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Vaccinosis Induced Asthma Reversed with Antimonium Tartaricum

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Homeopathy Daniela Karsten presents a case of vaccine induced asthma, cure with a single remedy.

vaccine-shot.jpgThe injurious effects of vaccination in susceptible individuals is well known and widely recognised by homeopaths. We have a long list of possible remedy options at our fingertips.

This is an exemplary case of vaccine damage, resulting in a diagnosis of asthma, being reversed by a single prescription of the remedy Antimonium Tartaricum, and underlines the potential of homeopathic remedies in this field of treatment.

Esme was aged two years and three months on arrival for her principle consultation on 18th March 2013. Her presenting complaint was given as asthma, with a persistent cough, for which she had been prescribed a “Preventer” inhaler. Esme had been using her inhaler consistently morning and night for about a year.

Esme was born after a healthy pregnancy at thirty eight weeks. She was delivered at home, in a water bath, with no complications, and was breast fed, also without difficulty. Esme’s mother recalled that she was a healthy baby, with no indications of respiratory symptoms. However, within one week of her first routine course of vaccinations (DTP, polio and Hib), at three months old, Esme had developed a persistent, dry, irritating cough located in the upper respiratory tract. It was worse at night, on lying down, and resulted in her vomiting during feeds. She had some relief from sitting semi-erect. At thirteen months, after four days of constant coughing Esme was admitted to a hospital for a chest x-ray. This showed the chest as clear. However the coughing continued and the inhaler was prescribed. In summary, by the time Esme arrived in my consulting room, she had been coughing almost persistently for two years, with no sign of relief. As this cough was worse at night the effects on mother and child were palpable.

In Esme’s particular case, there seemed to be a clear correlation between the vaccination and the onset of the complaint. Therefore, based on the premise of “side effects following injection” (Boerike) and  “bad effects of vaccination” (Allens), resulting in respiratory disease, and further supported by the modalities of worse in the evening, from lying down at night, and better for sitting erect, AntimoniumTartaricum was prescribed. As the aetiology was identifiable, two potencies of 30c followed by 200c were given in water, for seven days sipping (30c), a break for seven days, and a further seven days sipping (200c).

Preceding the first follow-up appointment, I received an e-mail from Esme’s mother as follows, “I just thought that I would drop you a quick line to say that Esme has made a miraculous recovery”. At the next consultation on 27th April, Esme’s mother reported that the symptoms had all but disappeared. In fact, she was confident that there had been a 100% improvement, on the basis that she had not heard the “asthma cough” for some weeks, added to which Esme had not needed to use her inhaler for two to three weeks since treatment. Furthermore, at future consultations, on the basis of significant and consistent improvement, with no recurrence of the presenting symptoms, there was no repetition of the prescription, although Sac Lac was prescribed. The mother was happy that the improvements were being maintained, and since then, sustained.

Esme is still a patient of mine, a determined young girl, with a Calcarea Phosphoricum constitution, but with no further need for this specific remedy.

Her story is testament to the power of the simillimum, a clear aetiology, but also the capability of homeopathic remedies to address the requirement for vaccine injury reversal in our vaccine saturated world.

©Daniela Karsten

About the author

Daniela Karsten

I discovered homeopathy while looking for a safe and drug-free approach to treatment for chronic eczema and common childhood illnesses, for myself and my family. It has long been my treatment of choice, and I have been using homeopathic remedies successfully for over 15 years. I graduated from a four year course of study and training at Allen College. Always looking to improve for the benefit of my patients, I undertake regular professional development. In 2013 I did post-graduate study and clinical practice in the slums of Calcutta, India. As a mother and former Montessori teacher, I have a strong interest in children's health. I have contributed to a professional nanny agency's newsletter and website, and write regular articles on family health issues for Salad Days Magazine. I am also proud to be a "selected practitioner" for Cambridge University Hospital Trust, which includes Addenbrooke's Hospital and the Rosie Maternity Unit.

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