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Ulcerative Colitis in a Woman of 44

Drs. Gaur Shruti and Sharma Bhawani Shankar share a case of ulcerative colitis in a woman of 44. Reserved, sensitive, aversion to spicy food and profuse perspiration on the face were among the symptoms that led to the simillimum.

Abstract: Ulcerative Colitis is a disease characterized by inflammation and ulceration of the colon. Ulcerative colitis affects the innermost lining of our large intestine and rectum. Ulcerative colitis (Homeopathy for Ulcerative Colitis) can be debilitating and can sometimes lead to life threatening consequences. This is a case of a 44-year old female who came to our OPD with the complaint of frequent stools and pain in umbilical region and left iliac region.

History of present illness –

She was suffering from frequent stools the last four years. She used to pass sticky semisolid stools with mucus 5-6 times throughout the day. She took allopathic treatment but could not get relief. Her stools were very offensive. She also complained of burning pain in the umbilical region and in the left iliac fossa throughout the day for the last month. She had a bloated sensation in the abdomen. Her complaints were aggravated by spicy food. She also suffered from weakness.

Investigations –

A colonoscopy report  on 6 June 2014 showed patchy mild mucosal erythema with poor irregular pattern with involvement of rectum and sigmoid colon.

G.I. endoscopic biopsy on 9 June 2014 –Fragments of large intestinal mucosa with mild architectural distortion and eosinophilia greater than 20/hpf. There is neither evidence of granuloma nor malignancy in the tissue planes examined.

Past history-

Fracture of right hand 4 years ago.

Family history –

No family history of any major illness in her family.

Physical generals –

Appetite –  adequate, takes meal three times a day, 2 chappatis at a time.

Thirst – adequate, 14-16 glasses per day

Aversion – spicy food

Desire – not so specific

Urine – normal in frequency and quantity

Stool –D5-6, N0, sticky, semisolid, mucus stools, very offensive

Perspiration – profuse especially on the face

Thermal –hot patient

Sleep –sound

Dreams – can’t remember

Menstrual history – regular 3-4 days/29days, no odor, no stain

Obstetric history –  2FTND


Patient was reserved by nature.

She was anxious about others’ health.

She was very sensitive.

Due to prolonged suffering she lost the hope of improvement.

She was polite, sober.

Physical examination –

Weight – 50 kg

Pulse – 80/min

Temperature – 980F

Blood pressure – 110/70mmHg

Physical make-up

Tall, thin, fair complexion, stoop-shouldered.

Systemic examination –



Skin –NAD

Respi.- NAD

G.I.T. – burning pain in the umbilical region and in left iliac fossa.

Analysis and evaluation of symptoms

Mental generals –

Anxious about other’s health



Physical generals-

Aversion – spicy food

Profuse perspiration esp. On the face

Hot patient

Particulars –

Mucus stool

Very offensive stool

Totality of symptoms –

Anxious about other’s health



Aversion – spicy food

Profuse perspiration esp. On face

Hot patient

Mucus stool

Very offensive stool

Repertory selected – Synthesis Repertory from RADAR software

Process of repertorization – total addition process

Remedy selected – after repertorization, Phosphorus scored the highest rank, covering her mental and physical generals.

First Prescription – (17/5/19)

Phosphorus 30/ 1 dose

Rubrum 30/B.D. for 15 days

Follow ups

Date Symptoms Treatment
2/6/19 Stool was reduced in frequency. And her bloated sensation in abdomen was reduced. Phosphorus 30 /1 dose.

Rubrum 30/B.D. for 15 days

18/6/19 There was no mucus in the stool. frequency of the stool was reduced to 3 times a day. Phosphorus 30 / 1 dose

Rubrum 30/B.D. for 15 days

2/7/19 Frequency of stool was reduced to 2 times a day. Offensive odor of stool was reduced. She is now not so much sensitive to people criticism or comments. Phosphorus 30/  1 dose

Rubrum 30/ B.D. for 15 days

20/7/19 Improvement Placebo for 20 days
12/8/19 Improvement Placebo for 20 days
2/9/19 Improvement Placebo for 20 days
30/9/19 Improvement Placebo for 20 days
19/10/19 Improvement Placebo for 20 days
3/11/19 Improvement Placebo for 20 days

Discussion: From the repertorization, Phosphorus and Pulsatilla came up as prominent remedies. Considering her constitution, her mental generals, her physical generals like her burning pain in abdomen, offensive, mucous sticky stools, her thirst, Phosphorus was selected as the simillimum.

Conclusion: this case illustrated that Phosphorus can give miraculous relief in the cases of ulcerative colitis.


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Shruti Gaur

Dr. Shruti Gaur, MD Scholar Part II, M.N. Homeopathic Medical College and Research Institute, Bikaner.

About the author

Bhawani Shankar Sharma

Dr. Sharma Bhawani Shankar MD(Hom) -Asst.Professor (Dept. of Pathology) Drops of Health Homoeo Clinic - Shree Sardar Patel Mahila Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Rajkot,Gujarat.

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