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Varicose Ulcer in a Woman of 69

Varicose Ulcer in a Woman of 69 1

Erzsébet Túrós shares a case of varicose ulcer in a woman of 69. Ailments from grief, haughty, loquacity, external throat – clothing aggravatges were among the symptoms leading to the simillimum.

First visit: 3.08.2018.

Chief complaint: suppurative varicose ulcer on left leg that was resistent to allopathic treatment.

Observation: very bizarre clothing ( long, dirty, black dress, very intense make up, with a big, black braid in her hair) – showing eccentrically how she mourned.

Case history: 20 years before, her daughter (pregnant with the second child), died in a car accident – big loss for her → she had to raise her first granddaughter who was a  9 year old at that time.

  • She had never recovered from that pain of loss.
  • She cried a lot, was sleeping in a house surrended with dogs
  • She could not communicate with anybody
  • 5 years after the death of her daughter the varicose ulcers developed on both legs
  • She also has HBP treated with allopathic medicines   (Irbesartan, Betaserc, Tertensif and Amlohexal)


  • Very optimistic before the tragedy, desire for amusement – singer in a folkloric ensemble and used to sing at parties – she missed those times. They were the first things she spoked about!
  • She played key roles, her nickname was “ fucking bitch” – speaks a lot about this aspect.
  • “ I’m a mad” – she lives with 12 cats now, but before she lived with 22 cats.
  • She likes jewelry, talks about herself in a laudative manner
  • She speaks a lot, jumping from one subject to another, difficult to follow.
  • Very attached to her family members and materialistic.
  • Very secretive nature – nobody saw her leg ( that is why she wears that long, black dress)
  • She cared for her mother many years, but this for her was “ a drama”, so she started to drink daily to can cope with her responsabilities (diaper changing etc.)
  • Heteroanamnestic data (from her sister): she used to drink since many many years, daily, at home. Her house is a whole mess, with so many cats everywhere, and she didn’t use to wash herself, never washed her feet. ( her delusion  – it’s not good to put water on her ulcers)
  • Fears: snakes and snails, reptiles in general
  • Sleeplessness
  • Sleep position: right side

Physical  generals

  • Heat-flushes
  • Surgery for uterine fibroids many years ago (nobody from her family knows about her illness.)
  • Warmblooded, ameliorated by cold
  • Thirstlessness
  • Food: desire for fat, cheese, eggs, tomato
  • Aversion for bread and potato
  • Urination frequent in the night
  • Perspiration on the neck
  • Does not tolarate anything around her neck!


Sum of symptoms and degrees  –  Sum of symptoms and degrees  –  Intensity is considered

 112343MIND – AILMENTS FROM – grief 92
212343MIND – AMUSEMENT – desire for 17
312343MIND – HAUGHTY – mania; in 11
412343MIND – HIDING – himself 44
512344MIND – LOQUACITY 200
812343MIND – SINGING 105
912342MIND – VIVACIOUS 132


Sum of symptoms and degrees  –  Sum of symptoms and degrees  –  Intensity is considered

412343FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX – TUMORS – Uterus – myoma 77
512343EXTREMITIES – VARICES – Leg – ulceration 8
612342EXTREMITIES – VARICES – Lower limbs 53
712342SLEEP – POSITION – side; on – right side; on 38
812342SKIN – ULCERS – Areola – indurated 21
912343SKIN – ULCERS – bluish 28
1012342SKIN – ULCERS – sensitive 71
1112342GENERALS – COLD – amel. 107
1212342GENERALS – FOOD and DRINKS – alcoholic drinks – desire 233
1312342GENERALS – FOOD and DRINKS – bread – aversion 65
1412342GENERALS – FOOD and DRINKS – wine – desire 70
1512343GENERALS – HEAT – flushes of 310
1612342GENERALS – STANDING – agg. 147
1712343GENERALS – VARICOSE veins – ulceration 51
1812342GENERALS – WEATHER – wet weather – agg. 178

The remedy selection was easy considering that she presented strong keynotes of Lachesis, the first remedy which comes up also on repertorization.

Treatment: she started with Lachesis CH 30 , followed by Lachesis LM 4 daily for 4 weeks

Follow up after 2 weeks: Better as per general state, she has no more heat-flushes, her incontinence ameliorated a lot (she didn’t speak about this at first consultation, because of her secretive nature), but the ulcer is still sensitive, although in some points there is also new tissue formed. She continued  the treatment and locally used Calendula MT diluted in water.

Follow up at 5.09.2018.  – the ulcer can be seen below in the photo – partially healed. Another very good result of the treatment was that she stopped drinking!

Varicose Ulcer in a Woman of 69 2

Follow up at the end of Sept. 2018.: the ulcer healed completely

About the author

Erzsebet Turos

Erzsebet Turos

Dr. Elisabeta Turos, MD, homeopath is from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. I graduated from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy " Iuliu Hatieganu" in Cluj-Napoca, in 1995. I have a Masters Degree in Psychological Counselling and Psychotherapy and I followed a training of 2 years in Family Therapy. I also studied New German Medicine and Bach Flower Remedies. I studied homeopathy first in Bucharest, and after that followed the E-learning Course of Classical Homeopathy from IACH at Alonissos, Greece with George Vithoulkas (Diploma holder). I followed the mentoring series on-line with Dr. Pratik Desai and Repertorization series on-line with different homeopaths from The Other Song Academy. I participated in a 2 day seminar in Pune " The Eight Box Method" by Dr. Sankaran, in January 2018 and on a Master Course of 12 days at The Other Song Academy in Mumbai, also in 2018. Last year I participated in a seminar in Bucharest about Polarity Analysis with Dr. Heiner Frei, from Switzerland.


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