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A Uva Ursi Case: Urinary Problem

Written by Vipul Shastri

Dr. Vipul Shastri presents a brief case of acute dysuria cured with Uva Ursi.

Name: Mrs Y.

Age: 58yrs

C/c: C/o Burning micturation since 25 days.

Burning especially after the urination.

Severe pain during the urination.

Patient has to pass urine frequently.

Inv: 13/4/15 Pus cell: 15-20per hpf, Protein: V.F.Trace

Thirst: n

Thermal modality: Ambithermal

Discussion of the case: This was an acute case. The patient was suffering from severe dysuria (Homeopathy Treatment for Dysuria). On investigation pyuria was present. When I was at Cambay with the great Dr. Kantikaka, I learnt of Uva Ursi for certain urinary complaints. Before this case I had used it successfully for other urinary problems. Since the symptoms fit, I decided to try the Uva Ursi. Rx: Uva Ursi 30 three doses and Sac lac t.i.d. for 7 days. Then after, S.L. for 15 days.

Within 24 hrs the patient felt better. This is the advantage of homeopathic medicines in acutes. If it will be the proper one, then the patient will start improvement within the first hour. In the next visit the patient arrived with the report that all was normal.

Description reg. Uva ursi

It is a three point medicine for burning in the Bladder chapter.

“The most effective remedy in pyelitis” – Dr. Hughes, Dr. Farrington.

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Common Name: Bear berry

Kingdom: Plant   Stage: Acute   Miasm: Sycotic

Urinary symptoms most important. Cystitis,

Urinary- Frequent urging, with severe spasms of bladder; burning and tearing pain. Urine contains blood, pus, and much tenacious mucus, with clots in large masses. Involuntary green urine. Painful dysuria.

Ref: Materia Medica by Boericke

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About the author

Vipul Shastri

Dr. Vipul Shastri (M.D. (Hom.) is Principal, Vidhyadeep Homoeopathic Medical College and Research Centre, Anita, Dist., Surat. He is Dean, Faculty of Homoeopathy, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat. He has 25 years academic as well as clinical experience. He has given webinars and seminar in homoeopathy and his articles have been published in various national Journals.

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