Analysis – Predominantly Tubercular-Sycotic

Psora – anxiety, desires spicy food, sweet

Sycotic – Desires warm food, hot drinks, Menses > by warmth, Fibroids

Syph – Irregular menstruation, Introvert

Tub – cough dry, worse warm room, post nasal drip, desires meat, menses bright red, menses copious, sleep unrefreshing with exhaustion, hobbies are tubercular.

Prescription choice – Calcarea Iodata– based on totality of symptoms.

Hot patient, sinus > eating, < warm room, exhausted, anxiety – insecurity with palpitations. Scrofulous, postnasal dripping, fibroids, menstrual irregularities, haemorrhagic.

Potency – As there is a never been well since sinus infection 2 years ago

– 2 potencies 30c / 200c.  Starting with 30c as energy levels are low.

 Duration:  30c – 7 days in water / 7 day off / 200c – 7 days in water.

1st follow up February 2022

Sinus – A few days after taking 200c, started to notice the difference. Started to loosen up. Still a little bit of congestion in the mornings. Throat clearing has stopped. Was worried it was cancer.

Improvement – 80-85%.

Tiredness – energy levels increased. Physical energy – 6/10. Mental energy – 7/10.

Anxiety – Selling house and getting a new dog. Despite this improved 40%.

Menstruation – Had period 6 weeks after last appointment, but then had one 2 weeks later. Wouldn’t stop bleeding. Was given medication to arrest the bleeding. I explained that I can help with an organopathic with this if needed. She is happy to continue with medication from doctor.

Last period – 2 weeks ago, not heavy and less painful.

Prescription – Sac Lac

2nd Follow up May 2022

Sinus – 100% improvement. Patient very happy.

Tiredness – feeling refreshed. Physical energy 9/10. Mental energy 9/10.

Anxiety – Very little anxiety, feeling much better.

Menstruation –No menstruation for past 2 months.

Prescription – Sac Lac

Summary: Patient was very happy with progress and will contact me if she feels she needs a follow up.

Case 2 – Nov 2022

Female, 64 years old.

Came to me as an acute case, however, been suffering for past 2 years. Worse in winter.

Sinus – Last 2 years suffering with sinus problems. Head is full, congested, with post nasal drip. Constant dry cough during the day, but worse at night, as soon as she lays down, preventing sleep. Expectoration green / yellow.


> fresh air, eating, drinking

< lying down at night (cough), warm stuffy room

Thermal reaction – hot patient

Desires – spicy, sweet & salt, meat, egg, chicken.

Hobbies – travelling, attending music events

Miasm – Tubercular Miasm was predominant here – returning every winter, better for fresh air, post nasal drip, scrofulous, desire for travel.

Prescription – Calcarea Iodata

Based on the sinus symptoms and predominant tubercular miasm. Hot patient, better for fresh air, scrofulous, warm stuffy room aggravates, desires sweet, salt. Cough worse at night, when lying on back, in warm room (Iodum),

Potency – 30c  / 200c  Started with 30c to prepare for 200c.

 1st Follow up – January 2023

Sinuses – all clear

Cough – no more coughing & sleeping well at night.

Patient was very happy with the outcome and wrote a review for my website:

“I was recently suffering from a bad case of sinus which was causing me to cough incessantly when I lay down to sleep. Catherine gave me some remedies and I couldn’t believe how it cleared my head and also cured my cough; with all the cough meds I’d taken over the years nothing cleared my chest like the homeopathic remedies”

Acute Prescription – A case of intense itching while pregnant.

Female 31 weeks pregnant.

Presenting complaints

Intense itching preventing sleep at night

No evidence of eruption on skin. Worse on ankles, tops of feet and arms. But felt all over.


< night, warmth of bed, heat in general. > cold.


Dolichos pruriens – Intense itching, with no swelling or rash. Worse at night – Boericke. Intolerable itching all over body in pregnant women, worse at night, preventing sleep, worse scratching, no perceptible eruption on skin – Robin Murphy.

Potency 30c in water for 3-4 days

Remedy worked well with itching completely gone after 2 days.

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Catherine Gowers

Catherine Gowers - I moved from Ireland to the UK in 2008, and sourced a local homeopath. Since I started using homeopathy, I haven't looked back. Homeopathy has supported me with my general health and issues such as chronic sinus pain, hormonal imbalance, joint and muscle problems, anxiety and sleep issues due to a work situation, and most recently grief. The homeopath was a graduate of Allen College, and when I decided to study, there wasn't a question of another college for me. I graduated from the prestigious Allen college in 2022. The knowledge and experience I gained during my time there has been invaluable. As a student and now as a qualified homeopath, I have been able to support my family's health through homeopathy which is wonderful! I am passionate about homeopathy and want others to enjoy the benefits my clients, my family and I have experienced for many years.

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