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Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in a Girl of 8

dest prediabetes
Written by Vrushali Saraswat

Dr. Vrushali Saraswat shares a case of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in a Girl of 8. Desires company, fear alone, fear of failure and fear of the dark were among the symptoms that led to the simillimum.

Keywords: Type 2 DM (Homeopathy Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes) in a child of 8, atypical presentation.

Location Sensation Modality Concomitant


Since 2 years

Bullas +++


Pain stinging



Weight gain

Hungry all the time

Black discolouration

<touch of clothes

Since 3 years


Dull ache

A/f  anxiety

<exams before

Weeping silently

Since birth

Every alternate month


Cough dry occ with flame

Nose blocked

Pain in throat

Fever in extreme cases if not treated for 2 days

A/F  COW,  Cold drinks, ice creams,





>hot gargles

>during summer

Patient as a person

  • Cravings: Cheese, potato, rice, sweets, sugar, milk, cream.
  • Aversion: Nothing sp.
  • Perspiration: Profuse all over.
  • Injuries heal with suppuration and healing is prolonged.
  • Chilly patient.
  • Weight: 48kg

Life space

A female patient of 8 years and 9 months presented with huge bullas on her underarms and groin region. Multiple and recurrent bullas with intense pain and discomfort. The child is overweight, gaining weight the last two years.

She is an only child, pampered and protected. There is overall dullness in behaviour, excessive boredom, complete disinterest in playing, lethargic, lazy, has to be dragged even to watch movies. She is an obedient child, with fixed ideas, doesn’t like to change her routine even on holidays.

Extremely anxious and fearful if she breaks anything in the house by mistake. She will go on apologizing even if she is forgiven immediately. There is fear of darkness, fear of being alone.

She will do her homework on time immediately on returning home but if any other work is given to her, she would postpone it for the next day. She is very scared of the teacher in spite of the teacher being very nice to her.

Ask something in a slightly loud voice and she will start trembling and she will instantly cry and will start apologizing and ask “will you abandon me?” She goes overboard in pleasing her mother.

In spite of so much pain in her bullas she will say “I will manage.” She doesn’t want to visit a doctor. She loves to sit in a corner and read for hours.

She comes across as a very sweet and loving child. If you ask her anything she will smile sweetly and will look at mom before answering. She is short and overweight, with a well-rounded moon shaped face, a fair and flabby/chubby child.

Mother’s mental state during pregnancy:  The patient is the fifth pregnancy, the first four having failed IVF. She was conceived naturally, but based on the previous experiences the mother was extremely anxious all nine months and believed the pregnancy would not succeed.

It was this intense degree of anxiety which led to glomerulonephritis in the mother from the third month of pregnancy with increased blood pressure, edema. It became a high-risk pregnancy. The mother was afraid of being alone, dreamt of frightful events, had nightmares. She was sleepless with intense fear of losing the child. She talked in her sleep only during pregnancy.

The first three years of the child’s life the mother was bedridden because of her severe glomerulonephritis. The mother used to be frustrated and angry with the illness. Along with the health status there was emotional upheaval with the mother as she was not getting along with her mother in law. This added to the mother’s stress.

Patient’s  GHb 2 years back was 5.8, so the pediatrician asked the family to take complete checkups but the father refused and changed doctors. The family had to be convinced to get medical tests when they came to me.


Mother’s state during pregnancy:

  • Mind; night; agg. (583)
  • Mind; psychological themes; activity, passivity; activity (678)
  • Mind; absent-mindedness (301)
  • Mind; anxiety; fear, with (141)
  • Mind; anxiety; perspiration; with (113)

Patient’s Rubrics

Clipboard No 1

  • Generalities; food and drinks; sweets; desires (257)
  • Generalities; food and drinks; sugar; desires (43)
  • Generalities; food and drinks; cream; desires (10)
  • Generalities; food and drinks; milk, milk products; desires (108)
  • Generalities; food and drinks; cheese; desires (67)
  • Generalities; food and drinks; potatoes; desires (48)
  • Perspiration; profuse (419)
  • Skin; eruptions; vesicles; large (18)

Clipboard No 2

  • Mind; play; aversion to, indisposition to, in children (28)
  • Mind; reading; desire for (37)
  • Mind; loquacity (261)
  • Mind; company; desire for (225)
  • Mind; fear; alone, being (143)
  • Mind; fear; children, in (64)
  • Mind; fear; dark, of (106)
  • Mind; fear; failure, of (90)
  • Mind; postponing everything to next day (45)
  • Mind; confidence; want of self (274)
  • Mind; anxiety; conscience, of (199)
  • Mind; responsibility; strong, or too (63)

First Prescription:


  • Calc-carb 200 BD for 2 days.
  • Rii tds 2 weeks
Date Follow Up Prescription
28/08/18 The bullae subsided completely. No new lesions. Child is active, takes interest in physical education in school. Rx

Calc-carb 200

Bd for 2 days Rioi tds 2 weeks

25/09/18 Very active

One pustule on neck.  The rest all healed. Craving for food is reduced. Climbs stairs daily.

Dance class 4 days a week.

Yoga at home with mother.

Weight: 45.5kg


Calc-carb 200

Bd for 2 days fortnightly

Rii tds 2 weeks

9/11/18 No pustules in the groin

Pain in the little finger

Sweaty palms

No menses yet

Weight: 46 kg


Calc carb 200

BD for 2 days

Rii tds 2 weeks

11/12/2018 No pustules, no menses

Weight: 46kg

Very active


Rii tds

2 weeks

29/12/18 No pustules

Weight: 46kg

Lots of playing for last 6 days

At nights feels occasional breathlessness and nose is blocked

Severe hair fall.


Calc Carb 200

Bd for  2 days

Rii tds 1 month

21/01/19 One boil on groin

Weight: 48kg

Height gain 2cms

Craving for food is reduced


Calc Carb 200

Bd for  2days

Rii tds 1 month

5/07/19 Laziness ++

No more boils

Ghb 5.3

Weight : 51 kg


Calc Carb 200

Bd for  2days

Rii tds 1 month

From Jan 2019 to July 2019 No doses were repeated.

Jan 2020 HbA1C is 5.2 Patient is continuing with her physical activities and is very active and symptom free.

Understanding of the Case

The central theme of the case revolves around insecurity. There’s a want of protection. The mother experienced insecurity about survival of the foetus and the child is experiencing the same insecurity about survival. She wants to be appreciated; she wants to perform to her best level in the eyes of her mother, teacher and family.

Hence, theme of Row 4 of periodic table is evident. There’s also a feeling of inadequacy to sustain herself, which suggests the left side of the periodic table. Clinging, dependent nature suggests column 2 of periodic table.

Therefore, the prescription of Calc-carb becomes apparent as it is very strongly supported by repertorization, thematic understanding of row 4 and key note symptoms from Materia Medica.


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  3. The SystemHoH of Homoeopathy: Rajan Sankaran.

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